To be an icon of Burkina Faso’s music beyond borders, the Elie priesthood!

In civil status, Lionel Tankuno, artist and singer under the pseudonym “Elti”, was influenced by music from an early age with musical styles including Zouk from his mother and Rumba from his father, a big fan of Kofi Olomide. In this atmosphere, the ambition to integrate the musical field seemed obvious to the artist. Like all young people of his generation, he took his first steps with rapping in high school with a group calledTributes “. Thus, he decided to embark on a solo career since 2018, with the song “Dernière danse”. It is part of the Afro-pop and RnB music style. The open-hearted artist relives the history of his career; Doudouni hit with Rose bonbon, Burkina Faso’s most Tik-Tokée song of the year. As well as his new composition entitled “Only One Man” and his future aspirations for Burkina Faso music…

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Burkina 24: How was the collaboration with Rose Bonbon on the song “Doudouuni”?

Eli: We met in the studio but at first, I didn’t have a TikTok account and I didn’t really know her, because in the studio I found out that she has a great voice, she poses on the song, a certain chemistry is installed and at the end of the recording I learned on the networks that she is popular. All I remember was a great collaboration.

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Burkina 24: And what did this collaboration bring to your career?

Eli: It gave me a bad reputation. The day when I go out it doesn’t go unnoticed and I think every artist needs it, no matter what talent, nowadays the musical universe forces you to be known if you really want to make your art live. Since then my career has been going well and hopefully it will take off.

Burkina 24: Can you tell us more about the latest release of the EP (editor’s note: extended play)?

Eli: We released it on August 09, 2022, consisting of four titles including Round one, baby wa, we have bread And the a Just man, which is the title of the album that my band and I enjoyed making. For the EP, we didn’t want to release a single song, but rather a group of songs that we were going to use as we went on.

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That’s why we won’t find the other titles of the project on YouTube and other current platforms, but music fans who actually bought them will get the franchise. At a later time we intend to publish it on various listening platforms.

Burkina 24: What are the topics covered by the European Parliament?

Eli: Love (laughs), in this project I still put a lot of effort because I approached it in different ways. In addition to the title We had bread “She talks about love, but in a more comedic way. Over time you will listen to titles and will love them.

Burkina Faso 24: Hey Rounder calls the Cheezy nickname, so are we tempted to talk about plagiarism?

Eli: For people who have listened to the two songs, it’s not about the same tempo, nor the same lyrics.

Burkina 24: But I may have inspired you…

Eli: Not at all, because I’ve never heard of it. At the press conference dedicated to the release of my work, a journalist told me, I saw the poster of his song, in addition to our exchange on WhatsApp. But after the mentioned lecture, I went to YouTube to listen to his masterpiece and confirm that it does not look like ” Oh circular.

Burkina 24: Is there any cooperation on the horizon?

Eli: Yes, there are quite a few collaborations already registered and others in the pipeline. We hope this will delight all our fans.

Burkina 24: How did the relationship with your production company NF develop?

Eli: Originally, I was primarily a songwriter for artists, and I previously said that I started my career in 2018, but from 2020 until the release of the song “Doudouuni”, I had a break.

In fact, I have written scripts for other artists, thus working with Tania, Lady Shane (Editor’s note: Winner of The Voice Afrique francophone 2021); Young Cred on the soundtrack to the recently released “Ya Poy” with Kayawoto; For this reason, the NF production structure approached me to work on the Lady Shine album, a new location in their stable.

And when we started her album, she had to go to France to join her husband, so the album was on standby. This is where I participated in a contest called Nescafé world song where I didn’t make it to the final until my chief production officer called me.

Burkina 24: What are the prospects for production?

Eli: We really want to do things differently, to make songs that will attract and sell nationally and internationally.

Burkina 24: What distinguishes Elie from other artists?

Eli: My personal touch is Elty. You won’t be able to listen to me and find an analogy. I knew how to make a clever mix of music that rocked my childhood and that I listen to daily.

Burkina 24: Have you ever had concerts or show cases?

Eli: My first gig in 2018 (laughs), I’ll explain why I laughed. I released the last dance on December 8, along with this composition, I had a lot of songs, about 5 or 6 with only instruments but they were not recorded in the studio.

I have a friend who was my manager at the time, he tells me, ” Let’s organize a concert, people will talk about you, ” Surprised, I replied, “A musical party ? » In turn, he answered me in the affirmative. It comes from Toile, one of the districts of Compsery. He reassured me that as soon as we reach his village and inform the residents of this party, it will be complete.

So we decided to make posters, tickets sell for 500 CFA francs, the price. Finally, it was nice to hold, 150 people participated. We must say to prepare for this party that everything went very quickly, somewhat impromptu by the playing of all my voices; The party was half an hour long.

After subtracting all the expenses we incurred, we got 250 francs as a profit (laughs); Not forgetting the place where we spent the night at five on a small rug. Even if I do concerts at CENASA or the gym, I will always remember them!

Burkina 24: What has distinguished you the most at this point in your career?

Eli: There are a lot of things. When you’re an artist and you start your career, you even negotiate to go somewhere, and you’re told no, you’re going up, don’t worry. Because those who organize events often get caught up in time.

He interrupts the first parts of newcomers to music. At some point, they make celebrities perform. It is one of the vagaries of leisure, for my part I do not see it as one or difficulties, it is natural; A child cannot be born and then walk suddenly.

Burkina 24: Talking about difficulties She is yours?

Eli: There are no difficulties, only stages. I consider difficulties an anomaly when they contribute to musical ascendancy.

Burkina 24: What is your collaboration with other Burkina Faso artists of your generation?

Eli: I know some of them like Tanya. Barrack de Bobo with whom she collaborated on “Coeur d’or”; Elif Nappa, Shizzi, Faden, etc. are very open minded.

Burkina 24: How do you read the evolution of Burkina Faso’s music?

Eli: The development is positive, we have managed to have an internal market, that is, if you make a successful sound, the week after your presentation everywhere; It wasn’t like that when we went back five years. Today every weekend there are always events like festivals. We managed to make an internal development, and it remains to export these musical products.

Floby organized a concert at the Palace of Culture in Abidjan (Côte d’Ivoire), which was crowded. This should inspire more than one. Artists from the sub-region like “Sidiki Diabaté, Kiff No Beat” fill the rooms in Burkina Faso, and it would be nice if we did too.

Who are the Burkina Faso artists you would like to collaborate with?

Eli: Floppy and Yoni, I still don’t know if he sings but in my childhood I listened to him a lot.

Burkina 24: And at the international level?

Eli: Fally Ipupa, an artist who combines his principles at the family level with the musical level. He doesn’t rub his shoulders with the media hype, and I really appreciate that.

Burkina 24: What are your future projects in music?

Elty: To work to be in the top three and to be an icon of Burkina Faso music outside the borders of Burkina Faso.

Burkina 24: What’s your last word?

Eli: Sure, when it’s not good, you criticize the artists positively and negatively, but when it is good, support them, as well as the culture of Burkina Faso.

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