Sarr and Modts offer to split

How did you come to collaborate together?
Oliver (cursed): In the beginning, we just wanted to compose and record a song for fun and for an exclusive digital release, but also to keep some news and quickly present material after the release of “blind spot…but in light of the richer, more imposing turn of the song in question, we began to imagine several ways to make up a physical release. One thing leading to another, the idea of ​​Split sharing another formation came up.
Knowing well Julien Tobrigias, drummer of SaaR, (we play together in Throane and Ovtrenoir) and sincerely appreciating the latter’s music, I pitched him the idea to share this Split with SaaR, and the whole set immediately validated!
Yan (sar): When Olivier came to beg us to do the breakup with us, at first we weren’t very keen and then he offered us a rather large sum plus discounts at his guitar shop. At the time, we thought of working with him…
More seriously, when Julien came to talk to us about proposing to break up with the Maudits, we were delighted.

How did you combine your world here?
Oliver (cursed): We didn’t really try to blend it in to be transparent. In fact, we didn’t get to know everyone’s songs until they were finished and recorded! The fact is that upon arrivallovable(SaaR) f breakin (Maudits) They fit together perfectly in style and production. And a complete coincidence they are both at the same pace!
Actually when I suggested SaaR to do it split I already knew and liked their music. And, frankly, I had no doubts about the quality of their future track and the consistency with ours… Moreover, even if we each develop our own style, the style of music is relatively similar in terms of components and moods.
Yan (sar): As Olivier says, we didn’t look for a theme or anything before listening to our songs, we were completely free to do whatever we wanted. And it’s actually quite a coincidence that you have two songs that are so similar in the end. There was a natural connection between us.

What were your choices for the automated part and why did you choose the fully functional project?
Oliver (cursed): Well mods are naturally born “useful”.
after l split from our previous training.The last hug“We found ourselves three, Chris the drummer, Anthony (former guitarist, who has since been replaced by Erwan) and I want to continue creating together.
So we started working on the ideas I had for my corner in the trio. It turned out that it sounded, for our taste, also very good and we didn’t feel the need to add audio.
And frankly we do not regret that this format leaves a lot of freedom in terms of structure and ultimately on all levels;)
And for the instruments used, the basis remains the good old Guitar / bass / drums formula.
On the other hand, we use a lot of effects (delay/echo etc.) on our instruments which allow us to develop ambiance. We have also incorporated strings, arranged for the most part by our partner/producer and friend Emmanuelle Rousseau, and Raphael Vergine, a brilliant cellist who plays with Spectrale, Ricin and Psygnosis in particular. The latter somewhat became our 4The tenth “guest” members because he brought a lot to the previous episodeblind spotplus split piecebreakinIf all goes well, he should also participate in the next album.
Yan: Just like Maudits, SaaR is also a useful project, which we wanted to continue on our heels. At the moment we still have things to say in a meaningful way, it is not impossible that singing will occupy a more important place in the future, especially since we know that Olivier sings, he nourishes the thought in equal measure …
We have a classic rock band with no vocals, two guitars and a solid bass drum! I like simple configurations. On the other hand, in terms of effect, we were able for the first time to test a pitch pedal so well known to the general public, a pitch fork that allowed us to drop the tuning so low, we were in an E drop but an octave below for guitars, we actually had three basses!

Tell us about the address lovable
Yan: This address came as a proof, I composed it on my own on computer forms which I then sent to the guys for validation. Being in full swing the track came through easily, unlike other tracks where the writing can be stressful, here everything was straightforward, and I admit when the music comes through like this, it’s a real treat.
I only had one desire before I picked up my guitar, it was precisely to play very seriously with the tone pedal, I’m a neo-metal kid, I’m not going to deny my origins, Korn with its seven strings, Slipknot with very serious tunings… As a result, I really wanted to I’m heavy.

As well as the address breakin
Oliver (cursed): This title is the result of a “happy coincidence”. Chris had time to kill the drummer at the end of a studio session, on one of the projects he was working on. The drums were fitted with all the mics, so he took a random beat and put out what he felt like at the time, namely the death note. So, he played around with that frame by running a few variants and sent me two bare drum blocks. Upon arrival we find ourselves with a long piece of “cinematic” Doom in three parts, linked by common themes and structured like a movie soundtrack.

