Toulouse. Girls Don’t Cry Festival: four days of celebration and eclecticism in Métronum

Girls Don’t Cry is back in a new installment. (© Girls Don’t Cry)

Led by La Petite Association, Girls Don’t Cry Festival Up for the second edition in metronomethe current music chamber of ToulouseIt is located in the Bordeaux region.

Four days of celebration in Métronum

On the program are four days of celebration(s), from November 24 to 27, 2022, and a host of events.

A true ode to celebration, a little place of warm favour Girls Don’t Cry Festival It is an opportunity to give free rein to all your desires, to be yourself without any restrictions and find your mates for the weekend, ”emphasize the organizers, who promise festival-goers “delightful concerts”, “dashing encounters”, “shows” or even “exhibitions”.

A decidedly eclectic festival where “the music is free, versatile, oscillates willingly between aesthetics and sounds, sometimes soaring, sometimes electric, always danceable, decidedly captivating”.

Multidisciplinary festival

The festival is intended cooperative, as it was built by La Petite teams and a group of volunteers. And participate in it Fighting gender and sexual violence Thanks in particular for implementing Strong hand deviceSo that everyone feels comfortable and safe there.

And to give you an idea of ​​the atmosphere, here is a summary of the first edition of the festival, which took place in 2021:

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Here are the artists scheduled for the Girls Don’t Cry festival in Toulouse.


The artist, based in Toulouse, is passionate about musical identities that break aesthetic boundaries without pressure. Between bass, hard dance, hip hop and jungle, not forgetting the great surroundings and trip hop culture, 130E0A cultivates side steps and keeps in mind two things essential to any festive music experience: Refined in the shadows, her productions fit perfectly with wild DJ sets, where unstructured rhythms and groovy bass resonate with the most idyllic universes, between dreaminess and light.”

Aisha Devi

“No one on the planet sounds like Ayesha Devi. Her voice is her strongest instrument in a repertoire that includes hard-hitting beats, seraphic and guttural chants, mystical linguistics and body sounds. Born in the Swiss Alps and with Nepali-Tibetan heritage, she has forged a transversal identity, led Her personal and creative process, which has made her an independent researcher. She has made her signature by disrupting pop culture.”


Anako is originally from Bilbao and is now based in Paris. DJ and resident of Radio Rinse France since 2018, she hosts a monthly program through which she expresses her diverse musical world. Strongly influenced by the club culture of the 90s (jungle, footwork, ghetto techno, UK garage , and reggaeton…), his style is also nourished by contemporary scenes, always being more creative in blending genres. Driven by a desire to sculpt unique atmospheres and moments, Anaco is known for her sets in which she plays with time, as with bodies and minds.”

Plastic original

Queer, DJ and Producer, Ugandan is a plastic original who breaks codes by delivering dark and fun music, while deftly merging different musical genres such as Kwaito, Gqom, acid and techno, all heavily influenced by the electronic rhythms of Northern Uganda.

Having debuted as a DJ at secret rave parties, she played for the first time at the famous Nyege Nyege festival in 2019. Priority is given to female and lesbian artists, who, as their name suggests, refuse to conform to the mold.”

Clara 3000

After 15 years behind the decks, Clara 3000 has become an elusive and show-stopping figure on the electronic scene. Combining enduring boom with authenticity, the Clara 3000’s sound is rooted in many soundscapes, real or imaginary. Mastering the art of code-breaking, its sets play with rules and genres. , and enriches itself with various artistic influences, post-dance, ghetto and experimentation. The only rule is that there is nothing.”

New happy tears

Berlin-based Zambian-Dutch DJ producer Happy New Tears produces electronic music to soothe her grieving feelings. His collections are an invitation to dissolve into a sonic realm filled with music that defies genre and emotion. It is affiliated with the parties and Dj No Shade training program for women and gender minorities.


Iku is a visual artist and musician based in Berlin. His vocal work carefully layers and weaves related samples into a tangle of emotionally charged sounds, creating a sensual web of methodical piano progressions, exotic insect sounds and horror movie soundtracks. She has released three EPs and has been featured on many platforms and labels including Creamcake (Berlin), AQNB (London/LA) and Amen (Vienna).


Born in 1988 in Paris, Imer6ia developed her practice in electronic music while at the same time pursuing her career as a visual artist in digital arts (3D and special effects). After several releases of titles noticed by independent labels, she developed her debut album, which she developed with the musician Canblaster and French label LaVibe. Fusing between futuristic pop, electronica, ambient music and techno, his music is oriented towards immersive and cinematic experiences”.


Brazilian-born producer and singer LYZZA has always kept the boundaries challenging—she’s carved out a place for herself on the nightlife scene since she was 16-years-old. After breaking through in 2017 with experimental bands on his debut EP, “Power Play,” The artist proved his vocal and lyrical prowess on his later songs Imposter and Defiance, which deal with personal matters. And longing with bite. Whether cruising the smoky world of club music or blasting out an intimate pop song, one thing’s for sure: LYZZA is a force to be reckoned with.”


“Driven by a desire to cut through the binary system, Trinity spins around 150 bpm to marry melancholy ecstasy and acidic roars, cavernous kicks and ethereal chants, majestic tinkling, and tainted bass. An eccentric artist, Trinity seeks to make the dance floor a place of healing, collective whipping” .


Eric Oliveira aka xd_Eric, 23 years old, born in São Paulo. Artist Eric has an endless passion for the arts. His passion for music started with the influence of his family. “I have uncles who are a DJ and I always thought he was cool.” His search in sound comes from ambient Latin rhythms, From Brazilian funk to Colombian neo-berio, including many other elements that set Latin America on fire. She is one of the founders of the Chernobyl collective in São Paulo.”

Jasmine stars

Jasmine de Estres, an experimental artist, welcomes you to her nocturnal world. Definitely linked to romance, her world oscillates between thorns and rose petals. She invites you to enter her music as two lovers will enter the woods under the bright midnight moon, to run through mysterious plants and get lost in it to the point of Excessive. Her research focuses on the intensity of desire as a liberating and enlightening force. Guided by the secret of intuition, she tries through her music to make the reasonable dominate and make the mind extinguish.”


Born in Ghana, raised in London, and now based in Berlin, Yazus is a DJ/Producer, with a strong flair for energetic dance music, full of bounce, and delivering different textures and beats. Inspired by the hardcore rave scene of the early 90s and other diverse sources such as gaming In the video, she has created a raw and avant-garde contemporary sound, blending rhythmic techno, gabber, ghettotech and many more.Since her arrival in Berlin, she has developed a groovy and rhythmic art style by joining underground queer parties Mala Junta, as the last resident”.

Practical information

Girls Don’t Cry Festival
November 24-27, in Metronum
The full program and ticket office are on the festival site

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