“Self-control is what touches me the most in the world”

Double whammy in this literary season for Brigitte Giroud: a touching and humble novel, “Vivre Vite” (Flammarion, 2022), still in the race for the Prix Goncourt and the Prix Femina, and a children’s book: “The Porté Disappeared” (Ecole des Loisirs, 2022), An echo of “Jour de courage” (Flammarion, 2019), giving voice to all the characters in Livio’s story. Two good reasons to listen to this major author of our time. his writing, which was sometimes fragmentary as in “I’m Learning” (Stock, 2005) and which later took the form of a bittersweet dialogue with singer and composer Albin de la Simone, on the album “Un homme” (2013, Sooner or later) – or In his short story collection Love So Exaggerated (Stoke, 2007), his words are also transformed into choreographic projections. Her book “Avoir un corps” (Stock, 2013) is also a romantic continuation of reading a dancer created by Brigitte Giroud with choreographer Bernadette Gillard, show “BG/BG Because I’m a Girl” in 2012. In this book, she charts the path of a child who becomes a girl, then Woman, it is told from the point of view of the body. The body is also at the heart of Un loup pour l’homme (Flammarion, 2017), the book I began to write, even if it took twenty years to finish, and in which she is concerned with the question of manipulation and shameful return. For this, she was inspired by the story of her father, having lived through the Algerian war in a military hospital, trying to save men, bearing within it the irrepressible pain of not being able to save them all.

If Live Fast was exploring the early, and thus politically for her, death of her companion, Claude, already a few months after his death Brigitte Giroud recorded a moving account of the days following the accident, up to the funeral, “to present” (Stock, 2001), then” Black tide” (Stock, 2004). In “Les Veuves,” the author wrote a text between truth and humor about these lonely women, who are constantly watched and judged. Her work lies between intimacy and politics: after researching the rise of fascism and the Nazi book burnings for her book A Foreign Year (Stock, 2009), Brigitte Giroud works on Salazar Portugal’s We Will Be Heroes. (Stock, 2015). During a new research on Nazism, I interviewed Magnus Hirschfeld, a German-Jewish physician who campaigned for the equality of men and women and especially for gay rights, and the founder of the Institute for Sexology in Berlin, who in 1920 launched a petition to abolish the criminalization of homosexuality. When I later discovered, in a picture gallery in Arles, archives collected by Hirschfeld, “It made in my head like two stones rubbing against each other, a spark.This culminates in ‘Jour de courage’ (Flammarion, 2019) as we spot Livio, 17, who, during a history presentation, relives the incredible journey of Magnus Hirschfeld.

Discovering reading and writing, two magical powers of liberation and obsessions

My first development was to really learn to write and read, when I was six or seven years old. I thought it was an absolute miracle to be able to put together the words to capture something from the world around you. On the other hand, learning to read, experiencing absolute liberation. (…) At home, the newspaper was forbidden to children, as if it contained everything that was terrifying and threatening and upset childhood. The place of crime, politics, the place of things hidden from children.Brigitte Giroud

My first writing was a very simple two-page novel. And today I realize that it contains absolutely all the themes that I later developed. It is a very naive story of a child who lives in a house with his parents on the edge of the forest. There is already a house, there is a forest, there are parents and something is not going well. There is noise at night, the child comes out, the father comes out to see what is going on. It is believed to be a wolf – the “famous wolf of man” that returns almost 30 years later. Daddy will kill the wolf, but he’s actually killing the baby’s pet. It’s stupid and terrifying.Brigitte Giroud


The body and the rock beat in the hearts of his works

I realized after being told that there are plenty of doctors, psychiatrists, nurses, and a whole bunch of people who take care of them. I think it touches me so much that, in a world like ours, there are on the one hand people who self-injure so much and then on the other hand they accompany, comfort, mend, and take away their bruised bodies and minds. And I always find it frustrating that people in the broad sense are there to support each other, console each other, and do each other well. It is very annoying.Brigitte Giroud

The body is always so important because it really is at the crossroads of experience. What really intrigued me in writing “Avoir un corps” is not so much the body itself as the way the body and head maintain a somewhat ambiguous dialogue. And while writing, I realized that all the essential experiences in building the individual always pass through what the body accomplishes. Par exemple, la première fois où on a de la fièvre quand on est petit et qu’on ne sait pas ce qui se passe, la première fois où on apprend à nager, c’est-à-dire à se maintenir à la surface Water. It’s a whole bunch of little victories, the bike without wheels, it’s a constant search for balance: falling in love, wanting another and then getting pregnant, having a body in one’s body, and that lasts all of existence.Brigitte Giroud

