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female star band : First foreign trip and then the return of Jacques Dennis

Creating a record can be an adventure. Doing this with young girls from Northwest Benin is a challenge. This was the first challenge I was born badnot really a label in the global music genre, by publishing the first album of female star band. The concert, everything, the chaos: canceled due to Covid The tour that was supposed to fulfill all the hopes set by the group and its entourage. However, the pandemic was not right in their sweet desire to see them on the European stages. A year later, the combo will once again be on the Transmucicalis poster, the culmination of a first round despite all the galleys and adventures.

It was not easy because it was the first time for the formalities. “self-appointed” dad’s band (Two of his daughters are part of it and was initiated in 2016), songwriter Andre Balaguimon This precise euphemism described the course of the obstacles that must be overcome to land in France. ” We all had to travel from Natitingou, our city in the northwest, to Cotonou, the capital, where the embassy focuses visa applications. Each of them had their own profile. And so the journey began, several times out, and many back, each time thirty hours by bus for these children, the youngest of whom, drummer Angelique, celebrated her twelfth birthday in March 2022 and the oldest of them only eighteen.

They leave to go back, they leave and they come back… We shuttled them before it was over. And that’s even if JB has made sure everyone has valid IDs, passports, and up-to-date vaccinations, before even considering the first round. ” It was a sine qua non of considering the seduction of a European upstart. These young girls didn’t even have a civilian status at the beginning of the adventure Which later adds, half clear, half acid: Everyone wanted to play with it. But as soon as the file was sent, forty-eight hours later, measuring the administrative path, everyone let loose. “All but Bernard and Genevieve Dazymot In the face of Boker’s insistence, Liu Tran Who will join the project, with all the ensuing consequences. It was a gamble, but it was worth it for them.

© BornBad

The Female Star Ensemble in Paris.

African minors, necessarily unwinnable, have brought more in the Covid era. ” They had to be vaccinated, however, in Benin, minors were not able to get vaccinated. And we couldn’t even get to the compelling reason that culture didn’t benefit. ‘” recalls Morgane Bois who would be in charge at Azimuth for such a file of a thick kind, as that which he had to form at every stage, with a whole host of arguments to get to the screws of legislation. The work of minors, then the law of work by night, this work begins in 8 p.m., according to authorities. CQFD: Not everything was simple in this story.” Management is a bit cumbersome Morgan resumes. Sweet understatement. Once they have taken a permit, and then disembark, they will still have to respect the quarantine period at Juvisy, near the Massy Hall in the Paris suburbs.

A week later, they were finally free. Well almost. They will still have to take the daily Covid test, and they will be asked to follow up with their teachers in Benin by video conference, with certificates submitted in good and appropriate form. We don’t laugh about these things, but the fact remains that once all of these commitments were fulfilled, the Star Féminine Band was finally ready to take to the stage. For the first time on this tour of all the firsts: leaving Benin, boarding a plane, discovering Paris. ” Everything sparked their interest! “It’s nothing short of a flowery tale. Like the ones facing escalators, many struggle to set foot on them. Or when they’re in front of an elevator, they stay frozen. Not to mention GPS:” adds JB: The sound indicating the way was a science fiction to them. My car was an Enterprise, while it is a Peugeot Partner pov. »

Along the way, they will thus learn European rules of good behaviour. Making sure the sound is checked, and facing the stage, it won’t be hard at last when you’re basically playing under a dodger, with the power out and no turning back. Like responding to interviews that follow each other in the face of the phenomenon. National newspapers such as specialized magazines and radio stations such as Televisions, Arte, TV5 and then BBC. ” So much attention, so many interviews, we did not believe in such a reception. It didn’t stop, but despite their exhaustion, they were very happy to tell their story. André Balaguemon resumes.

Once we played it, it was clear that we had the feeling that the mission had been accomplished, and that all that energy deployed was being used for something! Morgan won’t be the only one rocking the occasion of this tour, after a month from Massy to Bobigny, from the Opera de Lyon to L’Usine Hall in Geneva, the Star Féminine will put all their proper universe together. Starting with critics who approached Transmocicalis to measure the phenomenon on foot. They came back convinced, like an audience digitized by their lively and direct formula. ” As soon as they stepped onto the platform, she was gone. Cheer “dad” Andrei. And it was similar when it came to studio recording, still something new, like the ultimate challenge they faced with young talent, thanks to Laurent’s sense of listening. By Boisgisson of Studio One Two Pass It.

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The star of the women’s band at RFI.

