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Brigitte Bobart has created an immersive journey in which dozens of circus performers and dancers share the same space with spectators in order to live an extraordinary shared experience: the end of the world.

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john fence

john fence

“The end of the world, to say the least, because man adapts to everything,” defines the director and actress who met in one of the large rooms at the L’Arsenal gallery where the clinic was set up.

We get to the scene after an unnamed catastrophe, but which, according to the designer, will be the result of a war combined with a catastrophe. In short, something is not very beautiful, which means that we are now in a survival mode “in a crumbling world”.

In this grim reality imagined before the pandemic and the war in Ukraine, “No one speaks anymore, as Brigitte Poupart tells us, except for one character, the oldest of the group, who remembers the time when we were talking, but who loses his memory.” It will be performed by dancer Jeff Hall (Carbony 14, PBS Dancy, Cirque du Soleil).

Brigitte Poparte calls an ambulance sleep no more – Free adaptation of Macbeth Presented in New York in a five-story building in the Chelsea area. But unlike this show, where every scene is shown in an episode for all to see, until we die It has a beginning, middle and end.

Spectators will be free to go wherever they want to appreciate what is happening at one or another of the seven stops along the way. But each scene will only play once, so you have to be vigilant not to miss a thing. Some viewers will be randomly selected to experience additional short “secret scenes”, behind closed doors, one-on-one.

We will especially see Brazilian vertical dance artist Pia Pantogo, who searches for her son in a scene of “emotional survival” interpreted in a kitchen built while crow flies. Other artists – tapes, hand in hand, addictive dance, urban dance, etc. – Of Rwandan, Haitian and Chilean descent, among others.


Brigitte Bobart with the performers from until we dieincluding Pia Pantogo, vertical dance therapist

“I asked them to draw on their personal stories,” says Brigitte Poupart, who used the language of circus and dance to bring this stage drama to life. “I look at what Pina Bausch has been able to do by integrating dance and theater and find it very inspiring to do something similar with the circus, which It can be turned into pure emotion.”

Try it on Luzia, of Cirque du Soleil, was crucial to her career – the show directed by Daniele Fenzi-Basca, which she took on and then completed. “I discovered a very powerful language and amazing poetic potential,” says the director, who has worked with Dave St-Pierre, among others, and orchestrated the first Unbearable nightclub.

Despite the limited budget until we dieBrigitte Poupart has the impression that she creates the show that resembles her the most.

That’s right, I’m experiencing an extraordinary moment, because I feel like I’m channeling all my passion for the first time on this show. There is also a baroque aspect to the decor, among other things, which is very similar to mine.

Brigitte Poupart

The end of the journey will take us back to the beginning of the adventure – before the disaster. At a time when everyone was celebrating with the utmost recklessness. pre loop (prefix) in short. Another way of saying: This is what awaits us if we do nothing.

Brigitte Poupart says: “What I find interesting is that artists and spectators find themselves together in the same place. Because we are all victims of what is happening now. It can hit us in the face at any time. Hence the step back, to become aware [de cette menace]. »

Alex McMahon has composed electronic music covering the various stations. “Giant Work” witnesses Brigitte Poupart, who also invited sound engineer Jacques Boucher, to make the course immersive. “There is something about electronic music that I find only in our time, that is modular, but can also be very melodic, which gives an acoustic aesthetic in keeping with the concept.”

Once the Montreal series is over, the creative team hopes to present it until we die On a tour of other big cities. On the other hand, I would like to be able to settle in a city for a certain period, a month, two months, because it is not a profitable economic model to stay only a few days. »

There is no clear parallel between the revival of the performing arts and the onset of this catastrophe, but we understand from Brigitte Poupart that the return of artists to the stage is fragile and difficult. And the places available to spread are extremely rare. Instability will not stop him from moving forward. until…

until we die. From 2 to 13 November at L’Arsenal Montreal.

Currently showing


Portrait of Melissa Jamacci, courtesy of Prospero Theatre

Vlad Alexis is one of the play’s artists ads.

