“We wanted to rediscover the chemistry of our beginnings”

9:45 AM, October 30, 2022

Celebrate the past and look to the future. On April 26, Louise Ataki gave six free concerts at the Elysee Montmartre in one day. Then the trio came together to celebrate in the most beautiful way the 25th anniversary of their first act, Louise Atack, carried by a slew of hit songs (J’t’emmène au vent, Ton invite …), which has now sold more than 3 million copies, a rock record The best-selling Frenchman in history. Today we find Gaëtan Roussel (guitar), Arnaud Samuel (violin) and Robin Feix (bass) at the headquarters of their record company (Universal) for the Planète Terre release.

Therefore, the new album is the fifth in a rare long-lived career, punctuated by a solitary breakup and crossroads: Louise Atack’s 2001 split into two entities (Tarmac and Ali Dragon), the solo adventure of Gaëtan Roussel and several of his (Alain) Bashong, Vanessa Paradis collaborations. …). Lots of breaths needed for a fruitful reunion. ” We often hit the ‘Pause’ button, not the ‘Stop’ button at allThe folk rock trio stand out with one voice.

Celebrate twenty-five years of your career with a new album. Was it important to come back with something new?
Arno Samuel: Nothing was premeditated. The idea arose when we met at the Free Party Series that took place in April. We were born on stage, so we wanted to celebrate the event on stage.
Gitanne Russell: In other words, we gathered in the present. Celebrating Louise Attack’s 25th birthday was a great opportunity to play our old songs and see if new ones take shape. In fact, it was the anniversary date that we chose: we hadn’t released an album for six years, it gave us the impetus to write and complete Planète Terre, everything was on the same line. Going on tour without new support isn’t something that tempts us yet.

The group chemistry returned to normal?
as such: We imposed an unprecedented limitation on our career: He completed the record in twenty-five days, referring to Louise Atack’s twenty-fifth anniversary. The goal was to meet in a simple way to reach the goal. So we met at my house in Arles, in the upstairs room I use as my home studio. We locked ourselves up for four sessions of six days each. We say to ourselves:We are doing our best to make this limitation useful.»

This is also the chemistry in the group: feeling things without necessarily having to talk to each other.

GR: This encounter was sweet and somewhat sweet, but it was dense in the creative process. We were among us, with a drummer, one or two organizers that I like to callthe annoyingBecause they flock to us a little bit, and American producer Chad Blake, who works in a fairly straightforward and decisive manner, with few compromises [collaborateur de U2, Peter Gabriel, Artic Monkeys…].

In one of the recorded stories, she sings:Get lost then go back to the roots / find the original settings.» Was this your behavior while recording the disc?
GR: completely. The song is about a simple love story, but it epitomizes our style on this album. Even if we are not lookingoriginal settingsIt’s the original feelings.
as such: We wanted to find evidence of creation, the chemistry of our beginnings. There are also bridges with our first album in audio, but there are also writing bridges. Gaëtan’s texts are longer, embodied, telling stories like Louise Attaque. We all had this desire, because on the previous album Gaitan he preferred rather short texts.
Robin Fix: We don’t talk to each other for hours either. If Gaitan feels that I don’t like a word, or the transformation of a phrase, he understands it naturally. This is also the chemistry in the group: feeling things without necessarily having to talk to each other.

Planète Terre was subsequently recorded at the unusual studio La Frette-sur-Seine in the Paris region. How did this place inspire you?
GR: It’s a 19th century mansion with water everywhere, dilapidated and always uncomfortable, but very inspiring. It has hosted many artists, from Marianne Faithfull to Nick Cave via The Artic Monkeys or more recently Lomepal. Music is everywhere, there is even a drum set in the dining room. Promotes perpetual wakefulness, perhaps because the water is not always hot in the morning…
RF: Not forgetting your neighbor. It was our spell.
as such: Ah yes, we’ve even dedicated it to the album brochure. It has kept us awake! He sang all day from dawn to dusk. One day we wanted to record it, but the mission was impossible: as soon as we got close to him, he stopped singing. Coque, the rooster…
GR: Most importantly, this studio has a little treasure: a Neve console from the ’60s, and there are very few of them in the world. It brings a lot of warmth to the music and that was important because we wanted to stay close to our acoustic instruments.

