Schubertiade de Sceaux 2022/23: Six concerts from October to March


Six concerts from October 2022 to March 2023

Saturdays at 5.30 pm – Skko Town Hall

Art Direction: Pierre Kaloyan Atanasof

Season sponsored by Frederic Lodion

True music lover and embarrassment of choice

Editorial Pierre Kaloyan Atanasov

The Schubertiade From seals The movie 22/23 is expected to be more exciting than ever. How do you choose from a wide range of artists and programs on offer? We help you to choose (and at the same time check if you are a true music lover).

He might also say it outright: If there was one concert that under no circumstances shouldn’t be missed, it would be the opening concert. Because between a young violin prodigy and a piano star in the sky, there is an explosive duo. And because the unexpected story of their meeting seems straight out of the Netflix series.

Yes… Except for that for respected music fans, missing out on the Geister duo would be unthinkable. The two French pianists, who caught my ear when they called me a few years ago, won first prize at the ARD competition in Munich, the toughest music competition in the world. miss it? A true music lover eats his hat.

However, in December, the six musicians on stage will not be, strictly speaking, second knives. And if by chance the audacity takes you to disregard Brahms’ second hexagram without a seriously acceptable excuse, it will be at your own peril and risk: some will not hesitate to assert that you are as loving a musician as Mozart’s wig.

In the event of such an accident, do not lose face. Measures Rude bouquet with great air and reply Without blinking, you’d rather listen to Aline Piboule – This will be a strong argument that prevents you from appearing as a lover of unwanted music. Hearing this clever pianist on shows you care about building like a three star chef in developing his menu will instantly put you on the level of a gourmet music lover.

Well, what if you forgot All we just said? Because on reflection, if there’s one concert to give you advice on, it’s definitely, definitively, the February concert. Because Clementine is a decorator She is an absolutely extraordinary soprano, by her charisma, the ease of her voice, and the astonishing variety of her style. If you get the chills, it’s not necessarily because of the cold winter weather – just a sign that the music lover in you isn’t hibernating.

Although… If all things are taken into account, the final concert not to be missed is the closing concert? Because a true music lover doesn’t need glitter. Transparency of the trichotome, the purity of Mozart, the class of the Arnold trio: that’s just right!

In short… weigh the pros and cons (if you find any). And remember that concert abuse is not dangerous to your health, and that you can also choose to attend all six concerts!

note. Rest assured, the mutt hat for the worst music fan this season will undoubtedly go to the musical tale character you won’t fail to attend with your kids on January 14th: “The King Who Didn’t Love Music”…

a program

Saturday 15 October 2022

Marie Aude Melis Violin, Itamar Golan piano

Debussy: violin, piano, sonata
Prokofiev: Piano and Violin Sonata No. 2
Slippers: a poem

Szymanowski: Legends
Waxman: Carmen Fantasy

In 2020, confinement, in an abandoned Paris Conservatoire, favored the formation of a duet, which is unlikely in the usual course, between a young sixteen-year-old student of exceptional gifts and her chamber music teacher, a pianist by international profession. Both driven by a vital need to continue making music in spite of everything, they met regularly, working on a diverse repertoire. They present us with a rich collection of French and Slavic works, with Waxman’s incredible imagination as the ultimate package.

Saturday 19 November 2022

Duo Geister (four-handed piano): David Salmon and Manuel Vieillard

Brahms: Hungarian Dances (excerpt)
Schubert : Imagination in F minor ref 103
Stravinsky: Petrushka

“Our piano duo aims to live as a true musical entity in the same way as a string quartet and not as soloists meeting in concert.” This symbiosis of musicians was crowned in 2021 with the first prize of the ARD Munich International Competition, as well as five special prizes. As a counterpoint to the symbolic and sublime imagination composed of Schubert A few months before his death, the duo performed several Hungarian dances for Brahms inspired by the gypsy and Slavic atmosphere as well as a suite of the ballet Petruchka which Stravinsky wrote for piano.