When he just learned that his mother has terminal cancer, Canadian artist Jordan Tannahill jotted down hundreds of affirmations in an effort to capture the essence of life en route. These statements, translated by Fannie Brett, serve as a framework for the play Ads, where five artists will add their movement to the words of Tanahil. However, this spontaneous gestural score will change from evening to evening… Choreographer Melanie Demers anticipated her first show here, when she directed Vlad Alexis, Marc Boivin, Claudia Chillis-Rivard, Matcha Limonchik and Jacques Pauline Dennis.

At the Prospero Theater from 1Verse Until November 19.

Stephanie Moren Journalism

I’m never

Photo by Robert Widmer, provided by LA MAISON THÉÂTRE

Éléonore Loiselle will be alone on stage Never am I not.

Welcome to Maison Theater I’m never, a solo show directed by Véa and aimed at teenagers aged 12 and over. Eleonor Loisel defends alone on stage this script by Rhiannon Colette, which tells the story of two teens who become inseparable, Sam and Kate. When Kate’s sister is the victim of an attack, the latter takes him in the head to avenge her and will lead Sam into a dangerous game where their actions will have strange consequences.

from 1Verse Until November 6.

Stephanie Moren Journalism

The Looney Ben

Photo by Alejandro Santiago, submitted by LES CASTELIERS

Puppeteer Ronnie Burkett is back in Montreal for a new show.

The irreverent Canadian puppeteer Ronnie Burkett is in Montreal for five nights with his new show titled The Looney Ben. For the occasion, Burkett drops the wires and finds his teenage hand puppet. Some of her most famous characters – including fallen actress Esme Massingel and Queen of the Prairie Edna Rural – will return around the cow Vealma Abattoir. Nightclub-style clown show for knowledgeable audience only (16 years and over). From 8 to 12 November at the Maison internationale des Arts de la marionnette.

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widget Foreman He returned to Montreal after an impressive spell in 2021.

After being sold last year, the play Foreman He returned to Salle Fred-Barry at Théâtre Denise-Pelletier for eight shows. In 2021, Luke Boulanger, from Journalismin his review of the “powerful and poignant” text that tells “the story of very ordinary men, yet live wonderful inner dramas. Charles Fournier (who also signs the script), Pierre-Luc Desilites, Miguel Fontaine, Stephen Lee Botvin, and Vincent Roy, share the stage in This play was directed by Olivier Artaud and Marie-Helen Gendreux, from 3 to 12 November.

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Photo by Stephane Bourgeois, submitted by LE TRIDENT

Marianne Marceau is one of 14 artists sharing the scoreAlice!

Le Trident Theater in Quebec City offers a very free reinterpretation of Lewis Carroll’s great classic, Alice in Wonderland. For multidisciplinary production company Théâtre Rude Ingénierie (TRI), revisiting this philosophical tale is an opportunity to denounce alienation in our current society and to celebrate the power of imagination. Emmanuel Jimenez signs this text that was carried on stage by a team of 14 artists. In its launch phase, TRI will continue its exploration of theater that combines sound, objects, architecture and living for this show that is first and foremost the theater of images.

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arm length

Photo by Rubén Pineda Gold, submitted by AGORA DE LA DANSE

arm length.

Founded in 2011, Parts + Labor_Danse is a joint project of two Montreal-based choreographers, David Albert-Toth and Emily Gualtieri. Together, they create works that explore the mystery of the human experience. their new creation, arm length, takes the form of a solo carried by David Albert Toth and reveals our most intimate paradoxes, where desires remain voracious and where thirst and fear of loneliness intertwine. At the same time, the dancer, the actor, the magician, the translator reconsiders the myth of Tantalus, who was punished by Zeus for his rudeness to the gods and his treachery, with the help of the pen of the playwright Etienne Lepage.

Iris Gagnon-Paradise, Journalism

From 2 to 5 November at the Agora de la danse

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