As a teenager, I spent a lot of time with my parents on the living room sofa in the evenings, watching all the diversity on TV. There were a lot of good things and terrifying things too. Then I met the man who was going to be the man of my life, Claude, who I talk about in “Vivre Vite,” who was a musician, who became a music critic. It made me transition from the French variety to the more dazzling punk rock, new wave music. (…]After my companion passed away, I couldn’t listen to music for two or three years. It was so violent because that’s what really connected me to it. We know what the ability to music is, and it’s still the most that connects you to life force and what can We call it emotions. I read the sentence Marguerite Duras spoke about in “Vivre Vite” where she said that she was not able to listen to music. I understood that and oh experienced. Little by little, the connection with music came back and continued to explore everything that was happening in the scene The most contemporary, as if I, in turn, became the other.Brigitte Giroud

Write to recreate memory and make up for absence

Like Annie Erno, Brigitte Giroud believes writing is a memory stimulant:Writing is the only moment we stop riding and get involved in the action. Searching for the right word invites us to search for the moment in its clarity and accuracy. I agree with all the words Annie Erno could say one by one. What also amazes me is when the relationship evokes loss, it brings me back again to the philosopher Emmanuel Levinas who says that to live means to learn to lose. It’s a long journey. We must learn to live without or live with what is no longer. So recreate a memory of the blanks and memory lapses.Brigitte Giroud

My book Living Fast also raises the question if there are different types of mourning. When you are alone on a motorbike, the relationship to grief for those who remain, is not the same for people who have experienced mourning due to attacks, bombings, or war. Because there is a group, because there is an experience, because there may be meaning throughout the story. And there, I try to put the meaning where there isn’t any. This book finally raises the question: Does destiny exist? Brigitte Giroud

“Restraint is what touches me the most in the world. I love Dominique A’s music because there’s something limiting, a way of not letting go of all the strength. There’s also another sentence of Camus that I love dearly: ‘Man, he’s holding back.’ I find it great to be able to undo.” Because showing anger, sadness, or sensitivity, not to mention emotion, is something that cannot fit together by seeking the accuracy of writing.(…) Writing is the making of connections, as well as the memory that Annie Erno was talking about. And you can’t settle accounts In a book.. For me, the accounts, if they have to be settled, are settled elsewhere.Brigitte Giroud

his news:

Wrote :
– “live fast” From Brigitte Giroud appeared in

Flammarion Editions He is in the running for the Prix Goncourt 2022 which was awarded on November 3 and the Prix Femina, which was awarded on November 7.
View Publisher “I was drawn to this double-impossible mission. Buying the house and finding the hidden weapons. It was so unexpected and I didn’t smell the gears that would have shaken our existence. Because the house is the crux of the cause of the accident.”
In a tense story that is a true countdown, Brigitte Giroud tries to understand the cause of the motorcycle accident that killed her husband on June 22, 1999. Twenty years later, she does so to speak with the owner and investigate one of the last questions that remain unanswered. Serendipity, fate, coincidence? It looks back to those days that concluded in a series of unexpected upheavals until the inevitable was produced. The couple were electrified by the prospect of moving, and were so eager to start renovations, that the couple forgot that living was such a dangerous thing.
Brigitte Giroud leads the investigation and miraculously exposes Claude’s life, and theirs.”

– “Missing” From Brigitte Giroud drawn by Laurie Leko and published in

Entertainment School .
View Publisher “He’s no longer here, that’s the only certainty. In history, Livio gave a presentation on the Nazi book-burning and Magnus Hirschfeld, the German Jewish physician who advocated equality for men and women and gay rights. To him, it was a lot. More than a simple exercise A demand, a moment of courage, perhaps a confession. But he was met with bewilderment, indifference and above all the hostility of his class. Since then, he has disappeared and no one knows where he is. His best friend Camille, his history teacher, his classmates, his parents, all question Livio’s journey and try To understand in the depths of this absence, all the questions reverberate: they should have seen her coming, and no one had seen her. And if this escape was an expression of sheer courage?

Sounds played during the show:

* Annie ErnoWith a microphone by Laurie Adler in the “Hors-Champs” program on France Culture, broadcast on 07/10/2014

* Play music from Brigitte Giroudimagine with Fabio Viscoliusi, From the text “Baby-foot”, which can be found on the DVD “Avec les Garçons” by Brigitte Giroud, published by

Alphabet Space Editions In January 2009.

* Etienne Dahou The song “On the Roof” was co-written and arranged by Dominica A. – “The Songs of Rediscovered Innocence” (2013) – Label Romance Musique

* ArchivesAlbert Camus Recitation of the beginning of “L’Etranger” in the “Lecture du soir” program broadcast on RDF/RTF on 7/4/1954.

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