The new conductor of the orchestra, Pavel Balif, will perform at the Opera de Limoges on October 14

“Something has to be done for this child. He sings all the time, morning, noon, all the time! Such thinking was decisive in the fate of Pavel Balev. That was a kindergarten teacher in Cherrapan, a small provincial town he was born and raised in Bulgaria.

His grandmother, one of his good fairies

The teacher was talking to his grandmother who took care of him and took him from school. This made her enroll little Pavel at the conservatory at the age of four.

Regretted it later. Pavel Palev likes to tell it with a laugh. She often lamented: “To say that I made a musician of Pavel! To say that it was because of me that he is not there again!” She thus spoke about the international career of her grandson. When asked what she thought of the matter, she replied, “I would like him to come back to us. I am proud but I would like him to come back…”

Musical parents? She wasn’t my mother, but my father was. He knew folk melodies from Bulgarian folklore. A few days before his last death, he told me that he knows more than three hundred songs from this reference. He sang them at family celebrations. »

Singing or whining?

However, to enter the conservatory at the age of four at the request of his grandmother, one of the teachers auditioned for him. He made a note at the piano, which the child had to reproduce. Instead, grumble. The professor repeated, surprised, and began to think that he was wasting his time. The child roared again …

Suddenly the teacher understood! The rating was very low. A four-year-old cannot have the vocal cords to reproduce them. Play “do” more convenient. The child reproduced the sound and entered the conservatory.

The art of exhilarating storytelling

Pavel Balev adores these stories, which he tells happily, according to his way of life. Smiles and laughter come easily to him. His eye glimmers. He is clearly an open man.

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He likes another tale. After his initial training at the conservatory in his hometown, he was accepted into a boarding school in a secondary school in Stara Zagora, specializing in music. We work really hard there, piano, orchestra, music theory, choir, everything that comes from serious musical training, not to mention rigor.

Two other fairies: a music theory teacher and his sister

One day, his music theory teacher and his sister talked to each other. They say: “Pavel has everything to become a great leader.” The teenager was not supposed to hear this sentence which would also be crucial to him.

Already a highly trained musician, it didn’t take the young man much to learn orchestral conductance as a self-procedure. He works on degrees and music theory, on his own, in this sense. “So, while I was still a student in high school, I conducted my first orchestra at age 18, and then the second with choir and orchestra,” he laughed at the memory.

Rigorous and even intense training

Soon the brilliant young man was accepted into Sofia Academy, the Bulgarian capital, to pursue a higher five-year musical course. The level is very high. To enter, students take an exam that lasts…forty days! “We were forced to listen to music for twenty seconds. We had to get acquainted with the work and its author and be able to talk about it. So for forty days … ”, he recalls, laughing today at the amazing subtlety of the selection.

“At the Academy in Sofia, I had another opportunity. It had an orchestra of forty professional musicians with whom the students worked. Young Pavel’s talent as a chef was soon discovered. He would give at least thirty concerts with this orchestra of professional musicians.” I managed to manage All directories are with them. I benefited from their expertise and gained experience. It was a great training! »

Brilliance does not preclude simplicity

Results in. After a month at the Weimar Academy in Germany where he left to continue his training at the age of 25, Pavel Balev received his first major international award for conducting rehearsals. The distinctions will multiply: the Karl Maria Werber Grand Prix in Munich, the Herbert van Karajan Foundation Prize, the Bad Homburg Conductor Prize… The cheerful mood, simple and generous style of this musician should not obscure his brilliance. It is worthwhile to have directed orchestras on all the great stages of Europe, even becoming the musical director of the Philharmonic in Baden-Baden in Germany.

Mozart, the greatest of all time

What is his idea of ​​management? “Sound is a substance that should create an atmosphere and express feelings and emotions. I have to share the way I see working with the musicians and the audience.”
Faust, a challenge

Favorite composer? “Mozart!”, he shouts loudly. But also Haydn and Beethoven. These are the basics where all the music is. Moreover, in Limoges, you will present programs about these composers.

Pavel Balev has already conducted the Orchestra of the Opera de Limoges. He is very sensitive, highly motivated, very cooperative, and inquisitive. I feel the musicians want to work with me and I thank them for that. his project with them? Expand their repertoire. He begins with his first symphony in Limoges (see below).

Love France and its culture

But where does his excellent French come from? “During my career, I sometimes directed orchestras in France. I knew the basics of French that allowed me to work with them. But I wanted to deepen my French with a teacher. The language also tells us about music. Today, I am very happy to work in France. I love free spirit For its culture that characterizes its culture and music.”

Moreover, this year, he will direct Faust by Gounod. “With Pélléas and Mélisandre, Faust is a great ‘French opera’. So getting it out here in Limoges, France, is a wonderful challenge for me.”

will drive

Friday 14 October. create the world, His first symphony was at the Opera de Limoges. He chose a program in his image, created to share the joy of life with the works of Petrov, Imbert and Schumann

8 pm, 30 am, 24 EUR – Meeting at 6 pm before the concert in the lobby of the Opera House.

March 15, 16 and 19.Faust By Junod, a new production of the opera, directed by Claude Promachon.

Among other things. The full opera program: here

candid organic

December 15, 1970. Born in Shraban, Bulgaria

1974 Entrance to the Conservatory

1995 Weimar Academy, Germany, winning its first major prize

2007 Direction of the Baden-Baden Philharmonic Orchestra in Germany

2022 Principal conductor of the Limoges Opera

Muriel Mingau

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