What are you going to do at night this weekend? (November 11, 12 and 13, 2022)

Here’s something to enjoy on the long weekend in Lille and its surroundings! A rather festive program, going in all directions, the story that everyone there finds enough to hunt for food for a moment of pleasure. We’re already getting together next Wednesday for the awesome DREAM BINGO in the Garage! We explain everything at the end of good plans for the weekend. Enjoy!

Crouses – An elegant karaoke evening and private rooms at Ronk

At Lille City Crunch, don’t miss any chance Have a good karaoke night ! It’s good since then cakesWe can Privatize two large rooms with a different atmosphere. a disco room Perfect for those who love to break the sound to the songs of ABBA, Patrick Hernandez, or Kool and the gang. A room where you can come as a group up to 12 people. and one tropical room to Groups of 15 people Perfect for turning up the heat to your favorite tunes. You are leaving for rent two roomsto suspend time in joy and humor through a sequence of strikes From about 40,000 songs ! A large screen, a touchpad, two microphones…we guarantee that you won’t see the time you spend. In the afternoon or evening, consider KARAWEEZ Your birthdays, EVG, EVJF or just for fun Good evening to share together. and this is open every day.
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Friday 11 November 2022

10 a.m. – Guided tour of de Gaulle’s hometown of Lille

Discover secrets place of birth Most of the presidents of the Fifth Republic of the night, Charles de Gaulle. Guided tours by cultural moderators will start at 10am, 11am, 12pm, 1pm and 2pm. A special moment to understand how the fate of the most famous French was falsified. Reservations are recommended on 03 59 73 00 30.
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11 a.m. Designer Market at 11 a.m. Express

The mass locomotive A . service resumes designer market From 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. in an atypical and ephemeral place in the heart of the ephemeral Old Lil Day 11. Location: 1000m2 on 5 floors!!! A bar and a restaurant will be installed in this place with a permanent exhibition. Parties On the date as well as many other activities, each crazier than the next! A space truly dedicated to artists.
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2 p.m. – Starring Belote in Polder in Hellemmes

This November holiday, what better way to keep busy than playing baloot! Build your team (or find a partner on the spot when you arrive), find a name and come and aces your opponents with joy and good humor! Formation of teams and registration on the site from 2 pm. beginning Pilot Championship 2:30 p.m. in Boulder from Hellemes. Didn’t expect it…
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8pm – Flo Sauvage at La Moulinette in Lille

Attention, dance floor madmen! FLUO SAUVAGE in Moulinette for 3 hours of the madness of the 80s!
“It’s a blissful mess as Bowie sings with Madonna, with Eurythmics on keyboards, Etienne Daho to set the mood with A-Ha and Balavoine to break it all.” We can’t get enough. Hall Free.
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8:30 PM – Blind Audition and a brass band at La Blonde in Lille

A sparkling evening, lots of surprises, a lively buzz to celebrate together in our “little wazemmes”. 8:30 pm: blind check 90. Try your luck to win incredible prizes on an innovative blind test, under the sign of eurodance and the worst years of your life. 9:30 pm: digger fanفير. Covers the ’90s or ten years the tracto fills your ears with the worst hits of your youth, but not only. Quality alcohol and beer to taste and snacks as usual. blonde in an uproar // Backhoe loader (Eurodance) + local DJ Stabilo (+ surprises). It’s happening with our friends from blonde In the old night.
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Saturday 12 November 2022

3 p.m. – Documentary presentation at La Madeleine’s media library

In Siberia, Sergei Zemov and his son Nikita are trying to slow the melting of permafrost, a veritable climate time bomb, by recreating the Ice Age ecosystem. breathtaking Documentary epic Carrying her is a dream and a little faith A tribe of adventure seekers. Directed by Denis Snegirev. The screening was followed by an exchange with producer Caroline Russell (to be confirmed later). in frame Documentary monthIn partnership with Heure Exquise! Register online at .’s website Media Library La Madeleine.
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3pm – Circus Night at the CRAC in Lom

circus night It is a national and international festival supported by the Territoires de cirque association. The goal is to distribute the creative circus in all open spaces of this art in a very short time. For this fifth edition, CRAC She chose to honor circus amateur creation. Find out the show created for you at 3:30 PM. Everyone from the age of 3 years. Estimated duration: 1 hour of showtime. Price: 5 euros.
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4:30 PM – Panorama Exhibition 24 in Fresnoy at Tourcoing

every year, panorama gallery It allows you to discover new business in the fields of creating images, sound and digital productions By Le Fresnoy artists The National Studio of Contemporary Art in Torkoeng. This twenty-fourth edition emphasizes transition and boundaries. About fifty artists show you another world and challenge you to look at it differently! Guided tour in French or English.
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7 p.m. – House and minimal techno in Saint-So

