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Posted on November 4, 2022, 6:00 AM

On the first weekend of November, there are plenty of ideas for entertainment and culture without being discouraged by the fall weather.

beautiful tattoo flower

La Villette Grand Hall, Paris

Tattoo block is high this weekend. The Planetarium succeeded the Tato Mondial de Tato, which expired after two canceled copies. With 560 tattoo artists from all over the world and an infernal program presented by pioneers such as Philip Liu and Junko Shimada, these three days, still organized by Tin-Tin, give a new impetus to this discipline that has become an art in just a few decades.. to live it occupies France is a favorite place.

Rivers, sources of life…

Lyon Confluence Museum

Rivers shape the landscape and fertilize the land. Of the primary sources of life, some of them were the cradles of great civilizations. Most humans today still depend on their moving water. So our fate is tied to the fate of the strong and weak rivers. That’s what we discover at the Musée des Confluences, which has entrusted Erik Orsenna, Academician and Chair of the Future of the Great Rivers Initiatives, to curate this new exhibition that traces the journey of drops of water from the rain (a beautiful work by Le Rat Fischer as an introduction) on the springs, beds, deltas and estuaries of the world’s great rivers . Until August 27, 2023.

Play the game with Evanna Muller

Steel Workers House, Paris

In partnership with the Festival d’Automne, the Franco-Croatian experimental choreographer Ivana Müller invited the audience until November 13 to participate in her program “We Still Watch”. Every evening, for an hour, a mini-community forms and performs in its own way … it never changes. During this month-long eclectic mandate, as the audience takes their place as a full-fledged actor, Mueller will also present his latest creation, “Force de la Nature” (starting Tuesday 8), and have a chat (Tuesday 15) with punk gardener Eric Lenoir. From 14 years old,

In Moliere’s clothes

National Center for Stage Costumes, Mulan

Last weekend to discover more than 130 costumes and a range of models, photos and videos related to the world of Molière, whose 400th birthday is celebrated this year. The Center National du Costume de Scène summons his greatest characters: Alceste the misanthrope, Harpagon the Scrooge, the tired and pseudo-Tartuffe, the indecisive Célimène and the gullible Agnes, the vain Jourdain and the cunning Sganarelle. All are presented during a tour organized around the themes punctuated by Molière’s work: vices and virtues, satire of medicine and religion, satire of the bourgeoisie, the condition of women, jealousy and infidelity. Molière, still up to date … until November 6,

The liturgical dress of His Majesty

Fontevraud Abbey, Maine-et-Loire

Following the development of stained-glass windows and the history of Plantagenets, Europe’s largest monastic group highlights the art of liturgical clothing from the Middle Ages to the 20th century in an exhibition entitled Au fil du sacre. It is a fashion of silk. Principal patron and patron, the Catholic Church has appealed as much to the monastery’s workshops as it has to professional embroiderers and weavers, even in more recent times to great fashion designers (Castelbajac) or painters (Manessier, Bazaine, etc.) Until January 30, 2023,

The barn wins over the photographers

The barn, Rambouillet

Well located on the edge of the forest, the rustic hotel has been organizing new workshops since this weekend in the company of seasoned photographer Fred Guio, former agency of Picto and Sebastiao Salgado. We can spend the weekend there: leave early in the morning on the tracks, advise for use in the field, learn to use manual mode, then print in the darkroom of the house, and finally make contact with the board. Or prefer a quick course (offered to clients): 1:30 intro to black silver prints and seat to magnifier.

Tintin at Atelier des Lumières

Atelier Lumiere, Paris

Two more weeks to discover the world of Tintin at a colossal scale with the family: this is the must-see exhibition at Atelier des Lumières, the Parisian digital art center on Rue Saint-Maur.

Tintin Gallery at Atelier des LumièresTintin, an immersive adventureCultural spaces / c. de la Motte Rouge / Hergé-Tintinimaginatio 2022

Designed in partnership with Moulinsart, the exclusive owner of the rights to Hergé’s work, this immersive experience embarks on an approximately hour-long roaming of the famous journalist accompanied by faithful Snowy and his close bodyguard, Captains Haddock, Duponts and Professor Sunflower.

40 years of literary passion

Prive La Gillard, Curies

We celebrate the 40th edition of the Foire de Brive, this weekend, with a rich program proposed by the President of the Year, François Posnell. There we find writers Sylvain Tyson, Nina Boraoui, Frank Curtis, Cecil Colon, and Marie Vengtra. But also three comic book authors Joan Saffar, Christoph Blaine and Matthew Sabine, accompanied on this occasion by musician and writer Matthias Malzio. and two great American authors: Douglas Kennedy and Jim Fergus. Comedian and concert hall artist Lambert Wilson will also attend in honor of Marcel Proust, whose death we are marking the centenary of his death.

Warm-up session before Paris Photo

all paris

After contemporary art, it was the turn of photography to spread to the capital. In its third edition, the Festival “Days of Photography” brings together a certain number of exhibitions in about a hundred places (galleries, atypical places, about fifteen museums).

