The festival that will play jazz

The festival that will play jazz
The festival that will play jazz

Tahiti, September 27, 2022 – The second edition of the Tahiti Soul Jazz Festival will take place from Thursday, September 29 to Saturday, 1Verse October at the Intercontinental Hotel Tahiti. Three days to the rhythms of New Orleans thanks to guest artists, but also marked for environmental responsibility. The festival is also an occasion for many cultural encounters, between Polynesian and New Orleans artists, but also with the public and college students.

After a successful first edition in 2019, the Tahiti Soul Jazz Festival returns for a second edition, starting Thursday. Until Saturday, several guest artists will take their places on stage at the InterContinental Tahiti. This year, the festival’s artistic director, French-American singer China Moses, chose to honor New Orleans. a “Evidence”, As she said, for the city is the birthplace of jazz and there, as in fenua, music is omnipresent, “Everyone plays a musical instrument.”

Tahiti also maintains a strong connection to jazz culture. “The last jazz club in the ’80s was called New Orleans.”, says festival organizer Fred Dupuy of 2DZ Productions. “All the musicians in Tahiti, in the early 1960s, were playing jazz. There are also many of them who went to play in the United States. To reconnect with this jazz tradition, we will find on stage, for three days, the New Orleans Jazz Orchestra (NOJO), which will celebrate its 20th anniversary in Tahiti and has become the standard for big bands. He will perform as part of three groups: NOJO Brass, NOJO Seven and NOJO Soul. There will also be singer-songwriter Gabriel Cavasa,”A rising jazz star in the United States Which notably won in 2021 the Sarah Vaughan International Jazz Competition, or soul, funk and R&B artist Erica Falls, who was the singer of the Galactic group before pursuing her solo career. Many Polynesian artists will also attend. Michel Boroy will open the festival with guitarists Silvio Cicero and Matitai Tetouanui. He will pay homage to his friend Daniel Benoit, who died in 2021 and with whom he began his career in the 1970s. On Friday, Teiva will present LC, the Polynesian soul sound, soul repertoire, R&B and funk. And on Saturday, the festival will conclude with the great orchestra of the conservatory, which will honor, during the evening, Hans Fatouira, professor of percussion at the conservatory, who also passed away in 2021.”There will be an original composition composed by Fred Rossoni and highlighting things that only Hans knew how to do. We miss him! “, Moses says China.

Meet Festival

Tahiti Soul Jazz is not just a music festival but”Built on the values ​​of exchange and sharing. Among the artists on the one hand, but also with the audience and schoolchildren. During the closing evening, the Conservatory’s Big Band will share the stage with all the artists in attendance at the festival, but will also present creativity, the fruit of their work with the New Orleans Jazz Orchestra during their residency. Many master’s classes are also organized free of charge at the Artistic Conservatory of Polynesia. Audiences will be able to explore the theme of sound in jazz with singer Gabriel Cavasa, on Wednesdays from 3pm to 4:15pm, and on Thursdays from 4:30pm NOJO drummer and art director Adonis Rose. Finally, on Wednesday morning, the musicians of the brass band NOJO will meet with students of music lessons at Maco-Tevane College.

Another core value of the festival: environmental responsibility. So the festival aims to be virtuous with special attention given to recycling through zero waste, and a catering service that serves dishes from local produce, in short circuit. On Friday and Saturday, more than 40 environmental players (associations, institutions and individuals) will participate in the Environment Village, which is organized in the Coconut Grove of the Intercontinental.

China Moses, Artistic Director of Tahiti Soul Jazz Festival: ‘He came to me as a guide’

China Muse with Adonis Rose from NOJO.
China Muse with Adonis Rose from NOJO.

China Muse with Adonis Rose from NOJO.

