The beautiful reunion of the Pulai sisters

Exactly ten years after winning Les Francouvertes at Club Soda – and launching their first record Scraps weight The Boulay Sisters are back with a fourth album, titled escape from the night. This new composition allowed the artists to have fun. Using pop rhythms to reveal explicit lyrics, without a metaphorical gimmick, they assume their plurality and embrace a new freedom to say things as they like.

“It is not for nothing that we do this in life, music lives in us, it is part of us; gently explains Stephanie Boulay.

Four years after the release of their last album, star death (2019), and two years after announcing they needed to take a break in September 2020, the sisters of the most popular Gaspésie singer-songwriters are back with escape from the night.

bright return

This light-filled album offers us to believe that the troubled times of recent years (waves of condemnation that followed the #metoo movement, the loss of their manager and record company, the music world revealing its darker sides, legal proceedings with the old record company.) were left behind, even They have turned into reflective moments that force them to go back to basics.

“This new album is as much an opening to the future as it is a stepping stone,” 35-year-old Stephanie continues. We carry on, there’s still beauty to strive for. Then, point, because we’re getting to something of a sentence-ending order. Anything is possible.”

Melanie, the 32-year-old “little sister” adds: “We were sad, and now happier than ever. We’re back, because we had the inspiration. And then we had the privilege of picking everyone we wanted to work with, including director Conor Seidl. He’s a true genius.”

To successfully implement this dual project – a return to music and a new album to present to the world – the duo wondered: what should they look at in order to see enough positivity in their profession and above all, the desire to return to it?

“This is where I said to myself: What I love is writing songs first and foremost,” says Stephanie. It’s in my life and makes me feel good. I had my answer.

supposed to pop

Under the new brand, Simon Records, the duo will present on October 21 the fruit of their reflections in the past few years. All in a fresh, new style: more front-end text, less hidden behind poetry and metaphors, totally presumed pop, more rhythmic and more composed than anything the couple has offered before.

“Perhaps the pop softens a little on these notes that are a bit ‘in your face’,” Mélanie fired.

“What is certain is that we all aspire to enter people’s lives,” Stephanie continues. When you write a song, you wonder if it will ever have a place in people’s lives.

“In life, we make music so that people feel understood,” Melanie adds.

the song Above all, above all He talks about the love-hate relationship of female musicians with social media (“I need so much Likes! ‘, admits Stephanie.) The play I’ve been silent He addresses the difficult subject of a culture of silence when condemnation occurs and “everyone knows” is heard. As for the song as ifShe looks back to her childhood and a life filled with flashes of violence.

“The feeling I get after writing a song and after recording it in the studio, that I’ve gone from nothing to it and be so proud of what we’ve built together; that’s the best feeling for me, it’s magic!” Melanie says.

“There are people who give birth, get married and suffer heartache or bereavement to our tunes,” Stephanie adds. When we think of mothers playing our songs to their children, it affects us and gives meaning to everything we do.

The Boulay Sisters’ new album, escape from the nightIt will be launched on October 21st. Quelques dates de leur tournée à travers le Québec en 2023 ont déjà été annoncées, entre autres à Longueuil le 23 février, Brossard le 20 avril, Québec le 13 octobre et Trois-Riforme 21 Pour. tickets:

Two ways, one vote

Stephanie lives part-time in the country, without stopping to need the occasional hustle and bustle of the city. She also has a music lover (Frances Faubert), father of a daughter who finds herself a stepmother (new song not his mother Furthermore it deals with this reality that is rarely addressed in the song).

Melanie had two children with her comedian partner Guillaume Wagner, and her family became a priority. Despite everything, she wants to pursue her career to show them what a successful mother and woman looks like.

The two sisters’ different life paths could have led them away. They are undoubtedly the music, they agree to say, which each time allows them to find themselves. Mutual friends also, strong friendships last over time and despite the distance, like their relationship which has changed many times, but its foundation (love of music and values) is still deeply anchored.

Stephanie explains, “These are tough changes, because before we were the same and living the same kind of life. Now our priorities have changed and we’ve changed. We still choose each other again and keep singing together, even if we don’t necessarily want the same things in life anymore.”

connected to the heart

They say they are proud of the success of making a fourth album together.

“It’s a relationship where everyone takes a step back,” Melanie says. There are ups and downs, like every relationship in life. It is also a working relationship. This album means that we chose each other for the fourth time. We collect everything, where we are at the moment, our values. Even if our lives go in different directions, at the base we have the same view of the world, the same sensitivity to injustice, the same things touch and annoy us.

Both sisters find it important to point out that although their relationship may seem to be, their relationship isn’t perfect. Like everyone else, they have had disagreements, and their family relationship is intertwined with business relationships, friendship and work.

Says Stephanie who is also an author and novelist Safe from men and things (Published in Quebec in 2016) To be published in France next January.

group questions

One thing we don’t know about each of you?

Stephanie: “I feel like an open book, but hey, I’d say people don’t know I’ve been walking 5km every day, like a little lady, for a year [rires]. “

Mélanie: “I have an almost unhealthy obsession with maintaining my pool [rires]. I can go to Club Piscine four times a week to check the water in my pool.”

The book that changed your life?

s: “witchesby Mona Chollet. Because it led me to come to terms with my choice not to have children and to devote my life to creation. Since then, I’ve stopped feeling guilty or incomplete, even though I don’t get along with what can be expected of me and my priorities. It taught me that there are a thousand ways to be a woman.

M: “All the works of Annie Erno, the whole brick, because she is my favorite writer. booby Also written by Ann Hebert. All my artistic mind was built around this work.

Complete the sentence: Being a woman in music in 2022 is like…?

S: “Even though, there is a struggle within that…it remains a similar test, but it’s also a gift, because places are more restricted; we see it for example in festival programming where it’s often the names of the guys who top the bill, and all the differences in salary.”

M: “It is a source of pride, to be there, to be there still humbly, to overcome all the minute assaults, to survive, to make a place for oneself, even if facing them, is a source of pride.”

Your sister’s class…

Mélanie on Stephanie: “She’s like an upside-down Whippet. She gives Steph more access to her vulnerable and sensitive side, but on the inside she has a lot of strength of character.

Stéphanie about Mélanie: “She is a very strong person, solid with her convictions. She is also a Whippet, because within her there is a tenderness in her heart that can be reached with time and patience and a certain weakness.

What song are you most proud of and why?

s: “after us. I think it’s as close as we’ve come to touching something universal, even if the song is related to us, it can eventually talk to everyone.

M: “The same for the same reasons.”

Your new favorite song on the new album?

s: “escape from the nightBecause we are the ones who acknowledge our good and bad times, embrace it all, and keep moving forward. There is gratitude, steadfastness and dispensation. ”

M: “lights in the sky. It’s a song that gave us confidence.”

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