For photo days, photo #3 by Peter Hugo to see as soon as possible at the Sorbonne Art Gallery.

For photo days, photo #3 by Peter Hugo to see as soon as possible at the Sorbonne Art Gallery.Courtesy of Prisca Basquier, Cologne

To warm up before the return of next week’s Paris photo exhibition, which will feature Les Echos Week-End: Mohamed Bourouissa at Saint-Germain-des-Pres, Nancy Wilson-Bajic at We_, Jean-Michel Fouquet at the Rotonde Balzac (from 7 November) and Peter Hugo at Sorbonne Artgallery (from 8). More information about Photodays. Paris

hieroglyphic civilization

Louvre Lane Museum, Pas de Calais

To mark the 200th anniversary of the deciphering of hieroglyphs, and to celebrate the tenth anniversary of its foundation, the Louvre-Lens is organizing a large exhibition dedicated to this wonderful writing.

The portrait of Jean-François Champollion (1794-1880), the first curator of the Louvre Museum in Lens, was discovered during

The portrait of Jean-François Champollion (1794-1880), the first curator of the Louvre in Lens, was discovered during the “Champollion Exhibition”. hieroglyphic path.RMN-Grand Palais (Louvre Museum) / Michel Urtado

With an immersive journey of more than 350 works (sculptures, paintings, art objects, documents, and graphic arts), this ambitious retrospective is also an opportunity for the Louvre Lens to pay homage to the man who was its first curator. Louvre Museum, early nineteenth century. Until January 16, 2023.

Meet our tree friends

Saint-Germain-en-Laye, Evelyn

Walk in the colors of autumn on Saturday. The Society of Friends of the Forest has traced a route of more than five kilometers in the Saint-Germain-en-Laye forest. An outing for children from the age of six to discover trees with ‘cool characters’. An introductory walk, too: Learn to identify the species, and why not, become passionate about its secret powers. “The Magnificent Trees in the Saint-Germain Forest”,

Devil’s beauty

Franch Count, Besancon

The Satanic exhibition at Frac Franche-Comté explores the presence of Satan in contemporary art from the angle of its portrayal and transformations through a journey that brings together the work of more than 35 cutting-edge artists (Nicolas Dubanes, Douglas Gordon, Susan Husky, William Kentridge, Annette Messager, Andrés Serrano, Iris Van Dongen, Jean-Luc Verna…).

Untitled (Cars Series) by Valery Belin.

Untitled (Cars Series) by Valery Belin.Valerie Belen / Courtesy of the artist and Gallery Nathalie Obadia, Paris/Brussels

Far from the representations that clearly refer to Satan, the show more broadly questions the aesthetic of evil. Until March 12, 2023.


Tea room at BNF

When a small Parisian institution opens its doors in one of the capital’s beautiful monuments, we rush! For their twentieth birthday, Rose and Jean-Charles Cararini, the founding couple of the Anglo-French Tea Room Rose Bakery, who gave the whole of Paris to the “Carrot Cake”, present a new anchorage on the Right Bank, in the heart of the site.. The history of the National Library of France has been renewed after 10 years of work. Same reason, same punishment: a simple homemade family kitchen that nourishes body and mind, organic produce, a menu that changes every day, British classics like the famous scones and terrace in fine weather. Another good reason to discover the new BNF and its exceptional combos! Rose Bakery

It’s time to book

Ballet of the White Stallions in Nanterre

Notice to horseback riding enthusiasts: On January 7th and 8th, you must be at the Nanterre Stadium and turned into a dressage to mark the arrival of the finest equestrian establishments in Paris. The highly classical Spanish Riding School in Vienna will present two shows with about thirty Lipizzaner stallions led by eight riders. Pure blessing.

and in other places

The Threatened Dead Sea Turns into Art in Jerusalem

A high place in the Bible, the lowest point on Earth and a wonderful natural panorama, the Dead Sea is the main source of inspiration for Sigalit Landau. The contemporary Israeli artist has developed a pioneering practice based on sea salt that is on display at the Israel Museum in Jerusalem until June. Things have been submerged in this salt-saturated lake for weeks, turning fishing nets, ballet tutus, Hasidic dress and piles of shoes into stunning white crystal sculptures. Presented as a realization of the fragility of this ecosystem subject to the rising temperatures and pumping up of the Jordan River, The Burning Sea pays homage to the splendor of this mythical spectacle but also draws attention to the ongoing ecological catastrophe.

last chance !

Anglin Preglucage x Thomas Bangalter at Châtelet

“Legends,” a new creation by choreographer Angéline Prilejucay, runs through Saturday: Dancers of the Bordeaux National Ballet de L’Opera and Ballet Priglucage revisit twelve legendary stories, from the myth of the Amazon to the story of ‘Icarus’. All ears also for the symphony orchestra to interpret the original composition of former Daft Punk, Thomas Bangalter.

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