To celebrate his centenary, Raymond DeVos awaits you at his home in Saint-Rémy-les-Chevreuse

Jacqueline Frango, a major figure in the artistic community, president of the Ramatuelle Festival, is first and foremost a lover of true artists, those who “survive” the passage of the reaper. Such is the case of Raymond DeVos, who appears more alive in his centenary than ever before. Just go to his property in Saint-Rémy-les-Chevreuse (Evelyn), which became the home of illustrious people, bequeathed by its famous owner to the city.

The clown-faced comedian is ubiquitous with his fun, musical, and inspiring world, as Jacqueline Franjo likes to say. Founder and Director of the Raymond DeVos Foundation, assures us of visiting her memories in connection with a stunningly contemporary comic poet.

Jacqueline Frango, “a great poet, magician, clown, extraordinary musician, who had a knowledge of the word and the art of working with it, moved by this absurd sense.” Photo by Micheline Pelletier

Cult of your drawing Raymond DeVos?
For me, it is first and foremost his home in Saint-Rémy-les-Chevreuse, it is his “last show”. A great poet, magician, clown, extraordinary musician, who had knowledge of the word and the art of playing it, moved by this absurd meaning. We find ourselves in his drawings, because they are subject to a very personal logic system, unlike anything else. Raymond personifies the whole music hall.

If we only keep one drawing?
stormy seabut also My dog ​​is someone. There is also the famous roundabout (pleasure of the senses) which reminds us just as much of his STO plight* as working the yellow jackets. Through his drawings, you can interpret a lot of things; That is why it is very objective.

Nothing seems to have changed since his departure. As if Raymond DeVos was going to show up at any moment!

“Through it passes before you a whole era. Among the discoveries are many musical instruments, his office, of course … It is not a museum, it is a house.”

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Saint-Rémy-lès-Chevreuse’s house was his den, and more…
It’s a long story: he’s lived there for over 50 years. I often say that Raymond does not belong to the town of Saint-Rémy-les-Chevreuse. It was he who decided to buy a house there. He was immediately seduced by the calmness of the place, as his garden flowed with the river below.

The comedian introduced his home to the city. This gesture reveals a very special character trait.
He gave nearly 50 years of his work to the city of Saint-Rémy. Acquired in 1961 with his wife Simon, this home is full of life, rich in an interactive alphabet that previews thousands of numerical snippets from his career. And then, above all, one has the impression that he exists; He welcomes you through photos and videos… Through him, a whole era passes before you. Among the finds, there are many musical instruments, his office, of course, … it is not a museum, it is a house.

Let’s not forget the famous attic!
This is where he worked on his drawings, surrounded by his toys, and his famous blue-colored costumes. We feel at home that it is the act of ‘rinsing’ the French language. Raymond brought every word to life to the end.

Your favorite thing?
Trumpet, banjo. Without forgetting all his texts.

For those who do not dare to take the initiative, what would you tell them to live the “Raymond DeVos Experience”?
Live this house where a brilliant man lives, because his presence is everywhere. Enter his world of magic words. We can discover which character Raymond was, a humble and reserved man. Suddenly we go home. We feel in this house his greed for life, for words. During his life, he gave life to this house. He played with words as with musical notes. Let’s join his dance!

“His drawings are not very old. Some of his texts are now in textbooks!”

Creation continues?
We will create a residence for artists. Everyone can inspire Raymond’s omnipresent spirit. It is very difficult to play his words. François Morel and Eric Antoine did it very well, as did Danny Boone and Michel Boujna, who are “Children of God”. His sketches are not old. Some of his texts are in textbooks!

What meeting with the poet will you remember?
It’s most likely and it happened at the outdoor Ramatuelle festival. Raymond was playing without light, on a full moon night. Suddenly, a moonlight aura landed on Raymond. He raises his head and says: “Good evening, Lady Moon.” When Alain Decaux introduced him to the Molière d’honneur, he recounted to him when the moon came to rest upon him at the Ramatuelle Festival…

What will he say today about our age?
I think he’s going to make sketches on social networks, and he’ll get hit on all the bad guys we hear here and there. Sometimes I say to myself: “Fortunately he doesn’t see that!”.

* Compulsory labor service.

Practice. Raymond DeVos House. 10 rue de Paris, in Saint-Rémy-lès-Chevreuse. Arrival at the RER station B. Contact : Telephone RER Station B.
Care. Although it is owned by the city, Raymond DeVos’ house is also operated by donations, whatever their value. “With this centenary, it’s an opportunity to appeal to favoritism, because public authorities can’t do everything. Every donation counts, it’s an important, tax-deductible gesture.”

attachments: Large paintings telling the story of Raymond Devos and his heirs, through text and images, flourished in the city, on the initiative of Michelin Pelletier Deco. The shots serve as illustrations for cult drawings such as My dog ​​is someoneAnd the I feel like someone is behind meAnd the stormy sea, … the chance to find the funny face of Raymond Devos or those “children of the music hall”, like Michel Bouguena or François Morel. A quiz is connected to it, allowing you to test your knowledge of the artist and win books about the unforgettable humorist, the prince of words, the king of a kingdom where sentences move you in all directions.
Raymond DeVos Award. Created during his lifetime, it rewards the author, highlighting the beauty of the French language. The award will be presented on Wednesday 9 November by the Minister of Culture Rima Abdelmalek, in the presence of distinguished guests, all members of the selection committee: Alex Lutz, Abdelmalek, Christelle Chollet, Pierre Palmade, Eric Antoine, Jacques Bessis, François Morel, Micheline Decaux, Jacques Roveroules , …

Wrote. reissuing funny thing (in color) by Raymond DeVos, Published in 1991. Thirty-Five Years of Text and Graphics. New Introduction by François Morel.
ideastexts by Raymond Devos, foreword by Michel Bougina. Raymond DeVosAnd the CV (look for back)Raymond DeVos’ first biography of Jack Pesese.
Box of three DVD discs.
Universal releases new set of three DVDs
which includes his 100 greatest sketches. Presented in the form of a deluxe Digipack; The 36-page brochure is lavishly decorated with many rare and previously unseen photographs, shedding new light on Raymond DeVos’ career.

Olivier Bohen

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