This weekend in Paris … from 11 to 13 November

A three day weekend is looming… We’ve handpicked some not-to-be-missed events, enough to fill these next few hours with culture and happiness!

Friday 11 November

Gathered for a photo weekend at the Grand Palais Éphémère

On the twenty-fifth anniversary of its founding, Paris photography They will meet in The Great Palace is ephemeral And online more than 181 reputable galleries and publishers from around the world offer collectors and art lovers a complete panorama of photography. A unique opportunity to meet the greatest artists, to acquire historical and contemporary works as well as rare and limited editions and to deepen their knowledge of the medium through outstanding conferences and tours. From 10 to 13 November.

Stay in the world of photography and travel to Ireland with Martin Parr at Irish Cultural Center

Martin Bar Photographed Ireland between 1979 and 2019; He even settled there in the early 1980s, and during his many visits to the island the famous British photographer was able to capture a picture of a country in the throes of change, particularly marked by Americanization, the Celtic tiger or the shadow of Brexit. Martin Parr takes a sweetly tender or mischievous look at Ireland and its inhabitants, their lifestyles and passions. More than ever, it affirms its status as the “reality of our time”. Opens Thursday, November 10 from 6:30 pm to 9 pm – free entry

Portrait: Katja Eliner

in the theater ? direction Lucerner for Silent world screams!And the Directed by Pierre Francois Martin Laval

The inhabitants of the oceans are tired of silence. They organize a stand to come and talk to humans. From tiny plankton to the majestic whale, they explain to us how the oceans work: photosynthesis, the importance of coral reefs, symbiosis, the history of the oceans … but also the overexploitation of marine resources by humans, the dangers of pollution and intense fishing, with maximum humor and tenderness. Their conclusion is that if it is a fact that we are losing the oceans, it is also a fact that we can save them. A display of learning, understanding, laughter and wonder.

Saturday 12 November

Street art lovers? The Fluctuart . Library Artist receives Seth for a signing session on his first book and on the occasion of his exhibition carbon traces

facing walls Relives ten years of travels and creativity, commented and explained by the artist. From Donbass at war to Shanghai’s devastated neighborhoods, from Palestinian refugee camps, to Haiti’s schools, children have painted them Seth Sail around the world. Mysterious and anonymous, they chronicle the transformations that are shaking our planet. Preferring poetry over message, Seth dialogues with context. The special care he gives to his photos makes us travel away from the sights and sunsets on Instagram. Beneath their apparent kindness, her children transport us into an introspective world that shines a light on her surroundings. A sensitive reading of the world where imagination becomes a cure for all ills. 2, Gros Cayo Paris VII port at 4 pm.

Not far from there, the Maison de la Culture du Japon welcomes you to Paris for the opening of its new exhibition, Japanese Animals – Living with Animals in Edo-Tokyo

This new exhibition for MCJP It evokes the history of the inhabitants of Edo – which would become Tokyo in 1868 – with animals and bears witness to the culture that this symbiosis generated. Organized jointly with the Edo-Tokyo Museum, it brings together over a hundred prints, paintings, and everyday objects. Along the way, the public will be able to understand this symbiosis of man and animal, as well as take an interest in the natural environment that prevailed in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries in Edo.

Don’t miss the retrospective dedicated to the actress Heidi Lamar suggest it Cinematheque

It is the story of a woman with a character too complex for the smooth surface of an icon; A star has such a cinematic presence that his roles struggle to fit in with his life; Exiled Judaism, confined to “alien” personalities; for a brilliant inventor, so sublime that her appearance mutes conversations, starting with her appearance; from “The Most Beautiful Woman in the World,” brimming with a face mask that Hollywood keeps from ripping him off; For a diverse individual, his film history has been slow to notice all aspects.
On this occasion, come and attend the screening of the film body demon (The strange woman) Directed by Edgar J. Olmer, released in 1945. The show is at 5:45 pm.

Opera like you’ve never seen it before! In Bobino you will have the opportunity to discover it tea Locos Opera

Five eccentric opera singers get together for a concert. Begins a unique show carried by these five vocalists whose voices defy the gods through an astonishing sequence of the most famous opera melodies (magic flute by Mozart, Carmen by Bizet, Hoffmann tales Offenbach, Neesun Dorma / Turandot by Puccini…), spiced with some borrowings from Pop.
In an hour and 15 minutes, these five characters, as crazy as they are lovable, will respond to each other, connect with each other and settle scores using only the greatest tones of lyrical art!

Sunday 13 November

The Tokyo Palace He invites the curious to discover his latest exhibition, Scheherazade at night

The Tokyo Palace In Paris he invites lovers of contemporary art to discover an artistic vision of tales arabian nights. exhibition Scheherazade at night Bringing together the works of six artists, their stories, as realistic as they are, encourage us to consider the plurality of viewpoints in the face of the omnipotence of rational thought and knowledge of Western modernity. Viewing history as a construction site, constantly pillaged and reinvented, artists in the political dimension oppose the forces of imagination over fantasies of power.

Pedro Neves Marques, YWY, The Search for a Character Between East and West, 2021 © Pedro Neves Marques

In the cinema ? Armageddon Time Written and directed by James Gray, one of the best films of the year

A deeply personal story about the coming of age of a Queens boy in the ’80s, the strength of a family, and the intergenerational pursuit of the American Dream…

With Anne Hathaway, Jeremy Strong, Banks Repetta, Jaylene Webb and Anthony Hopkins

It’s Sunday evening, the weekend is over… You better laugh about it!

Absolutely hilarious, great display of humor Returning and settling down this winter at the Grande Happy Comédie. Created in 2018 in Paris, it quickly became the capital’s must-see artist platform! A show where characters meet, stand up, black humor and even magic. Every Sunday at 8 pm great comedy It therefore welcomes the best that is currently being done on the Parisian comedy scene. A different evening in each edition, always with new software.

To accompany this weekend in music …

with ever green And the Eduno, The second song from their EP Exit at…

Between Paris and London, Evergreen improves on her albums and a handful of EPs that are sad, bilingual pop music, famous for their poetic lyrics and the freshness of their arrangements. After the release of EP sign inThe French duo formed by Fabien Debar and Michael Lyot are now concluding their human relations duo in the digital age with Exitto be released on January 18, 2023. A breakaway mini-album that draws on nostalgia for the beginnings of the Internet and sparks musical trends of the current era.

after the first single At least I triedAnd the Released October 5, Idono He deals with the pain of not knowing what you want or need – the reluctance that contemporary screen addiction and consumerism accentuate. Light track all in caressed and coiled chords, somehow summarizing the whole part (EP) with this sentence: “I’m totally upside down, and I’m going to have to sign out” (“I’m upside down, I’m going to have to disconnect”).

Want to escape next weekend? Jump on the train to Montpellier for the sixth edition of the exhibition Art Montpellier

From November 17-20, the Mediterranean Contemporary Art Fair returns! Art Montpellier It continues to grow with more than 70 national and international galleries that will present their selections of French and foreign artists, especially Italians, Spanish, Greeks, North Africans… illustrating the richness of contemporary creativity from the Mediterranean basin.

Artist Rezo wishes you a happy weekend!

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