Sounds of Saturday: Six Discs to Take Away or Give for Christmas

We’ve picked six albums for you to discover or give away. © Karolina Grabowska / Pixabay

Every year, the same hassle: at the beginning of December, the race for gifts begins which, in any case, will end on December 24th, in the crowd in the shops, with the last-minute purchase of a cheap perfume, or a collection of hits from 2022 or late July. Unless we find Johnny’s Best in the bins at the last minute. It’s known, it’s popular, it’s always going to be fun!

But it is also possible to make more original gifts. The hidden nugget, that you have to look for, that you have to discover. Whether the offer is for a friend, or for yourself, it will seduce you with the effect of surprise: you don’t know? Now you worship.

Specifically, Le Courrier vendéen selected six CDs off the beaten track. Six platinum cakes to discover or discover.

Betty Jean: The Neighbor In Panties

Betty Jean: The Neighbor In Panties.
Betty Jean: The Neighbor In Panties. © dr

The first find comes from Annecy. Betty Jean is an author, composer, singer and actress who, as a child, began studying piano, singing, dance and theater at the Albertville Musical School, and then at the Chambery Conservatory. Her career path is atypical since she then completed an internship at a school Moscowitis Specialized in the Department of Musical Theatre. Then, in Paris, she played in cabaret shows and musicals for all audiences, before embarking on her own solo show and singing.

As written and directed A popular nightclub A comic piece for four actors and singers in a male show, performed in Paris. It is also the organizer in Lyon. The Maccabaret microphonea group of eclectic artists from all over the Rhone-Alps region.

And the scene in all of this? She is also signed to a humorous musical solo show called But who is Betty Jean? Played in Paris, Lyon or even the Avignon Festival. She also created her own rock band called Betty-Jane. It is precisely what interests us today because it is the first

Videos: Currently at Actu

5-track Betty Jean EP-Rock: Neighbor In Panties.

The result is an energetic CD full of energy and energy, but with one very small flaw, not the least: it’s a five-title EP! And we want more! Still, it will be enough to wait, while we wait for Betty Jane to present us with, we hope, a real album, with twice as many titles (or even more, we wouldn’t be against it).

  • In Kebra Records, Released December 5th. Also on digital platforms including iTunes, Spotify, Virgin, Deezer, etc. by Imusician.

Justin Blue: Right

Justin Blue: Right
Justin Blue: Right © DR

Not particularly repetitive, but this album is undoubtedly our favorite from this selection! A real contemporary soul, jazz, blues sound, but French, does it exist? now yes ! And her name is Justine Blue, an authentic artist, fed up with Coco Taylor, Etta James, Billie Holiday, Ella Fitzgerald, or even Sarah Vaughan.

And the result is there: On the 13 tracks this album contains, Justin’s voice transports us, hair up our forearms. It’s impossible not to see his tone and flow as Joni Mitchell or Ricky Lee Jones.

This is Justin Blue’s first album, TRUE, and thus contains thirteen titles. Eleven originals and two covers, Journey to the Land of Happiness. Among the ranges of this cake, we’ll reserve it Willie and Jeff Hand, for example, not in his own Clapton version, but in his original signed Johnny Otis juice. Another moment of grace offered by the cover CD yellow moonfrom the Neville Brothers.

The remaining eleven tracks are instrumental pieces that show Justine Blue also knows how to create and write songs that resonate with her delicious voice. And if you accidentally think of the blues as sad or sad music, Justin will show you the opposite Gold is in our hands. A song that gives you a banana for the day.

  • In Kebra Records, Released December 20th In we need to produce love. It is also distributed on digital platforms including iTunes, Spotify, Virgin, Deezer, etc. by Imusician

Cyril Capel: Against the grain

Cyril Capel: Against the grain
Cyril Capel: Against the Tide © DR

It’s been exactly 44 years since Cyril Capel first started touching music. Because at the age of 10 (born in 1968) he learned guitar and piano, in a family where everyone was musicians. And the story doesn’t end there because, while at school, he set Verlaine and Rimbaud to music… Do you feel the script musical coming?

Having been a songwriter from the age of 18, composing songs and jingles for advertising, he was discovered by François Hardy, and joined the Richard Cross School. His career after that was filled with encounters with the likes of Francis LaLanne and George Mustaki… before his rise was stopped dead by a ruptured aneurysm. What follows is a coma, rehab…then an uphill battle to get back on track, and come back stronger and more determined than ever.