Saturday 10 December 2022

Voss Quartet, Manuel Fiuk-Jude Viola, Sarah Sultan Cello

Debussy: Quartet
Brahms: String Sextet No. 2

For seventeen years, Voce has been working to solidify his idea of ​​an adventurous, polymorphic string quartet. Winners of many international competitions, they travel the roads of the whole world, from Japan to the USA or Australia with many concerts throughout Europe. Their latest album, “Poétiques de l’instant”, published in 2022 and dedicated to Debussy, received the Diapason d’Or.
Love faces Voce by surrounding themselves with famous artists; This is how Brahms’ second hexagon sees her collaboration with Manuel Fuyuk-Jude and Sarah Sultan.

Saturday 14 January 2023

Allen People, piano

Chopin: Song No. 4
Abel Deco: Moonlight (excerpt)
Granados: A Story of Love and Death
Beethoven: Sonata No. 32 Points 111′

Aline Piboule holds a special place in the world of music: she loves to mix styles and eras and invite audiences to enter the universes that intersect and enrich each other. It thus compares a monument to piano literature, Chopin’s fourth poem and Op 111 by Beethoven with the Spanish inspiration of Granados and “Claire de Lune” by Abel Deco, the French Impressionist composer she recorded in 2020. This record is among the 15 best CHOC Classica records of 2021 and was nominated for the 2022 International Classical Music Awards in the Soloist category.

Saturday 11 February 2023

Soprano Clementine Decatur, Shelly Ezra Clarinet, Sarah Sultan Cello, Pierre Kaloyan Atanasoff piano.

Mozart: No more fiorisport Sechs Deutsche Lieder: soprano, clarinet and piano
: Shepherd on the rock
Brahms: Ref 91 . song For soprano, cello and piano, trio for clarinet, cello and piano.

The liar is an essential part of the business SchubertIt was only natural that one of the new season’s concerts would be devoted to singing. Designed by four musician friends like celebrities SchubertiadesThese friendly Viennese evenings around Franz SchubertThe program, built around the charismatic sound of Clementine Decatur, will also give prominence to the clarinet. Inspired by this tool in the last months or years of their lives, SchubertAnd both Mozart and Brahms have already made masterpieces of the clarinet in which the latter, accompanied by piano, responds sometimes to the voice, sometimes to the cello.

Saturday 25 March 2023

Arnold Trio: Violin Shuichi Okada, Manuel Fiuk-Jude Viola, Pomjoon Kim Cello

Schubert : Triple Series D.471 and D.581
Webern: Satz for Streichtrio
Mozart: Divertimento K.563

Founded in 2018, the Arnold trio is a rare and surprising object in the European music scene. Multi-faceted musicians and winners of prestigious international competitions, the three artists meet in Switzerland at the Seiji Ozawa International Academy. The trio stands out in its constant search for an acoustic sound from the great harmonies usually restricted to string quartets. His debut album dedicated to Beethoven (Mirare 2021) was crowned with “Diapason d’or” and “Classic Radio Trophy”. It presents us with a whole program in light etched with it Schubert and Mozart, decorated in an unusual nod to the Second Vienna School with a short piece of Webern.

Other appointments

A music show for kids (from six years old) to discover with the family

“The King Who Didn’t Like Music” Music by Carol Piva on text by Matthew Lane for clarinet, violin, cello, piano and actor. With Trio Atanasoff, Clarinet Magali Girard and Narrator Pierre Boy. Duration is about 35 minutes.

Saturday 14 January 2023 Two shows: 2.45 pm and 3.45 pm.

The stage is yours on Saturday 19 November 2022 at 11:45 am.

Masterclasses by Pierre Kaloyan Atanasof for a high-level amateur band, followed by a luncheon. Band selected by ProQuartet, event partner. free entry

Concert Venue: City Hall seals122 Hodan Street

Information: 06 72 83 41 86 –


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