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Dancing With The Stars 2022. With the world of adventure fast approaching, let’s go to Episode 6 of Dancing With the Stars on Friday October 14, 2022 on TF1. This week, the candidates had to learn choreography without music. Follow the show with us!


  • It’s already the sixth episode of Dancing with the Stars on Friday night, October 14th. Competition continues fiercely for the candidates who are still in competition.
  • Starting at the age of 12, there are only 7 candidates left to hope to win this 12 DALS season: Thomas da Costa, Billy Crawford, Stephan Leger, Florent Paire, Angon, Carla Lazzari, Lea Elloy. This evening, they should not be confused by their dance music which they will discover live.
  • Like every week, the new candidate will have to say goodbye to his junior comrades this evening. 7 have already been eliminated, and here is the list: Amandine Petit, Eva Quinn, Clemence Castell, Teo Fernandez and David Doylett have already left the competition in the past weeks.


22:07 – 22 points only for Florent Bier and Ines Vandami

Florent Pere and Ines Vandami dance a rumba to the song “One Day a Woman” by Florent Bagni. Florent Bier faces extra pressure because his parents are in the show’s audience. Moone and Patos watch their son develop on Earth and try to explain the dance of love par excellence. The couple managed to incorporate a lot of emotions into their dance. For Chris Marquez: “This performance is hard to judge because they didn’t have the hips but there were points applied!” Marie-Agnes Gillot did not see the same anxiety as her fellow juror: “I, I think I saw my hips, I was drawn to the art but lacked little ripples in the upper body” François Allaud harder: “I, I agree with my colleagues, there were problems with the floor upper and lower”. .

21:43 – Anjoon and Adrian Capi win by 25 points with a fast stride

Angon and Adrien Capi dance with a quick step to the song “I’ll Be There for You” by The Rembrandts, the opening theme of the “Friends” series. Anggun seems to be a bit lost in the choreography, no doubt due to the song being discovered shortly before the show. “The energy, I found it was there tonight” For Marie-Agnès Gilot, “The energy is there but the movement of the feet has to be more present,” adds François Allu, Chris Marquez has a mixed opinion about the performance: “Angon, we witness an action applied at the level of the feet and after That, the upper body goes in all directions.” Angon and Adrian Capi leave with 25 points.

21:32 – Carla Lazzari and Pierre Modoy shine on the modern tango

Carla Lazzari and Pierre Maudoy tango to Angel’s “libre”. They discovered the song right before their performance. That doesn’t stop them from knocking out the jury where Chris Marquez and Marie Anais Gilo stood during the performance! For François Allu: “It was excellent. I carried your frame, I tied to Pierre.” Chris Marquez also smiles: “If the goal is to scare all your competitors, that works!” The couple won 35 points, a level that won’t be easy to catch!

21:16 – Beginning of Episode 6!

Episode 6 of Dancing with the Stars Season 12 kicks off! Tonight 7 candidates compete to get to the middle of the adventure. They will have to dance to music they haven’t heard before they set foot on the floor. Extra risk for these amateur dancers!

20:57 – Billy Crawford has recovered well from his injury!

Last week, Billy Crawford was limping whenever he moved, except during his performance on which he focused all his strength. The star had already injured himself before the bounty, which held him back compared to his junior comrades. At least on paper because that didn’t stop him from taking first place in the points standings. And to watch videos of his workouts this week, the singer is fully recovered. Rivals must tremble!

20:36 – Florent Beer and sensuality, not an easy story!

For Florent Pere, who will perform a contemporary rumba with Ines Vandami this evening, the interest does not seem to lie in learning choreography but in the way he looks at his dancer. The latter who demands admiration and sensuality are well served by a fixed gaze or a complete absence of a stare. But for Florent Beer, don’t worry, the right look will arrive during the live dance. Ines Vandami seems more than skeptical about this!

20:13 – A difficult career training for Angon

The fact of having to learn choreography on a simple vocal track that gives the beat and not a song seems to bother some candidates more than others. This is the case of Anggun who somehow tries to convince his dancer not to force him to dance to different music all week long, as he wants to do to teach him to separate music from dance. And help her not to be surprised during her prime. After 40 minutes of discussion, we were able to see Anggun isolate himself and listen to the soundtrack so we don’t have to listen to Adrien Caby anymore…

19:54 – Christophe Licata and Calison Goasdoy are back!

Christophe Licata, dancer Lea Eloy and Calison Goasdoy, dancer Stephane Leger, both absent, one due to illness and one due to injury last week, are back on the Dancing with the Stars. While their partners have done very well with Jordan Moirack and Candice Pascal, will they be able to maintain the simulation needed to qualify?

