Unravel is preparing for its first album

Who is behind Unravel and where did the idea for the name come from?
Anthony – guitar: We are 3 in the origin of the project, Chris, Florian and Antoine.
The three of us belong to the pop rock band, Thales. When we wanted to publish our compositions, we preferred to create another group, for clarity and consistency, because the style of our creations was much darker and aggressive.
Unravel means “break up” in English. We chose this name because we separated the “compositions” project from the “repises” project, which took a very different direction.

Can you introduce us to your first album and its world?
Anthony – guitar: This album took a long time to see the light of day, and some tracks have already been around for over 7 years. Many changes in line, especially on drums, made us waste a lot of time. So the oldest songs have matured a lot, while other modern songs are newer, for example.
The universe is a mixture of all of us very diverse influences.
But the dominant tone remains sad, a dark side and an energy we try to keep muted.

How do you compose and what are your sources of inspiration?
Anthony – guitar: We are 3 composers, with all our feelings.
One of us suggests a song, riff, and an idea, and we work on the material together.
Chris is heavily influenced by our singers Radiohead, Moss, Archiv, Cigar Ross, Florian, Guitarist, Pianist, Classical and Pop with groups like Coldplay, The Beatles, and for my part I bring more of the metallic touch and take my inspiration from groups like Avenged Sevenfold, Alter Bridge, Gojira or Leprous.

What are your automated choices?
Anthony – guitar: We have classical base guitar/drums/electric guitar, as well as folk guitar. We find in some piano pieces and / or stringed section.

Tell us about the address king of line
Chris – vocals: It’s a title that was proposed a few years ago and has evolved a lot on its rhythmic dimension.
Radiohead’s highly oriented stock inspiration.
The first reading of the text is rather simple. It’s about the effect of cocaine on someone who takes it for the first time. But there is a second reading like most of our work.
Here, the race for performance is analogous to the concept of continuous competition in our modern societies, which leads to self-destruction and self-forgetfulness.

Would you like to tell us about the studio recordings?
Florian – bass and piano: To record the album in the studio, we chose to work with Jaff who is a sound engineer and producer.
He has been with us for several years now, but is above all a very experienced person, thanks in particular to his career with EMI in Los Angeles. We also wanted to collaborate with someone who could give us a relevant outside perspective on how to put technology to music. Without forgetting that we already knew that we would share the good times and create common synergies, it should not be neglected when we have to achieve goals hard while keeping in mind the constraints of time.
It was Jaffe who gave us the idea to record drums, bass and acoustic guitars at the Pisco studio in Tilly (78).
This studio is simply wonderful, a real museum! We spent three days in an exceptional place to be amazed at the quality, rarity and variety of equipment on site.
Listening to the first versions of the mix, we realized how much we heard the “room” in which the drums were recorded. This allows the mix to breathe and offer something fun to listen to. Anyway, that’s our opinion.
Looking back, it is a relief to see that we made the right choices by scoring under these conditions and with this team. Thanks again to Jaff and Loïc from Studio Besco!

Why are you crowdfunding?
Anthony – guitar: We wanted to give ourselves the means to get a result that lived up to our ambitions, so we had to invest the bare minimum in professional recording resources. On our KissKiss page you will find a graph detailing the various costs. It is impossible for us to fully cover these expenses without a little help from our community.

What do you want to bring to the audience with this first album?
Anthony – guitar: Personally, I would suggest a work that is accessible, but rich, original, familiar, effective, but full of nuances.
Modern mainstream music is sorely lacking in variety, and we have taken care to create tracks that are neither too complex nor too simple, so that the listener can find interest in them, without getting lost in the complex melodies and rhythms, inaccessible to beginners.

What are your choices for album cover?
Florian – bass and piano: Regarding the choice of cover, I obviously have to tell you about the graphic designer, Damien.
The story is quite funny because Damien and his sister have their own tattoo parlor, Arahkun Tattoo, and many members of the group have tattooed before them. So we’ve been seeing each other for a while now to talk about “drawing” between us. Damien was a graphic designer at first, the choice was more straightforward.
So he listened to the album and gave us several very different proposals. There were many internal discussions because you know the tastes and the colors … We finally agreed on the fact that we had to trust him and choose the proposal that seemed to him most suitable for the project.
We don’t regret that we are very happy with the end result. He also did a great job and was very patient with us. Many thanks to him!

How do you imagine the section that will be released?
Florian – bass and piano: The idea of ​​making a clip in one of the pieces in this case king of line, caught fairly quickly. Actually, I work in the audiovisual sector, especially in TV shows, but I am happy to work on film projects related to music.
So I suggested to the guys on the set to take on the task and build a film crew around this project.
We agreed that we didn’t really want to be in the picture and that we wanted something a little different from what we’re seeing right now. I mean something very choppy in editing, very dynamic, with so many camera and lighting effects that sometimes it feels like it has to grab the viewer’s attention at all costs.
Currently, we are working on finishing pre-production of the shooting to settle the writing, art pieces and general logistics of the shoot. The points still need to be refined but what is certain is that the clip will focus on choreography and that the atmosphere will be relatively contemplative.
After closing the place we were supposed to shoot in November, we are looking for a new location to allow this project to come up ASAP. We will keep you informed on the matter.

striped vinyl. What does this tool represent to you?
Chris – vocals: It’s the choice of the heart but it’s also an economical one to be completely honest.
From the heart because it is a form we love for its physical aspect. In addition to its primary function, the vinyl covering appears to us as a decorative object, an item for collectors. We ourselves have turntables and our small groups within the group.
We believe that for these same reasons, the vinyl market has re-emerged in recent years. It comes to replace the CD that has been gradually dying since the advent of the dematerialized format and music streaming platforms.
If we had the option of releasing in physical form, the choice would be clear to us.

What can we know about the planned stay in February 2023?
Chris – vocals: The residence we are planning aims to build the entire theater floor. A concept has been taking shape for some time and custom creations are being planned for live.
It is a job that requires a lot of thinking and questioning and therefore time.

Are the parties planned and what does the stage represent to you?
Chris – vocals: Obviously, concerts are planned. For many artists, we really live the experience in front of an audience. We’ve been performing regularly with our first lineup of ‘Tales’ and that’s something we’re looking forward to with Unravel.
The first announced dates will depend on the completion of the phased work.
We still have work to do.

What do you want to say to finish?
Chris, Florian and Antoine: We put all our passion, energy, and thousands of hours into this album, and we hope with all our hearts it will find its audience.
Thank you for your interest in the project. Feel free to give your personal opinion! The first track is available on the KissKiss page.

Thanks to Unravel for responding to our interview!

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