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In the album booklet can be read:Thanks to Lou Reed and Joe Dassin.“It’s the big gap…
RF: We’ve been listening to Lou Reed every day, especially the Tranformer album that we love to produce to the bone, its scripts are dark and luminous. His soul dwelt a little in Arnaud’s house. Then Joe Dassin arrived on the turntable one evening…
as such: We were working on a piece, of our selves, that reminded us a little of it. When one of our music reminds us of the artist’s world, we listen to it, to compare, to see progress…
GR: That’s cool, Joe Dassin! The melodies are great, the texts are often light but also very challenging. It’s a long way dad, it’s not a very funny story…
as such: He also covered a lot of American popular music, in particularhello loversNice song by Steve Goodman.
GR: I still wouldn’t go so far as to say that Lou Reed and Joe Dassin constituted the guiding principles for the album. We’ve instead looked at Vampire Weekend’s latest album for its eclecticism, freedom, and clear, uninhibited aesthetics.

Planet Earth begins with the song Out of the Ordinary. Was this the project when you founded Louise Atack?
GR: We were driven by the desire to be alive. I worked as a teller at Picard to finance my studies in urban planning. And we had incredible luck with the first album that took us out of the ordinary and into the extraordinary.
RF: I have a master’s degree in visual arts.
as such: I was a physics and chemistry teacher, but I made myself available for music.
GR: Before meeting Arno, we had already formed a group with Robin called Caravaggio. We were already in the process of realizing a beautiful dream: We invested in an audio system, a truck to go for a ride. Rock, by agreement, travels to the end of the world. It’s like a superpower.

Vocal rock band with violin was not very popular in the French music scene …
as such: At the time, rap and electro was booming, not to mention the popularity of boy bands, so yes, we were out of place. Besides, the record companies didn’t really know what to do with us… [Ils signeront sur le label indépendant Atmosphériques.]
GR: With Robin, we were fans of the American group Violent Femmes, who mixed punk, folk, and violin. For us, the sonic dimension was a drastic choice, and we were happy with that formula, and we were moving forward, with more of our faults than our qualities. Then we announced the recruitment of a violinist…
as suchAt the time, no French rock bands owned them, except for Passion Foder, by American artist Theo Hakula who has been living in France since the 1970s. I learned to play the violin at the conservatory and at the same time I learned was much marked by Bob Dylan’s Desire album, in which he called violinist Scarlett Rivera.
GR: Arnault’s arrival has been crucial to the way our songs are written. He did not take a place as a soloist, but played counter vocals in the classical architecture of a rock band. It’s like the second voice in Louise Attaque.

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A rock band that takes on the name and image of a young girl, lyrics about male weakness… Louise Atack, a feminist band ahead of their time?
as such: We are rather the children of feminism. We’ve always been interested in the share of femininity in men. But Louise Atack is not a feminist flag, neither before the hour nor after.
RF: What is certain is that Louise is not a submissive woman. We chose this group name because there was a lot of testosterone around: we wanted to bring something feminine to French rock. In our country anyway.
GR: I remember the day Robin first drew with his right hand while he was left-handed…
RF: It was a wobble, but she helped us a lot. We didn’t have to wear helmets to hide [référence à Daft Punk
]. We wanted to show off as little as possible, so it was practical.
GR: If we don’t want to hide, the incarnation suits us differently. It gave us a unique visual identity, but we also gave it other tasks.
RF: It was she who wrote letters to register companies and pubs to find us the dates: “My friends are looking for concerts, they are great. Kiss you and your mother too, kiss you I hope your dad is all right.»
GRThe professionals said to themselves:But what is this group represented by an 8-year-old girl?This allowed us to be individual, humble, to take a small step aside. She was also the one who wrote to Gordon Gano, leader of Women of Violence, asking him to produce our first album. And he did… in the end, little Louise was our press officer, our manager, and we invented our own marketing, very professionally.
RF: For the record, our first cassette tape was recorded by a young woman, Cecil. I worked in a studio in Evry, Paris. She was entitled to record for one day as a training report. They served him as guinea pigs. We scored eight titles in one day. This cassette has become our visiting card. So, incidentally, we owe a lot to women. We are also managed by a lady who is not on paper.

What are you preparing for your next tour in March?
RF: Our concerts will be held in two rounds without interruption. We’ll replay our entire Louise Attaque album, then Planète Terre and some songs from our previous albums. We’ll need additional musicians, so let’s invite Louise to join us on stage. It will be a surprise…

On tour around France from 15 March 2023. 9 September at AccorHotels Arena (Paris).

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