Do you have a special connection to New Orleans?
“New Orleans is the city my mother decided to live in six or seven years ago. It’s the birthplace of jazz. It’s the first city where black slaves were allowed to play their instruments. Historically, to me as a black American, that’s a lot. And it’s a magical place in the United States, It’s a really unique city and culture. I fell in love with their culture and the welcome and the musical diversity there. When we started working on the second edition of the festival, it was clear to me, because New Orleans is also a very resilient city. There are people who have lost everything in Hurricane Katrina. They have A very strong history with nature and I know there is also a very strong connection to nature here. Music is everywhere here: everyone sings and it’s the same in New Orleans. So for me it’s only natural that I make the connection between these two cultures and I hope that one day we will succeed in Pairing Tahiti with New Orleans.”

As an art director, is it important to bring in unknown artists necessarily into the fenua?
“It is very important for me to bring in artists who are not known by name. One thing that frustrates me at international festivals is that we often see the same names, when we know very well that there are many artists with the same amount of talent as these big names, sometimes even more. And I don’t want this festival to be built on the names of the stars only. I think this festival should be built on the foundation of the eco-village and the fact that the music is high quality. The music is in our blood, so that talent and that love for me must sublimate. That’s what makes the festival really good. “.

Adonis Rose, artistic director of the New Orleans Jazz Orchestra: “Music is universal. We don’t need words to communicate”

When you were offered to come and play in Tahiti with NOJO, did you not hesitate?
“Impossible. I was excited about the opportunity to export New Orleans music and culture to Tahiti. I’m China Muse in whatever she wants to do! When she told me about the festival, she shared with me what she wanted to achieve here, a cross-cultural project between the conservatory and Polynesian culture with artists Locals and New Orleans culture. She thought it was a great idea. She gave me an appointment and immediately put it on my calendar. That was two years ago!”

You walk around a lot but the general public don’t necessarily know you. Is it a challenge?
“No, I don’t think so, because music is universal. No matter where we go, we can play in front of people who have never heard of us or who don’t speak the same language, but that’s why music is brought around the world. It’s global, I don’t need to Words to connect with people.

The festival offers many meetings with local musicians during master classes at the conservatory or in schools. How do you deal with this?
“I love to teach. I love to engage with local communities and love to share my culture and what we do musically. I am always ready to work with young people, especially when it comes to helping people understand music. It is an exchange so we want to come and learn things and give something too.”

Environment Village

The festival that will play jazz
The festival that will play jazz

Environmental responsibility in the DNA of Tahiti Soul Jazz Festival. Unclear events in Tahiti, admits Fred Dupuis, organizer of the festival. “BA-ba should lead by example, which is why we wanted to make a true environmentally responsible festival.” With this in mind, several measures will be implemented to help improve behavior, including the installation of recyclable cutlery, returnable and reusable cups or even a catering service with local, seasonal and circular products. After the first edition, the festival also received the Golden Tortoise 2019 award in the “Public Events” category for its environmental approach and performance in terms of screening.
The festival also aims to highlight local actors who engage in an environmentally responsible approach. The Eco Village, which will open its doors to the public on Friday from 2 pm to 7 pm and Saturday from 9 am to 1 pm and from 4 pm to 7 pm, will receive more than 40 participants (associations, institutions and private companies) environmental actors . The audience will be able to discover their different projects. There will also be cooking and reef-cutting workshops, as well as produce tastings and a food truck featuring plant-based and local produce. Finally, a philosophical cafe will be organized. During three round tables, organizations will be invited to discuss association topics such as happy sobriety or how to work together.

the program

Thursday, September 29, 6 p.m.
– Michel Poroi Trio (Tahiti) with Silvio Cicero and Mataitai Tetuanui
– Gabriel Cavasa Quartet (New Orleans)

Friday, September 30, 6 p.m.
– Teva LC (Tahiti)
Nojo Brass Band (New Orleans)
Erica Falls (New Orleans)

Saturday 1Verse October
– Nojo Seven (New Orleans)
– Big Band (Tahiti) and guests

On the way to the Intercontinental Hotel Tahiti. Prices per night: 3,500 XPF (shot 3), 5,000 XPF (shot 2) and 7000 XPF (shot 1); Three-day pass: 9,000 XPF (screenshot 3), 12,000 XPF (shot 2) and 18,000 XPF (screen 1). Tickets are on sale in the iStore, Smart Store and online at

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