It’s a very beautiful atmosphere Saint-So . turntables This Saturday night. hey hey Geraldine. DJ, Atmosphere Creator since 2010. She knows delicious recipes to make you have a good time in her company! Geraldine identifies herself as a music designer because her passion is to turn anyone into a dancer around house music and no-disco. his is Wesley. He was influenced by the musical culture of the French-Belgian clubs. Wesley landed at Radio Galaxie-95.3 where he’s been honoring a stay for over 13 years, every Sunday, from 6pm to 7pm. this is how it passes From home to home electric and minimalist To finally thrive in techno. Today, he performs in many clubs and bars in the area (Magazine, H2O, Pulse, Café d’Anvers, Moog Analogic Bar, etc.). Trust them to make you dance!!! From 19 o’clock.
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7 p.m. – New Blues Generation 2022 at the Black Lab in Wasquehal

I landed from Wisconsin, a small state northwest of Chicago, Stephen HallAt the age of 22, he did not receive any special training, but at the age of 14 he picked up the guitar and began to learn to play the blues. The Blues need a rest and Stephen Hull is probably one of the flag bearers! Next to him as a guest, another modern revelation, in personAndrew Alli ! The 32-year-old singer and harmonica player from Richmond, Virginia, released his critically acclaimed debut album two years ago. Filled with mastery and precision, a warm and expressive voice, often autobiographical texts, and a varied repertoire, Andrew is a true composer/performer! Nice time is coming At the Black Lab in Wasquehal.
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9:30 PM – African Reggae and Music Party at La Réserve in Wazemmes

From Roots Reggae to traditional West African musicAnd the Max’1 The Root Maker It is above all the fruit of curiosity: the desire to meet. Max’1, lead singer, from Conakry. So the Sossou, Malinké, Guerzé Poular, English and French languages ​​are thus the inspiration with which the group composes and works to create their world: from the roots of Reggae to Ragga-dancehall and from Nyah binghi to African music … it will be hot at La Réserve de Lille Wazemmes.
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Sunday 13 November 2022

10:30 a.m. – Guided tour of the well-preserved exhibition of the Natural History Museum

Immerse yourself in an immersive scenography and discover the history of collections and building Natural History Museum ! By following our guide, you will feel roaming the reserves, while Learn about museum life behind the scenes ! Your future renovation project will also be revealed to you… from 10:30 AM to 11:30 AM.
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Three o’clock in the afternoon – puppet show at Baraka Zem in the night

As is the case every year, the children of the Indian Wakikuza tribe go through tests of emotions. Now that Anoki is used to protecting his guardian, Anoki will have to fend for himself this year. Is learning enough to face dangers? Come and discover this new adventure rich in emotions where exotic animals mingle in the Indian village of Wakikuza! puppet show From 3 to 10 years. At Baraca Zem in Wazemmes.
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3:30 p.m. – The conference is still life and vanity at the Musée de la Piscine de Roubaix

to me La Piscine de Roubaixcome to Conference “Still spoils and falsehood” by Gregory Froman. A minor genre in the past, however, still life attracts far more today than the great historical or religious painting. The subtlety can explain the subtlety of painters who present the illusion of reality, and the possibility to enjoy the beauty of a painting without having to try to understand its meaning. The conference will address these different aspects by exploring the innovations of different eras and schools. From 3:30 pm to 5 pm, 8 euros.
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4pm – 2 jazz concerts at Lille Saint-Maurice-Bellevoisine

The Assonance Jazz Festival It comes back with a new version. his goal? Introduce beginners to jazz in a friendly environment close to the artists. In this view, the event Free It welcomes many local artists, both professional and amateur, who practice jazz with enthusiasm. In the program this Sunday: Two concerts were held at the Albert Jacquard Community Center in Saint-Maurice Pellevoisin. 4pm, Faubourg du Jazz via Faubourg des Musiques. 5.30 p.m. Jazz duet Nadig Roemer and Julian Marga. free. free entry.
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5 p.m. – Folk jazz concert at Ferme d’en haut in Villeneuve d’Ascq

folk jazz trio My voice is imbued with the rules of traditional and contemporary jazz that the three musicians expanded by infusing melodies with folk and rock inspiration. Much influenced by Nick Drake, The Beatles, or Radiohead, as much by Hyattus Coyote, Isabel Sorling, or even Gilad Hexelman, the Nub is a trio in constant transformation like a cloud. this happens On the farm from above 17 o’clock.
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And next week…

Lille City Crunch Team Organizer Bingo dream in the garage this is Wednesday 16 November 2022 from 6 pm !!! Places run like hot cakes and even if the place is fat, it Places are limited. In order not to be disappointed, we strongly advise you to take your first card online as soon as possible! will be again heavy giftsthe story of sending dreams in droves… Ample food and drink on site !
All you need to know about gifts and evening itinerary

<< Réserve ton premier carton et ta place pour le bingo >>

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