What was the atmosphere like during the studio recordings?
Oliver (cursed): studious! We each took our pictures in different studios because I don’t live in the same area as my friends, I’m in Paris and they are in Reims where they took their pictures (Le Chalet studio for drums and Cartonnerie studio for bass). The guitars were recorded halfway between the Paris region and Normandy, with Emanuel Rousseau from White Welland Studio, with whom I have a little habits ;).
Yan: cheerful! Great to work with Mr. Cast, he has an incredible natural sense of humor! I am training him to fire as a defender, but that hasn’t won him over…
So it was fun and above all incredibly effective, in three days the piece was there, and it’s amazing to see Francis work with incredible precision and timing.

What are your choices for the artwork of the project?
Oliver (cursed): The split lid was designed by artist Guillaume Ringaud who did an amazing job. I already knew his qualities and style because he took an interest in the artwork for my Black Metal project.”Zealot“.
he loves to Zealot He was very creative and came up with four ideas that were really very advanced. It was also hard to choose because they were all so great.
We just gave it two or three elements that we wanted it to pop, like clover for us and the feminine element for SaaR. He soaked up the atmosphere of the demos we passed on to him and did it his way. He is above all a painter and illustrator and has only used computer technologies to send us his basic sketches and proposals. Once validated, everything was drawn in ink…we were very keen on this organic approach and are more than happy with the result.
Yan: Olivier suggested we work with Guillaume, showing us his drawings and his style immediately caught my eye. Moreover, he is humanely generous, with a listening ear and melting into the desires of the artists he works with.
He sent us 5 proposals which were all of good quality, selection was hard and then which one was chosen was clear given our topics.

What do you want to present to the audience? split ?
Oliver (cursed): We didn’t really think about what we wanted to present to the public apart from our satisfaction in doing so split with delightful And we did it with the same investment and the same intensity as our previous flights, 100%.
In any case, concretely, it makes it possible to introduce novelty, which is a quality with “breakin‘, which I personally consider to be one of the richest pieces in our catalog.
Yan: Freedom, with the realization that we are all slaves to our smartphone chargers, that’s enough! Thanks to this division you will find the solution, it is a cure for many problems of this kind.

Do you have a story to tell us?
Oliver (cursed): There is not much to tell the truth as everything went without a hitch or any particular event!
Yan: Oliver and Francis put on a very crazy show, Oliver will sing and Francis will tell jokes at the same time, absolutely amazing show!

Will you be directed to do other collaborations together in the future or find yourself on stage?
Oliver (cursed): Well both of my captains 😉
We have already recorded a collaboration video and will release it in November. To locate the concept, it is a kind of “mix” of our two songs, but completely reworked and recreated in the form of a composition that can be described as unreleased. We’ve gone over the main themes of “Loved” and “Breken” and everything else has been reconstructed around it, both in terms of atmosphere and even structure. This is a real joint composition, between Jan and Boris de Saar (ukulele and bass respectively) on the part and Chris (Mudets drummer) and myself.
For the anecdote, we and Yann laid the groundwork in semi-improvisation, by letting the recording play, and looking at each other for harmonic changes.
Then, we optimized so that Boris and Chris got their paws on it.
We finally shot “live” together to make a video aesthetic and reworked it in post-production, with 3D illustrations added by graphic designer/videographer Dehn Sora.
Otherwise, we have already planned joint dates and will definitely announce them soon;)
Yan: Sinéquanone’s condition is that Olivier sings during a joint set, and that we get “useful” cuts at his guitar shop.

What do you want to say in conclusion?
Oliver (cursed): Thank you for the interview and I’m really happy to be able to advocate for this release that we are so proud of!
And thanks to Source Atone Records for trusting us, it’s a real pleasure to be able to work with such passionate and invested people 😉
Yan: Thank you all for reading this interview, thank you from the bottom of my heart to Olivier for having such a crazy idea to offer us to do a split together and thank you from the bottom of my heart another thank you to Source Atone Records which is even crazier than we all came together to launch this split home, big kiss to Chris and Arnaud!
Note: Oliver sings really well.

Thanks to Saar & Maudits for responding to our interview!

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