Science Festival 2022: Walks, Music and Workshops at Cergy Pontoise

Written by Graziella L. Published Oct 5, 2022 8:17 PM

The Cergy-Pontoise Gathering from October 7-17, 2022 invites you to discover the region, during the Science Festival. During free workshops, walks, conferences, or even a climate mural, young and old learn more about the world around them.

Great Territory Serge PontoiseIn the Val d’Oiseoffers on the occasion Science Fair 2022a group ofIncredible events For all ages. Young and old curious are welcome to come and find out, from From 7 to 17 October 2022advance in scientific research, meet professionals and participate in numerous workshops, to discover their immediate environment, but also climate, space and biodiversity.

Cergy-Pontoise is a French city built from the 1970s around the municipalities of Cergy and Pontoise, in the northwest of the Ile-de-France region. This new city is a urban society Particularly dynamic as residents benefit from the many universities, media libraries and also beautiful natural spaces, which are highlighted during this cultural event exceptional. Between walking tours, workshops, conferences, and other activities, it will become so Familiar with science !

C215 in the Curie Museum in ParisC215 in the Curie Museum in ParisC215 in the Curie Museum in Paris Science Festival 2022: Program in Paris and Ile-de-France
The Science Festival returns from October 7-17, 2022 for its 31st edition! Principle ? A week dedicated to scientific culture with many free events throughout France. Multiple experiences, shows, open houses, visits and workshops, open to all and suitable for children, await you in the four corners of Paris and Ile-de-France! [Lire la suite]

Science Festival 2022 program at Cergy Pontoise:

  • Sergey Science Festival
    07 – 17 October

    Flag in the spotlight in the territory of Sergey! Young and old, enthusiasts and hobbyists, come and discover all our science events.

  • Opening evening and lecture by Professor Voylag
    October 07

    Tonight is the opening of the new edition of the Science Festival with the support of CY Alliance. In the first part of this event, CY Alliance will announce the winners of its award for mediation and dissemination of scientific culture.
    Next, Matthew Domere, guest of honor for this second edition of Fête de la Science, will present an offbeat conference on the theme of the environment. Best known for his YouTube videos and his character as Professor Voillage, Matteo Domery will speak to us about environmental issues by choosing humor as a “weapon of the mass consciousness.”
    The evening will end with a cocktail.

  • MyCO2 Club Sandwich
    October 07

    You will be able to measure your carbon footprint and become aware of your life choices, daily or long-term, with an accessible, personalized approach. This workshop takes place at noon, so we offer you a sandwich menu to sample during the workshop!
    Please note: The carbon footprint is calculated via online programs. Therefore it is necessary to have a computer in order to participate.
    MyCO2 goals are multiple: Easily understand the key elements of a carbon footprint (and thus focus their attention on these rather than the unimportant ones) Find out from the diagnostic stage what are the alternatives to reduce your carbon footprint. The annual reduction necessary to comply with the Paris Agreement, choose the relevant work tools as they adapt to my uses, respect my priorities, make a collective commitment to the climate, to approach the tipping point necessary to transform society

  • Hill, plateau, valley and water in Cergy-Pontoise
    October 08

    The magnificent viewpoint of the Ax Majeur in Cergy makes it possible to describe and comment on the three main elements that make up the city’s landscape: the Oise Valley (and Neuville ponds in the heart of the Oise Ring), the “rough limestone” plateau and the Hautil mound. From this starting point, we will go looking for rocks by forming the frame. Thus we will learn about the succession of sand and limestone (Closbilles quarry) and sandstones accumulating at the bottom of a sea bay for tens of millions of years.
    Along the way, the presence of a sink fed by a spring will give an excuse to discuss the importance of water and its role in the erosion process. At the top of the bath we will wonder about the origin of the small dry valley that allows us to reach the plateau.

  • Chemistry and macromolecules
    October 01

    The objective of this workshop is to highlight the use of chemistry and macromolecules (polymers) in the fabrication of systems capable of changing color or deformation through the application of an electric potential.

  • Science Village in Les 3 Fontaines
    01-08 October

    On the first and eighth Saturdays of October, CY Cergy Paris Université invites you to Les 3 Fontaines shopping center for a direct discussion with university researchers! With family or friends, many events will be presented to you to discover different aspects of science:
    Immerse yourself in the heart of artificial intelligence by interacting with the robot Ferdinand (only on Saturday 1 October);
    Set off to conquer space thanks to the inflatable planetarium (only on Saturday, October 8);
    Enjoy the infinite mini with our art and science gallery pictures;
    Test your knowledge of climate change by playing Fresco Quiz;
    Understand the landscape of Vexin Provincial Natural Park by attending a geological simulation;
    Watch the material change color and position in a physics and chemistry demo.

