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This week, the Féerie des Eaux, the Grand Rex Christmas show awaits you for a breathtaking movie session. Music, dance and theater will also be on the agenda. You can also find out the program of Christmas celebrations planned in the capital. Good week!

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Water Magic at Grand Rex

La Féerie des Eaux, the Grand Rex Christmas show, returns from November 23, 2022 to January 2, 2023 with the world premiere of Puss in Boots 2. Before the movie premieres, you’ll enjoy a water jet ball of music, light shows, and special effects. An unmissable event for the end of the year celebrations.

Christmas magic

For Christmas, Paris becomes enchanted

At the end of the year festivities, the Town Hall lights up in Christmas colors and offers you many free activities. Magic also invites you to the Champs-Elysées, with the traditional illuminations, which this year reduce the time capacity for energy sobriety. Not to mention the unmissable Christmas markets, where you can find original and local gifts!


100% New Orleans An evening at the Musée du Quai Branly

In a unique night atmosphere, discover New Orleans and its amazing artistic and cultural richness! On the occasion of the exhibition New Orleans Black Indians-Embark the frantic and whimsical NOLA! The city of Louisiana opens its doors to you for a unique evening under the theme of contemporary creativity. In the program: sorting and decoding the serial trim By David Simon (HBO), Shows, Debuts, DJ Sets, Culinary Events, Original Hits…

Top secret, spy seen in cinema

From Protéa, keen on Jiu-Jitsu and the first spy in cinema history (1913), to Mata Hari, portrayed for intelligence with enemy Germany (played in 1931 by Greta Garbo, later immortalized in this role by Andy Warhol), cinema has interested Since its inception with the characters of secret agents. Top Secret explores the intertwined relationships between espionage and cinema, reflecting on the range and vitality of a subject unfolding in history as much as in world geography.

Music in the spotlight

Jackal whistle at the Philharmonie

as part of the topic musical animals, Take advantage of the participatory compensation ceremony that can be accessed from 8 years. These concerts invite spectators to take part in the performance from the auditorium. They accompany the artists by singing or playing excerpts from previously prepared works. lamelophone Sansa and drums stars From the Congo and gumboot dances from South Africa accompany you in a magical whistle story with enchanting sounds. The show is preceded by a rehearsal where you will discover the rhythms and gestures of the dance boots (rubber shoes) from South Africa.

Trout Schubert of Cologne Orchestra

Over one hour, the Cologne Orchestra’s educational concerts offer young and old the opportunity to discover the world of music in a different way, in a simple and fun way, thanks to the conductor’s insights and comments. In this new event, meet Schubert and his famous trout: we will explain to you why Schubert is so interested in the fish …

Selection: The best music shows to watch with the family

There is no age for discovering music and developing your ear for music. Budding music fans can rejoice because the offer is plentiful! From the Théâtre du Châtelet to the Philharmonie de Paris or the Musée d’Orsay, discover our selection of musical performances to watch with the family. Watch your ears!

Performances and dancing

A silly ogre’s dream carnival

Carnival is a circus tale by Eugene Deriev with grotesque figures made of plastic, glue puppets and gold oil. It’s a robotic circus where the tightrope, juggler, juggler, clown, trapeze artist, Cyr wheel play with the fake animals. Mechanical music performed by two musicians surrounded by an orchestra of clown models. An old fashioned tale. Paint note. Pixel fun. Hymn to the Acrobats. On the way, bad company!

Pokémon Crew: From high-flying hip-hop to the 13th art

In addition to impeccable technique, these dancers have imposed a unique style driven by the strength and values ​​of battle: respect, perseverance, self-transcendence, and open-mindedness. Today, The Pockemon Crew presents their new creation “Nineteen,” an environmental tale that invites the spectator to question the state of the world and envision a better future through hip-hop dance. By confronting mythical stories and scientific discourses about Earth’s creation, this piece questions the place of humans and the consequences of their actions on their ecosystem.

Jack and the Beanstalk in Lucernere

Jack lived alone with his mother with a cow just for fortune. Jack and his mother lived only on the milk she gave them and the few vegetables that grew in their field. Alas, one day the poor cow, who had grown old and tired, would no longer supply her with a drop of milk. On his way to the market to sell it, Jack meets a funny merchant who approaches him and offers him in exchange for the cow, a handful of beans, claiming it to be magic…the famous tale of rediscovering it with the family.

Rebetiko, The Tale of Exile

In a European town, an old lady and her grandson spend quiet days. Soon, refugees in distress are gradually taking to the streets. This event brings to life a memory in this grandmother’s mind: a hasty journey from a burning city when she was a child. “Rebetico”, a puppet show, questions immigration and echoes today’s exiles.

movie theatre

My Little Film Library

The meeting of young people at the Cinémathèque française continues with a cinematic screening for ages 3/6 years. Small corner of the umbrella She accompanies the youngest viewers on their first discoveries of cinema, with a gentle show that mixes film screenings and short stories in the company of the narrator Violin Jovart. She will tell about autumn, sing in the rain and wait for the next rainbow with short films Strange Symphony From Segundo de Chomón (1909), Shades By Jose Prats and Alvaro Robles imagination by Koji Yamamura (2015).

Croatia in animation with a snack in the cinema

Presented by the Institute of Islamic Cultures, this session highlights the vibrancy of Croatian animated cinema and offers children a moment of escape and reflection. Each short film invites young viewers to discover life stories full of humor and imagination. You will find out “White Crow” by Miran Miocic, “Thriller Love Story” by Borivoj Dovnikovich, “The Tower” by Sonchana Brkoli, and “MobitelMania” by Darko Vidkovic.

Luxor cinema concerts

Luxor resumes its cinematic concerts! The program includes 6 film parties for 6-7 years old. Film concerts are held in Youssef Chahine’s room with a show on the historical screen. Sunday, you find Freshwater cadet Written by Buster Keaton which chronicles the adventures of a young William Canfield, whose father was a boatswain on the Mississippi River, who, to her father’s despair, falls in love with the daughter of King, the owner of a rival shipping company. The film will be accompanied on piano by Axel Novo.


A movie, debate or cartoon and snack, for all budding movie lovers from 18 months to 9 years old, is Cinékids. And for recent showings in November, we invite you to see Coraline, a wonderful all-in-one stop-motion tale, and Tim Burton’s unmissable Edward Scissorhands, a brilliant ode to forgiveness.

Activities and workshops

Confused Electricity with Capitaine Futur

Capitaine futur enters the cosmic maelstrom of Ludo to create rhythms, record magic sounds and other wonderful electro melodies … With the Électro-trépidante workshop, Gaîté Lyrique offers a fun way to discover electronic composition with the help of musical applications on the tablet. Thanks to Ben Vedren’s explanations and demonstrations, children are familiar with sounds, musical concepts, and composition tools, and have fun creating their own rhythms and melodies.

About Capitale(s) Gallery

Artist-led workshops accompanied by moderators are offered by the Musée en Herbe in connection with the street art exhibition “Capital (60 years) of urban art in Paris” presented at the Hôtel de Ville. Children between the ages of 6 and 12 will be able to get acquainted with different techniques of urban art with the artists Marko93, Tanc, Mosko and Sébastien Preschoux, whose works are presented in the exhibition at the Hôtel de Ville “CAPITALE (S).

Film workshop with Azure and Asmar

Come and co-author a movie in a fun way by participating in a game workshop about cinema around the movie Azure and Asmar. Can you do dialogue between the actors? Will you be able to reclassify the images of the film in the correct order, do you know the American shot, the wide shot and the close-up? A fun game not to be missed at Melville Media Library.

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