After many years, the Covid-19 crisis has been an opportunity for Cyril Capel to work on an album that will arrive at the end of 2022: Riptide.

This new album is a clever mix of textual pop-rock, with chemistry that works really well. And with a more intimate personal touch. And the result is there: we tried to be critical, but there’s nothing to throw away on this album! The texts are touching but also full of energy that won’t see a price increase at the end of the year.

  • in Kebra Records Since November 15th. Distribution is guaranteed on digital platforms including iTunes, Spotify, Virgin, Deezer, etc.

Irikel: Aqua Living

Irikel: Aqua Living
Erekil: Aqua Fever © DR

Erichil is almost the local theatre, because this musician is now from Saint-Nazaire (just left Montreuil). And this album is without a doubt the most Breton in our selection, with titles like Ar-Men on Batz Island where Cap Friel. And at almost 50 years old, he still has a rock in his skin, as evidenced by this fourth album that will arrive in a few days, entitled Aqua Life.

Leaving to immerse in Aqua Vivre is like going on a journey in the womb: [re]Visit this space where it all begins, without knowing where it all ends. Maybe because nothing ends. Neither the movement nor the rhythm in which the winds and currents drain around and within us, nor even the life that continues through those who cross and carry it. Beyond the visible, beyond time,” one can read on their website.

In the end, we let ourselves embark on this cruise, between Bodega Bay (the stop where Hitchcock filmed the birds) and Batz Island or the Lighthouse of Men. A colorful, electrifying and melodic rock journey to delight music lovers.

  • A commercial release of this album is planned November 21 on Kebra RecordsDistribution is handled by Inouïe Distribution. It is also distributed on digital platforms including iTunes, Spotify, Virgin, Deezer, etc. Incredible distribution.

Fab Zurrel: Blues in Panama

Fab Zurrel: Blues in Panama
Fab Zurrel: Blues in Paris © DR

Originally from Lyon, his guitar took him to Paris, then to Reunion Island where he stayed for 7 years. His group at the time, Bab’s Child, was associated with the No Yes Madma, a rock and subversive movement. He often plays in Palaxa, Bato Fou, and in the island’s concert bars.

But Panam is still Panam, he returned there in 2002 and played for the Paris Metro. Surrounded by new musicians, the trio founded “Zoreille Dehors” (Songs, Rock and Blues) and recorded the album (Les Zoreille Dehors) in 2012 with drummer Olivier Horteau and guitarist Maxime Bidot.

Today Fab Zorrel performs solo and duet with fellow drummer Olivier Horteaux. And in January 2021 they record the album Blues in Panama.

Eleven tracks make up this CD which is more difficult to put into one category than another. Blues, yes, rock, for sure, too, but not only. And that’s the richness of this CD: We love its lyrics, the raspy fab sound, the energy that radiates from this album that “transports us to the cobblestones of DC and to some corners of its soul”! An essential album, anyway.

  • in Kebra Records Since November 15th. Distributed on Bandcamp.

Hervé LeChapelle: Useless and Pleasant

Hervé LeChapelle: Useless and Pleasant
Hervé LeChapelle: The Useless and the Pleasant © Dr

And we end this winter selection with a new nugget to discover urgently. Let’s not cut corners: Lechâble is textual, with an authentic atmosphere between blues, jazz, java and Latin rhythms … With more than 80 concerts a year, Hervé released his first album, L’Inutile et l’nice.

This all-acoustic album is an opportunity to meet many musicians who have come to bring their sensibilities to a world full of blues, jazz and country music. Through the thirteen songs, it was a poetic and musical journey into the heart of bars, streets, and dreams of old Paris that the singer invites you to.

Hervé Lechâble is not really a newcomer, because this Parisian singer, who is also an author, composer and performer, has been playing the streets, bars, theaters and various stages for more than 20 years. “Wherever you might land with a guitar.”

It is beautiful, dancing, poetic… In short, it is the perfect gift to make people happy. Nice gift, but not that useless…

  • Where November 15th at Inoui Records. It is also distributed on digital platforms including iTunes, Spotify, Virgin, Deezer, etc.

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