7:33 PM – Amandine Petty and Chris Marquez “fry” each other

After dumping Amandine Petty last week, the DALS nominee has been “tugging” with Chris Marquez backstage. Anyway, that’s what the juror made clear on Wednesday morning with no filter to Virgin Radio. “She put in a great show for one week and she’s happy to get those feedback, and the next week, it’s true that the performance doesn’t suit us judges, and she’s not happy. It’s actually normal,” he explained at the outset. “We were really killed at the end of the show, meaning we had a good fight. Half an hour later we saw each other backstage and we were in the office shaking both of us and we talked for a half hour and we were fine.” So it looks like the accident is over.

19:06 – Who are the favorites for the competition?

On the contrary, the other nominees shine week after week on Dancing With the Stars. Such is the case of Billy Crawford, whose performance with Fauve Hautot is constantly praised by jurors. Stéphane Leger has also persuaded on several occasions, while Carla Lazzari and Leah Elloy revealed themselves as the competition progressed, qualifying automatically during last week’s judges’ battle.

18:31 – Who are the at-risk candidates in DALS?

As the show draws to a close, the noose is narrowing among the nominees for Dancing with the Stars. However, we can distinguish some celebrities who are more at risk than others. Florent Beer and Anjoon have been more face-to-face since the start of the season, but they’ve always managed to get rid of that thanks to the audience and the jury. The judges also noted Florent Beer’s progress since the start of the competition.

18:04 – Couples practice without knowing their music

After last week’s jury fight, put up the “Cut the Voice” episode. The Dancing with the Stars couples exceptionally had to rehearse without knowing what title would accompany the choreography tonight. They were only provided with a soundtrack with rhythm… What on earth is going wrong?

17:32 – Who was excluded from Dancing with the Stars last week?

Each week, a Dancing With the Stars contestant is eliminated from the competition. And the episode that aired last Friday was no exception to the rule, with Amandine Pettit dropping out and leaving the competition. Before her, we followed the departure of Eva Quinn, Clemence Castel, Teo Fernandez and David Doylet. There are only 7 candidates left on the dance floor tonight.

17:01 – Dancing with the Stars Tonight

The sixth episode of Dancing With the Stars 2022 will be broadcast on Friday, October 14, 2022. On the evening program, a new exit for one of the couples who is still in competition this season 12. Who will leave the competition? Response from 9:10pm on TF1 and live on linternaute.com.

program sheet

As usual, TF1 has formalized the selection for the upcoming season of Dance with the Stars in the summer of 2022. There are twelve characters, six men and six women including Florent Beer, Amandine Petit, Clemence Castel and Angon. Take a look at the contestants and removers for the 2022 Dancing With the Stars season below:

  • Comedian and Actor Florent Berg
  • the singer Billy Crawford
  • influencer Leah Elloy
  • singer Angon
  • humorist Thomas D’Costa (here it all starts)
  • fashion model and singer Stephen Leger
  • singer Carla Lazzari
  • Miss France 2021 small amandineIt was eliminated in Episode 5
  • singer EvaIt was eliminated in Episode 4
  • Former winner of Koh Lanta Clemence CastleIt was eliminated in Episode 3
  • humorist Theo Fernandez, It was eliminated in episode 2
  • Judoka and ex-politician David DowlettIt was eliminated in Episode 1

The Dancing With the Stars jury changes for its 2022 edition. François Allu and Chris Marquez return, while Season 11 finalist Bilal Hassani, and Marie-Aneis Gillot, the star dancer at the Paris Opera, join the quartet of jurors. When Chris Marquez was forced to miss due to Covid on September 16, 2022, he was exceptionally replaced by Jean-Marc Gennero.

Dancing with the Stars is broadcast every Friday evening on TF1. If you can’t watch the show while it’s on TV, you can find the episode of the week in the replay on the MyTF1 website and app. All you need is a free account to watch Dancing With the Stars reboot the day after it airs.

Once again this year, DALS is in the spotlight for TF1 at the beginning and end of the school year. In fact, on September 9, 2022 the first Dancing With the Stars 2022 bonus aired. The show has since been broadcast every Friday until the final that will crown the duo that will succeed winners Tayc and Fauve Hautot last year.

At the end of Season 11 of Dance with the Stars, which aired on TF1 in 2021, Tyke, who danced in a duet with Fauve Hautot, was crowned a big winner. In the final on November 26, 2021 he faced Bilal Hassani – Jordan Molerac and Micho Elsa Boa. The winner won with 56% of the audience vote.

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