  • Global warming: where are we?
    October 06

    Based on the latest reports published by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change1, Jan Guzel, Director Emeritus of Research at CEA2, former Vice President of Group I at the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, and member of the Academy of Sciences, will give us an update on global warming, and its reality. Its causes and consequences. It will present the urgent need for measures to be taken to achieve long-term stability so that today’s youth can adapt to it, at least for the most part. The goal: to focus on the consequences of global warming in our country and the necessary adaptation that must result from it, with measures that are supposed to put us on the path to carbon neutrality by 2050.

  • Marine and terrestrial biodiversity in the service of sustainable development
    October 10-11

    There is no longer a need to prove the positive effects of microalgae and bees on the sustainability of our environment: improving air quality, developing biodiversity through pollination.
    Set out to discover their secrets in the laboratory decor of the School of Industrial Biology thanks to 3 workshops: observation of microalgae cultures, sensory evaluation and effective characterization of honey will be included.

  • New – improvised and scientific music
    October 11

    The evening begins with a 15-minute scientific conference by a researcher from CY Cergy Paris on the topic of climate change. From this short conference, the new company improvises a musical by interacting with the researcher and the audience. 4 actors compose melodies, words and characters, 3 musicians compose live music and songs, while a non-applied person casts out pictures on the stage background, all orchestrated by the master of ceremonies. Both original and stunning, this event is open to all audiences!

  • Climate murals – from 15 years old
    October 15

    La Fresque du Climat is a collaborative modular workshop to collectively understand the challenges of climate change. It is based on the scientific work of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change.
    Take part in a fun, cooperative and scientific workshop game! You have 3 hours to do the following: Think of: Connect 42 cards from the game to recreate the climate board: illustrate your mural to visualize the processes of climate change.

  • Finder bubbles
    05-22 October

    As part of the Science Festival, the CY University Library, Research Department and the Doctoral Faculty of CY Cergy Paris present an exhibition of storyboards produced to help better understand the thesis and research work.
    The Stimuli Society collaborates with these various services with the aim of supporting PhD students in telling their dissertations through comics. This project is also supported by the Ile-de-France Regional Department for Cultural Affairs.
    This exhibition is also the fruit of the work of painter Yannick Djechu, researcher and artist-in-residence at the Laboratories of CY Cergy University Paris, and the storyboards resulting from his meeting with researchers from the GEC and ERRMECe laboratories.

  • LES RDV de MIDI 30: “Study says that…”
    October 13

    “Study says that…”
    This is a sentence that many of us have probably heard, on the TV news or during a casual conversation with friends, in recent years. Mainstreaming information is a work that scientists and journalists are working on to improve everyone’s understanding of topics as diverse as meteorology or even COVID. However, this difficult exercise hides many pitfalls, which can quickly make a fact incomprehensible or even inaccurate.
    Natasha Giader is a PhD student in physical chemistry at SATIE Lab. I reached the final stage in my thesis competition in 180 seconds, and also participated in projects to popularize scientific topics, in particular by participating in the Bulles de Chercheurs project.
    Parallel to this conference, the Astrolabe Media Library and Art House will host the Bulles de exhibition proposed by CY University from 5 to 22 October 2022.

  • Soundscapes
    October 07

    After several original collaborations with perfumers or physical researchers, the Trio Artemisia, composed by Tania Castro on flute, Ines Lopez on violin, and Alessandra Magrini on ukulele, imagined this new creation with different songs of nature.
    Born out of a human, musical and scientific encounter, this extraordinary alliance will allow the audience to listen to great musical works and also to awaken their five senses, by listening to the world of sound that surrounds us. This artistic intersection enriches this concert with a sound dimension that invites many reflections: How does the music interpret the scene? How do we imagine landscapes with our five senses thanks to music?

  • City of Pontoise and the Lutetian Stones
    October 16

    Lutetian has been used for ten centuries as a major building stone in Paris and throughout the northwestern part of Ile-de-France, particularly in Vexin. Pontoise and the Oise Valley have been known as historical mining centers since the Gallo-Roman period. The escarpment that borders the Parc des Larris to the west is an ancient open-air quarry displaying a large variety of stones over 10m high (geologists say, of various faces). From this starting point, we will reach Mont Bélien (a rocky summit that holds the historic city), where we find the caliphate observed in Larris. A road through town will then take us to the famous “Cave des Sparrows”, a former underground quarry displaying the Lutetian upper “benches”. This will be an opportunity to discuss legacy operating systems.

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