“The key to style is the easy side, and you can’t learn that”

While offering herself, in her 30 years of fashion, a second boutique in the city that never sleeps, the Parisian designer guides us, exclusively, in Manhattan. With her usual candor, she gives us her vision of style and headlines.

“This is madness !” In her hand a cup of coffee, Isabel Marant is wandering the Soho area, before hitting the broad avenues of upper Manhattan, and she can’t believe it. She has just opened a second address in New York, on ultra-chic Madison Avenue, near Central Park, in a neighborhood dedicated to major international brands – what has become her home after nearly thirty years of existence. Code. A new step that confirms three decades of success. “I still have the impression that from the very beginning I am Isabel Marant, the 18-year-old who makes clothes in her room…,” she says to us, with a chuckle.

With her silver hair gathered in a loose bun on top of her head, her leather pants in a gray suit jacket and her generous banter, Isabel Marant hasn’t changed—except for one small detail: Big, dark-framed 1970s glasses obscure her look (at 55, she’s presbyopia). Twelve years ago, most Parisian designers opened their first address in Manhattan, offering local fashionistas the best fashion rules, between the influences of bohemian rock and boyish erotica. A full box, of course.
She has been dealing, from its beginnings, with a paradox that constantly wonders: the contradiction between her environmental conscience and her creation in an industry where the frenzy of consumption is dominant. The best compliment you can give her? Tell him you’re still wearing the Marant jacket you bought twenty years ago. Because “sobriety” buzzword Back in school, Isabelle did not wait for the energy crisis to start, she spends her weekends with her family (her companion is designer Jerome Dreyfus) in her ultra-cool cabin in the forest of Fontainebleau, 60 kilometers north-south of Paris. An interview with an outspoken unique designer.

In the video, Isabel Marant takes us into the sweltering summer heat with her Parisian fashion show

Miss Figaro. – You just opened your second store in New York, what does this city represent to you?
Funny Isabel. – It’s a city I love… and I hate it too! The energy they emit is electrified. One of my favorite neighborhoods is still SoHo, for it percussion instrument Arty, this is where I opened my first store, in 2010. What do I hate? Go to a restaurant there, the air conditioning is always working at full power. One day I asked to take her down… they preferred to bring a blanket!

Fashion is not eco-friendly and probably never will be

Funny Isabel

How does Marant’s style, essentially Parisian, blend with that of a New Yorker?
The real magic comes from imperfection. The key to style is the side without effort, It cannot be learned. American girls tend to dress super, when the French girl has a casual allure, a kind of controlled indifference. But street looks in New York are crazy, they express a form of creative freedom.

In almost thirty years, it has gone from a very Parisian brand to a global brand. How do we adapt?
What I have always loved about fashion is the craft aspect, what humans can produce with their own hands. The industrial side of the brand, with similar stores repeating all over the world, I don’t care. I’m lucky to be protected, I’m in my little cocoon, and I don’t feel the “colored” side that the brand has become. Hence our values ​​remain the same, deeply rooted. When you get to the office, it doesn’t feel like you’re working for a multinational… I work with the same small team, my right hand Kim Baker has been working with me for fourteen years. Isabel Marant, it’s not just me, it’s us. We don’t do anything alone. Of course, I don’t know everyone in my box, there are even situations I don’t understand!

Coffee break at A Dinner For Isabel Marant: You love the energy that comes alive in New York, like it is in Times Square. Eva Skylarides

What is fashion in your opinion?
Fashion is sociology. You have to stay alert, in keeping with the times, be attentive to the world around you, understand expectations, and adjust your fashion. What I care about is to dress people in everyday life, with clothes that are personalized and stand the test of time. I have a practical approach. I test all the pieces I create on myself, because I address a woman or a man who, like me, has a job, children, life. Fashion is often an inventory of our age… and it also shows where our age should go. It’s a bit like music, which has always inspired me. Music is an introduction, in terms of style and changes in society.

Fashion is often an inventory of our times… and it also shows where our times should go.

Funny Isabel

You often speak of the paradox of the fashion industry when we advocate more responsible consumption…
Regarding the environment and consumption, my position is a bit difficult, that’s right. I gave birth to a giant beyond my limits… Meanwhile, we make beautiful things, 450 people work with me, in France alone. I’m straight in my shoes, honest and consistent. But when people ask me, “Can we make eco-fashion?” The answer is clear: fashion is not ecological and probably never will be. It is better to buy a little and a good, than to accumulate to fill the void … When I was young, I bought myself a Comme des Garçons dress and a jacket by Martin Margiela, worth 3000 francs, a fortune! But these pieces, I still have, years later. At the time, I also bought second-hand clothes at flea markets, which I enjoyed creating a look with. And this is what many young people do today, who refuse to over-consume. It is also for this reason that we have launched a used platform on our website.

Specifically, how do you keep in touch with this young man?
The difficulty, in a world where everything is changing and going faster and faster, is to stay the way we are, with the cursor pressed… I can be obsessed with age… Besides, from time to time, I feel so limited! But I am fortunate to have a son who is 19 years old. I think I’m young in my head except when I see myself in the mirror…

It is located on Madison Street, New Main the creator. Eva Skylarides

How do you feel at this time?
We live in a certain period: between meltdown and hope… If I were 20 years old today, I would definitely be on the streets demonstrating. I’m part of the “Don’t Touch My Friend” generation, who made it louder and louder. I find that today there is some kind of general anesthesia, and this bothers me. During the lockdown, I’ve found it fascinating that people feel the need to reconnect with nature to such an extent. I really thought it would give impetus to live differently… I, I was in my cabin, 15 meters away2 Without water or electricity. Cooking, fishing…Finally, I don’t work to survive either, I don’t want to live in self-sufficiency. I am a social animal. I aspire to live in a community more than to live alone in the woods, with my own fire stone! Happiness is in sharing, exchange, friendship, very simple things that don’t cost money. I think our detachment from these values ​​makes us do crazy things and makes us unhappy. It is also for this reason that, together with my little brother, I created a foundation through which we try to contribute to the protection of the first peoples of the world, in North America, in Norway, in the Amazon, in Africa … living connected to nature. We have a lot to learn from them. Their wisdom should not disappear.

Happiness is in sharing, exchange, friendship, very simple things that don’t cost money

Funny Isabel

Does gender fluidity inspire you?
I am very comfortable with this idea, I have always liked girls like boys and boys like girls. In addition, I have a common wardrobe with Jérôme, we exchange everything. I love the sexy of androgyny, the femininity that hides, is tamed, does not present itself at first glance. For me, seduction is neither direct nor vulgar. I’ve always been comfortable in the company of guys, surrounded by a group of friends…but I change as I get older. I find a form of complicity with women that I did not have before. As we age, we become less in some form of competition.

Retirement, are you thinking about it?
enormously. I am ready ! I train my team for delivery. Besides, I already consider myself almost like a retiree; You have to call a spade…a spade…recently, I’ve loosened up, and it has helped me a lot. Before, I was control freak, I choose right down to the thread for the buttons… The life of a designer is similar to that of a great athlete, this rhythm, this perpetual madness, you have to know how to free yourself from it at some point and deliver it. I always said I would never be in fashion my whole life. I might get a little bored, but I could fully invest myself in a new passion: porcelain. I devote every Monday to this activity. I rediscover that flair for craftsmanship and craftsmanship that I love so much in fashion. Make useful and beautiful things … if possible. Maybe I’ll take trips by kayaking or on donkeys, it’s more ecological…otherwise, I’ll create a kibbutz for the elderly, who knows, a great nursing home! (Laugh.)

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