video. Sex, drugs and… electro. Are techno parties dangerous?

Electronic music has long been associated with all kinds of risky behaviors. However, the players in the sector are unanimous: there are no more problems than anywhere else. The world of techno will be at the fore in the topic of risk reduction in the festive environment.

Drugs, alcohol, harassment, and the world of electronic music has always had a sullen image. Within the Cargö team organizing the NDK Festival in October in Caen, these topics are at the heart of the concerns. Discussions are taking place and training is being developed in order to better understand what is called ‘risk reduction in a festive environment’.

But what exactly are the risks we’re talking about? Are they really more important in an electric party? Is it really more dangerous than going out for a drink at the bar?

For players in the sector, the observation is clear: yesit is necessary to take into account risky behavior and implement preventive measures, no, No problem in the middle of electronic music.

Jérémie Desmet (Director of Cargö and NDK Festival – Caen) explains “Consumption of alcohol, tobacco or drugs is a real health concern. Our role is to alert the public to the risks they are exposed to by providing information and advice. We work with different preventive associations. There is also the topic of gender and sexual violence. For 3 or 4 years, speech has been edited and that’s a good thing. Various actors intervene on this topic in the heart of the evenings. This is an important issue for us.”

People need to learn to “take care of their evening”.

Jean-Claude Limnouil (Director of the FAR Regional Music Agency – Caen)

Jean-Claude Limneuil (Director of the FAR Regional Music Agency – Caen) adds that“There is a part of the audience that tends to see this kind of evening as an outlet. Reducing risk is very important, we have to teach people to ‘take care of their evening’. We will not prevent people from taking drugs, we will not prevent people from spending their evening near loudspeakers. Drunkenness, it is ingrained in the party. We cannot erase this situation, we must reduce the risks.”

For Thomas Agerigaberia and Ludovic Gomel (Ladacour Group – Caen), “It is true that electronic music is often singled out, but when you look closely, there are no other problems. But, There is more protection than public festivals for example

For the authorities and especially the municipal team, techno evenings that gather several thousand people are of special interest. But it is clear that the organizers are doing their best to welcome the public in the best conditions.

“I did the security visits, it is true that I was always apprehensive as the festival approached, but it always goes well, because everything is done to make it go well.: Prevention and supervision. It’s a responsible scene. ” Emmanuel Dormoy (Deputy Mayor in charge of Culture – Caen) announces.

All of our interlocutors agree on the observation and the will to act, and this concern seems to be common to all. The art scene will be before the game.

Thomas Franco (President of MAD Brains Group – Caen) says: This is a real concern for usBecause people’s lives are called into question and our responsibility may be shared. We are trying our best to make it go well and have a healthy environment.” Add : “It is also up to us as artists or promoters to set an example, moreover when we discover the professional world, many artists are vegetarian and drink tea!”

About Jean-Claude Limnouil (Director of the Regional Musical Agency of the Royal Army – Caen), “We have to stop saying that when we deal with electronic music groups, they organize parties anyway. It is not true. Today, they are completely responsible.”

Today it’s a standard, no electronic music related event happens without a risk reduction approach, so inevitably, we’re a bit ahead.

Tommy Vodekeran (President of the Technopol Association – Paris)

Tommy Vodekeran (President of the Technopol-Paris Association) remembers this. “The movement has pioneered the topic of risk prevention, in particular thanks to ‘Free Parties’ and the Technopolis Association. Today it’s a norm, no electronic music event happens without a risk reduction approach, so inevitably, we’re a little ahead.

Today, organizers benefit from a certain experience, and the topic, which is not taboo in this environment, is the subject of many discussions and exchanges. The result: many actions were implemented and new innovative solutions appeared.

Jérémie Desmet (Director of Cargö and NDK Festival – Caen) lists some of the measures that have been put in place: Last year we were one of the first festivals to use the SAFER app Making it possible to report inappropriate behavior, we will be renewing the approach this year. We called on the association “You are not alone” that provides psychological support to the victims and that will intervene in the festival. There will also be volunteers who will carry out the invasions during the evening.

During our evenings I would like to set up “Safer Places”. They are places where people can rest and feel safe, no matter what problem they are facing.

Zélie Jeanne-Le Guern (DJ/Producer – Co-President of the Vnion Association – Caen)

On her part, Zélie Jeanne-Le Guern (DJ/Producer – Co-President of the Vnion-Caen Association) explained that “It’s a central theme. During our evenings, I like to set up ‘Safer Places.’ They are places where people can rest and feel safe, no matter what problem they are facing. At the same time, we are in a training process to be able to give an initial response, and to welcome people who They face difficulties and direct them to competent people if necessary. At the moment, this approach has begun to be applied, but we lack the means.”

For more modest associations, risk reduction faces the problem of resources and support: for Thomas Aguirregabiria and Ludovic Jumel (Collectif Ladacore – Caen), “There are welcome initiatives, such as hearing protection offered by associations. But On the subject of respirators, for example, it is very difficult for us to get them for free, which is expensive. As for large gatherings, having battalions to prevent assaults or acts of harassment is indeed a good initiative.

“Our job is to give great concerts while ensuring that everything goes well. It takes great human and financial resources. We prefer telling the public what they are entitled to do, rather than remembering the taboos. But it is not that simple. The issue of ban is not new in the world of electronic music.” . Jeremy Desmet (Director of Cargö Festival and NDK – Caen) adds.

Bites: a tough problem to combat

There is still the sensitive issue of bites and delivery of chemicals that made headlines earlier in the year. If this topic is not specific to the world of electronic music as well, it is nonetheless an important concern. Gabriel Legrand who works at Portobello Rock Club in Caen says:There was a case of GHB in our room. Obviously, after that, we carried out the actions. We did signage, we provide covers for glasses, there is a security team and we have a video surveillance system. Unfortunately, these behaviors are very difficult to detect. Since the beginning of the school year, we have not had any problems, but we remain vigilant.”

The real problem is succumbing to chemicals, they have been around for a long time, and more in a special place than in festive places.

For Cindie LE DISESZ and Marion DELPECH (Actright Association – Paris)

For Cindie LE DISEZ and Marion DELPECH (Association Actright – Paris), we must also take a step back: “It is true that we have talked a lot about this, it is definitely related to freedom of expression, especially women, because they are the most interested in it. The problem of stings is a bit complicated because it is difficult to link the act of stinging to an injection of a product, or even to an attack. The real problem is succumbing to chemicals, they are there Long ago, more in a special place than in festive places.

As you understand, risk reduction is a topic that is taken very seriously in the world of electronic music. For all the people we interviewed, a techno party is no more dangerous than others.

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