Specifically, how about continuing the adventures of these new UNICEF ambassadors? They continue and sign in the same way, a frenetic and lively soundtrack where the rhythms of Nabu, Paula, and Lama are enhanced by rhythms, spiced with more “modern” sounds, carrying a message of tolerance and benevolence, with their words. They talk simply and directly about their reality and the ills of girls who don’t always have a choice. Often out of school and promised to sell peanuts, bananas or gary on the side of the road, most young girls in the area have little to do with a future. Forced marriage, early pregnancy…” These girls are heroines! ‘, resumes JB, who by welcoming them into the studio allows them to hone their formula, a form of garage ensemble enhanced with afro twists. Thanks to an English lesson that their manager, Jeremy Verder, has given the girls via video conferencing every Sunday evening for the past two years Girls are even trying their hand at titles in English using “ We are a star women’s group ” And the “ standing woman » In ParisSo this is the success story of this bet.

It’s also the beginning of new adventures, and the promise of tomorrow that can take off, just as a dazzling summer tour is announced: Dour, Les Eurockéennes, Roskilde or Les Nuits de Fourvière. Upon their return home, the welcome was triumphant. Their videos were televised, radio focused, and Benin’s national channel ORTB aired their concert filmed for Arte several times. This group of anonymous people has become a national reference. ” So this time for visas, it’s easier. »

Watch the “Child’s Right” clip.

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The star of the women’s band at RFI.

The titles are performed in the big studio

forced marriage Live RF

– IgosonoFrom the album “In Paris”

Music Live RF

We are a star women’s groupFrom the album “In Paris”

Line up: Andre Balaghemon music director, that – guitar Julian deep voice, beauty – keyboards and singing, angelic – the battery, Sandrine – percussion and singing, Tabitha – percussion and singing, joris – percussion and singing

for him : Matthew Taylor And the Jeremy Bisset

► Scrapbook In Paris (Born Bad Records 2022)

► Concert November 9, 2022 Paris, La Marocineri

Then we receive the Cuban group Grupo Kombay Segundo For the release of the album “Vivelo”.

© RFI / Laurence Aloir

Grupo Compay Segundo at RFI.

Founded in 2003, after Compay Segundo’s death, by his son Salvador Repilado, Grupo Compay Segundo wants to be a band that perpetuates the tradition of Cuban music: Sound. As its name suggests, its function is to expand the business of Compay Segundo.

Originally composed largely of musicians who accompanied Compay Segundo at “Compay Segundo y su Grupo” from 1992 to 2003 and musicians from “Buena Vista Social Club”, the group has evolved over time. Conservatory of Havana.

© Susan Teitelman (Circuit of the World / BMG)

Ruben Gonzalez (left), Compay Segundo (centre), Ray Cowder (right).

Grupo Compay Segundo’s fourth album was recorded with the finest current Cuban music with the brilliance and return of Cuban sound. We left Compay Segundo in 2003 and his companions in life and theater decided to continue what he had always wanted—” Tocar Música Traditional Cubana! »

Compay Segundo y sus Muchachos will become El Grupo Compay Segundo This tireless comrades The whole world will travel with a desire to tell.” their company story. »

On the album “Vivelo” and for the first time in history Collection, 8 original titles to be co-signed with Salvador RebelladoHe is the son, guitarist and historical music director of Compay, and one of Cuba’s rising stars Michael Denza. He collaborated with many Cuban artists and won many music awards including the prestigious one Cuba (The Triumph of Cuban Music).

This new authorship marks a turning point in their career. At the same time, he was more personal, he knew how to maintain familiarity with Compay music while putting Vivelo at the heart of current Cuban music. Osmosis between imitation for him And the modernity of the current music works great and that’s why they will welcome the generous Cuban music, Isaac Delgado, Julio Padron, Alexandre Abreu, Joya Suri Perez And Rolando Luna. As for the covers, this new opus reveals a revised version of San Luisera, which Compay already sung in the 1940s with Los Compadres and an astonishing Spanish adaptation of Les Mains d’Or by most of the Franco-Cuban artist, Bernard Lavelier.

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Grupo Compay Segundo.

Listen, Clash of Generations is a success and writing arrangements encapsulate it all nicely.

– Watch the clip “Con La Magia de Compay”

The titles are performed in the big studio

San Luisira Live RF

golden hands (Excerpted from Bernard Laveliers)

Manos de OroFrom the album Vivelo

Saranduja Live RF

chan chan Live RF

The squad: Rafael Fournier Navarro – pumpkin , Yoel Matos Rodriguez – vocals and backing vocals, Alberto Rodriguez Pineda– armónico and choirs, Rafael Insart Rodriguez – clarinet, Hugo Garzon Bargallo – singingAnd the Salvador Rebellado Labrada – double bass and music director, Nelso Arias Fernandez – guitar and backing vocals.

Translation: Maria Margherita Santiago

for him : Matthew Taylor And the Jeremy Bisset

► Scrapbook Fivelo (AnZn 2022)

© RFI / Laurence Aloir

Grupo Compay Segundo at RFI.

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