Top 10 royalty-free music resources for live streamers and YouTubers

Although creating content is hard work, the platform can transform the lives of YouTube creators like Logan Paul, who earned more than $18 million in one year from his videos. But before creators become a YouTuber or streaming Hall of Fame, creators have to worry about finding music that won’t jeopardize their hard work thanks to copyright restrictions, which in itself can take time, another hurdle for busy creators.

Fortunately, the internet is full of valuable resources and many of them are completely free. Offering a wide range of free or royalty-free music at reasonable prices, these sites are invaluable for streaming and YouTubers.


Chosic provides an easy way to navigate the site with a variety of royalty-free music to choose from. Organized by genres like “motivational, vlog, cinematic” and more, it’s a quick fix to the complexities of copyright laws.

This site offers tags, genres and a search bar, making it easy to find the right tracks for any type of content quickly and at the best price: for free! Under each track, users can find a text box with a quick copy button, making it easier for artists to get credit. A great all round experience for creators, Chosic is a royalty free music site to remember.


Epidemic Sound is an excellent choice for content creators in the market for royalty-free music of all kinds. A subscription to one of their customized plans, which varies in price depending on the user’s needs, provides access to an impressive royalty-free music library with out-of-the-box licensing options if a video goes viral.

From costume podcasters to the creators behind the best YouTube videos for learning costumes and beyond, Epidemic Sound claims to be curated with creators in mind. New users can try out the platform for free for the first 30 days, which will immerse them in the site’s extensive collection of tracks, which can be filtered by genre. Epidemic Sound is another excellent option for new or old YouTubers and creators with a free trial to grab.


Although CCmixter is more deceptive than some of the modern sites, the amount of free music is well worth the effort of the creators looking for tunes. Having curated a “global music community” of musicians who upload their music with creators in mind, this site is incredibly helpful in finding high quality music that is safe to use.

Under Creative Commons law, users are allowed to use any music on CCMixter for free as long as they credit the artists. The site facilitates this by listing all relevant artist information under each track. For large-scale content creators who make big bucks from their videos or streams, the site also offers commercial licensing, a one-stop shop for creators of any caliber.

audio library

The audio library offers a neat browsing experience on its website, which offers hundreds of audio tracks at no cost. The site allows users to browse their selection by genre, mood or artist, making it easy to find the perfect track with minimal effort and no cost.

Like other royalty-free music resources, Audio File Library asks users to copy themes when each track is downloaded, which is an easy way to give away the artists who submit music to the site. Each track can be downloaded from the site itself or users are given a link to download from the artist’s website, which is a great feature for those looking to support their favorite artists directly. Perfect for YouTubers and live stream creators, the audio library is a safe and free option.

sound cloud

YouTubers and streamers can use the best gaming headphones while browsing Soundcloud, a popular site for hosting and listening to music as well as finding royalty-free tracks. Backed by thousands of artists who have uploaded their work, it is a great choice for creators.

Soundcloud offers a secondary homepage for royalty-free music, whether for live streaming or vlogging. Freelance artists who upload their work to the site leave their credentials under each track, which simplifies licensing and accreditation. Although the number of free tracks is limited, Soundcloud is a quick and easy solution for creators.

Internet Archive

The Internet Archive is a lesser known gem and a great resource for streamers and YouTubers looking for their next tune. The site hosts over 150,000 audio tracks that anyone can download, only requires a free account and never for a fee, as the site is passionate about open source knowledge and media for everyone.

Although users cannot browse by genre, this site provides filters for language, date, topic, and artist. It is similar to other resources when it comes to licensing, as it requires users to endorse the artist by text in the video or broadcast description. The large number of free tracks offered by this site is well worth the extra time it may take to search the site.

purple planet

Purple Planet is by far the best looking resource, and one of the best sites for content creators looking for royalty-free tracks. While browsing their Galactic site, users can search for music by mood, which is an easy way to find an audio track that fits their project.

Purple Planet hosts a good collection of free music covering many genres. Users can quickly find support tracks worthy of a short film or the next best TV show like Welcome to Plathville. If their project becomes popular, Purple Planet also offers affordable commercial licenses, a win-win solution for creators.


Another highly curated royalty-free music resource, Bensound provides a diverse library of free and premium tracks for creators. Whether users are looking for cinematic soundtracks or corporate pop music, this site has something to offer.

Creators on a budget have fewer free tracks to choose from, but with a subscription-based pricing plan at just $12 per month for unlimited downloads, this site is an affordable option for everyone. For professionals, Bensound offers licensing options for large projects as part of their monthly plans. Whether users are looking for free or licensed tracks, Bensound is a safe option to consider.

Artist List

Artlist is a great site that offers high-quality, royalty-free music and licenses to creators of all kinds, from streaming players to the people behind the best YouTube channels to learn how to code. Although this premium site offers unlimited downloads behind a paywall, the quality is well worth it for serious content creators.

With over 22,000 songs and 27,000 sound effects, Artlist is a great resource to have on hand when preparing for your live streaming or video editing marathon. Advanced filtering options make it easy to sift through thousands of options, perfect for busy creators. One of the best and easiest-to-use resources for finding copyright-friendly music, Artlist is a safe bet for aspiring YouTubers and streaming creators.


Serious content creators should look no further than Filmstro, one of the most detailed royalty-free music resources available on the internet. Although this site only offers 5 free tracks, Filmstro is a great choice for YouTubers and streaming users who constantly need high-quality music.

Filmstro caters to creatives, offering detailed tags, genres, and metaphors that make finding tracks easier than ever. The site goes so far as to include the BPM of each search engine path and scrolling segments for momentum, depth, and power, generating accurate search results. An affordable professional plan and some freebies to help creators get started making Filmstro one of the best.

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