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Gotham Knights not a sequel toArkham Knight It takes place in a completely different world, but Many items remember the hours he spent alongside Batman. Still moving from one surface to the next with their grappling hooks in an open world, still fighting one-to-one against gangs, still silently eliminating their enemies by slipping over them and still having to crawl through air vents to make their investigations.

So, at first glance, this new version of Gotham looks almost the same as the version of previous games made for Batman (or other games of the genre, in general) and The comparison is more than tempting Given the number of similarities that immediately appear at the level of play.

Have we met somewhere before?

However, even if it is based on the legacy of the saga developed by Rocksteady, the game from Warner Bros. Montreal Games Want Come out of the shadow of the Dark Knight to live your own adventureLike his characters.

This desire to clear the history to start a new chapter Translates directly to the starting point of the storyrevealed in the trailers, but also in the atmosphere that prevails at the beginning of the game: Batman and Commissioner Gordon are dead, Arkham Asylum is abandoned and the members of the Bat family gather Bury Bruce Wayne and take over.

Gotham Knights: Photopurple rain

Now, instead of just playing Batman, The player has a choice of four letters : Nightwing (Dick Grayson), Bruce Wayne’s first protege who became as much an acrobatic hero as he is charismatic; Batgirl (Barbara Gordon), a computer genius who overcomes the death of her father and mentor by applying their teachings as best she can; Robin (Tim Drake), the third version of Batman’s sidekick and brilliant teenager who hides his fears with good humor; And finally, Red Hood (Jason Todd), a former robin turned killer and rambunctious anti-hero still traumatized by his death and resurrection.

Gotham Knights: PhotoIn red and black

The fall of the knight

As criminals take advantage of Batman’s absence to create chaos, the story moves forward thanks to Written missions called “files”They are loyal to various villains. Heroes must face Harley Quinn, Clayface and Mr. Freeze, but also a mysterious threat that may be related to the disappearance of the Dark Knight and the Court of Owls, as well as other enemies of the Dark Knight.

Other crimes to thwart are added to the main missions as Nightwing, Batgirl, Robin and Red Hood roam the streets chasing evil henchmen. But after the first plots to make their mark, Gotham Knights It quickly turns into a whole other game, with A recursive linear structure and a system close to an RPG that proves as painful as it is useless.

Gotham Knights: PhotoBetween tribute and renewal

As you progress, the player must Craft and upgrade equipment Thanks to the materials collected during battles, challenges and missions. follower”racist effects(such as snow, fire, or poison) are added to clothing and weapons to make them more effective against certain types of enemies andfleasCan be combined and fixed for extra strength.

However, in addition to its confusing interface, this aspect of the game (which includes a large part of the content with different types of resources or costume customization) It breaks the rhythm and seems above all to extend its life The game ends in about twenty hours.

Gotham Knights: Photokarate Kid

Side quests about villains loose owls are no longer built into the story, but They are unlocked from a certain level It can only be accessed from the Belfry, which serves as a reception hall and headquarters where the heroes return at the end of each.”patrolto update their goals.

Along the way, the player meets other emblematic characters, such as Penguin, Inspector Montoya, Lucius Fox, or Dr. Thompkins, but these characters Serve only to give missions and anecdotal challenges To gain experience or material.

Gotham Knights: PhotoProtection Shield No. 83

In the end, instead of completing the story, explore Gotham and the various ancillary activities It’s like a chore. Since then, the nights end Follow the same routine : Interrogate thugs or solve murders to discover larger crimes not necessarily related to a mission, complete all objectives, go home, watch a movie scene, improve your equipment and start over. Inevitably, he feels tired after a few hours.

Gotham Knights: Photo“I think I caught a cold”

killing joke

Even with her simple and repetitive side, Gotham Knights can be fun If the clashes (on which the vast majority of the game is based) weren’t chaotic. To stand out from the saga Arkham And a revolutionary combat system based on devastating counters, WB Games Montreal has taken the helm More basic model, close to the game model Spider-Man from Marvelbased on dribbling and special attacks available through the “Pushing force“Which recharges it by hitting enemies.

Gotham Knights: PhotoChilled exploding in the face

Some abilities are more effective than others, the distinct styles of the four guardsmen add variety during battles, and animations ensure the scenery the first times.

But after seeing the camera flips and rough movements of some enemies make dodge impossible, most battles consist of A bombardment whose touch varied between heavy and light attacks so that no one would move. The boss also fights identically, with a confrontation in an arena where you have to hit the enemy over and over in hopes of doing damage to them.

Gotham Knights: PhotoYou will eat tonfa, my friend

In addition, the movements, stories, and even exchanges between characters Slow, stiff and severely lacking in dynamism. The game is regularly peppered with various bugs, invisible enemies and unexpected gestures from heroes Gotham Knights often gives the impression Technically it is about ten years late.

Navigating the largest and most faithful version of Gotham City as a member of the Bat family is bound to be fun for any fan of the Batman world, but the sense of Bat’s cycle of speed, the blows of power during fights or the threat on the part of Batman. Owl Court Never feel Despite the trend of fine art in the city and its new vitality.

Gotham Knights: PhotoNeon Noir, more precisely

With the exception of the introductory movie and some clips leaning toward the horror genre (like the scarecrow hallucinations at the time), staging is minimal. He never manages to give the narrative any heroic feeling (Or just by playing the same cheating, epic music on every motorcycle ride.)

A whole bunch of references to the Batman universe slide into combos or dialogues and Gotham Knights Adapted from true love comics, especially those of Scott Snyder and Greg Capolo, but The story is very short and predictableand the end of the game (predicted from the start) emphatically emphasizing failure and disappointment.

Gotham Knights: Photowill take to others

Sadness in the family

Not providing a surprising story, Gotham Knights He shines for his work around the city and writing its four heroeswho must learn to live without Batman while trying to impose order on Gotham.

Follows every member of the Pat family Its own story arc Through short films that are unlocked during missions. Sequencing doesn’t necessarily have to check better than the others, but calmer and sadderAnd the Where the group of guards appears in the form of A group of lost and broken children. Kids who continue to advance at all costs by supporting each other (and being able to count on Alfred, a loyal ally always well represented in games).

If corridors limit melodrama, these few scenes can make it I feel the absence of Batman And what he could represent in the eyes of each of the characters, including some villains.

Gotham Knights: PhotoWith fire and blood

Like the four heroes, The player repeats what they have learned, but must also learn to live without Batman And adapting his playing style to the personality of the person he embodies. The skill points gained can be used with the four characters, which invites you to spend time with and develop each one of them.

At this level, cooperation (limited to two players while waiting”heroic assault(on November 29) is not too restrictive: each player can do their own quests and quests at their side before meeting for the rest of the main story. Many quests even give the impression that they were first designed for multiple players except for some link problems, Co-op mode brings a real addition to the experience.

Gotham Knights: Photo“It’s 1,2,3 and we hit or we hit 3?”

However, after the campaign and several hours, Gotham Knights He might convince some players to walk around Gotham and maybe come back to play with other friends, but in reality the game is all about Move from one point to another by the sequence of battles To gather information or resources to improve his equipment.

And sometimes there are missions written a little better around four heroes trying to find their place and honor the person they considered a godfather. The intent is commendable, full of sincerity, but this game is not the game fans deserve, or even the game they need.

Gotham Knights is available from October 21st on PC, PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X | S.

Gotham Knights: Photo

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