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After two weeks of absence, Alex and Tanguy are back with more motivation than ever to attack Episode 10 of pastic. And since recovery can be difficult, even painful, they turned to an exceptional but humble physiotherapist: Grégoire Gibault, better known as Major Mouvement.

Major movement guest of the week

Grégoire Gibault is the French favorite physiotherapist. Graduated in 2010, he has already done more than 55,000 physics work. In 2016, he joined ITMP (Institute of Physical Therapy Manual Therapy) where he teaches and accompanies physiotherapists about manual therapy.

In 2018, he has been practicing for 8 years, 8 years advising his patients, and 8 years discovering that it is necessary to break the ideas received about pain. His daily life: receiving People who are told nonsense when the problem is simpler “. He realizes that the tools presented to them are disconnected from reality And above all, he is tired of reading anything and everything on the Internet: totally bad stretching or muscle building techniques, ads for supposedly miraculous equipment…

He wants to lead the fight for information about his profession. Therefore, encouraged by his older brother Guillaume, he decided to launch himself on social networks, under the guise of Major Motion: The Personality of a Healthcare Professional, Fun, Reassuring, and Practical. Known for his famous arches, this benevolent natural healer with extraordinary resilience gives himself away Mission to promote his profession in the video. What he drives is to help people and make health accessible to as many people as possible.

Today is one of Most Popular Wellness Influencers with 828 thousand subscribers on YouTube and 538,000 subscribers on Instagram. He’s even started TikTok and is considering launching it on Twitch before the end of 2022 (confirmed he’ll live to Alex and Tanguy). But he also keeps one foot in his office, where he continues to practice.

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His approach to social networks: Show physiotherapy in practice. His YouTube channel is a wealth of information to take care of yourself: health and well-being tutorials with simple tips, stretching or stretching exercises, but also tips on how to get into sports.

It also analyzes situations, in particular those of sports celebrities (or not): our YouTuber bodybuilding specialist Thibaut Enchab, former Miss France Marine Lorvaillin, comedian Vari… All with a sense of humor and kindness. Jokes and sketches are really at the heart of the Great Movement’s approach: they help unravel the drama and it’s always better to approach seemingly technical topics (which they really aren’t) with a smile.

But if there’s one thing Gregoire isn’t laughing about, it’s the real health issues: he insists on the fact that His videos are for informational purposes only And the His advice will not replace counseling. In the event of physical or emotional distress, it is encouraged to see a doctor.

Grégoire also demystifies all the bullshit that can be found on social networks in health advice. Once he sees misinformation about a stretching or exercise routine, you can be sure it will come under the Major Movement’s radar.

News from the Major Movement

He releases his second book, “The Great Guide to Healing Your Pain” It lists 55 of the most common diseases that affect us all on a daily basis. Tendinitis, lumbago, sciatica, hernia, muscle tear, sprain, periostitis … From head to toe, nothing escapes major motion analysis.

This is a very nice guide full of Graphics and images interspersed with interaction with QR codes Referring to videos to gain accuracy. With the help of typical cases that he was able to observe in his practice, It makes faces ache : Law student Raphael and his bad posture, Mario the hairdresser of boxing and her tendinitis, Bruno the Good Living and his plantar thug, the energetic retired young Brigitte and her osteoporosis…

for every disease, Grégoire presents his analysis (content without the language of wood)prescribe the progression of pain and finally the appropriate treatment to apply at home for relief and reconstruction.

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Find out more about The Great Movement: Its Networks and Books

Big traffic on the networks

Pioneer movement and his books

The most important news of November 10

Those two weeks of rest were good for our comedians. Their news heads are affected.

The most important Tanguy Pastureau news

The most important news from Alex Vyzorek

Press review for November 10

Major Mouvement wanted to attend this press review, and as far as to say it was good to stay

Tanguy starts with Paris Match who focuses on Dashboard of politicians : Edward Philip again in first place. Finally, we found Minister Plenipotentiary for Small and Medium Enterprises Olivia Gregoire and Christophe Picchu, our Economy Minister whom no one seems to know. In addition to this rating, the magazine presents an impressive photo ofThe queen bee that feeds from all sides and that from Michel Polnareff in the heart of the American desert With an incredible movement for his age. In this interview by Philippe Manover, he said that he does not like anyone except the Belgians (and this affects Alex).

Then Alex bowed Community, with an essay titled brimming with promises: “And Let It Jump,” about new ways of putting it. It was a bit frustrating because we don’t talk about it No sex but a trampoline. We know that sales of these outdoor games at Decathlon have increased by 55% in two years in Belgium. Behind this, there is a symbolism, according to the doctor: the world is much narrower and narrower, so that one develops towards height. complete programme.

expensive It caught Tanguy’s attention because the magazine seems to be looking to renew itself Gender Neutral Pages Non-gender fashion, non-gender hair conditioner… Number to read with clenched fists (It’s hard to turn pages but if you focus, you get there.) The magazine also focuses on people under the age of 25 who are concerned with their acne problems as well as their fine lines. So young people are traumatized by their old age before they are old.

Alex peels off too

The Dinar Male infertility warning The French are having a hard time having children. And the In 70% of cases, the problem is predominantly male. Blame the etiology of endocrine disorders, especially since men do not like to talk about them. Tangy continues so fast Point of view Who did not like the fifth season of the crown : Nothing sticks to realityEverything is going in all directions.

in ReleaseAlex wonders If you can travel with your rifle and double bass. The article you are referring to asks the following question:

Does the National Railways authorize the transport of hunting weapons when certain musical instruments are prohibited? Well, only tools less than 130 x 90 cm, marked and under a hood, are allowed, while a hunter with a hunting license may have the right to travel in the TGV with his weapon.

the point A title on radical ecologists, but Tanguy prefers to talk about it François Hollande who moved from library to library to sell his latest book. We see him taking selfies near the Gare de Lyon (he is booed in passing, but since he has a selective ear, don’t reach for him). We also passed head by in his office where his dog Philae is enjoying sleeping with his paws in a circle inside a leather basket.

in the magazine parentsAlex discovered an article where English speaking couple, Blossomsgave Bird names for their children : Dove (Coulomb) and Park (Alwette). The father’s sister was angry at the invalidity of these first names, which he does not add to the father. Suffice it to say that relations within the family are no longer in good shape.

closer She caught the attention of Tangwe, who is also about children. Alec Baldwin has nine names, as does Mel Gibson, while Elon Musk has ten rather original first names. The magazine also dedicates an article to Rants of Matt Pokora who is tired of finding himself too sexy. There is also a profile on little Joy Hallyday dressed up as a cute bunny for Halloween, as evidenced by her photos posted on social networks (which contain no more of her mother, Leticia). Finally, it seems that Veronique Sanson does not like mornings.

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