What do you do with children in and around Paris? Our thoughts from November 7 to 13

The funny and sensitive “Suzanne with the Birds”, the seaweed at the Port Dore Aquarium, a story-telling family visit to the Clooney Museum…a range of cultural activities with the kids this week.


Kathryn Dreyfus – “The Lie”

What do you do with a tiny little lie that swells and takes up a little more space by the day? During a meal, a little girl tells a lie, shaped like a red circle, growing and multiplying…without any reference to the content of the storytelling. The child engages in an internal struggle with his multifaceted lie (a red ball, a red live disk, a constellation of red dots …). From repetitive everyday scenes (meals, games) to dream-like representations, moving, alternating, jerky, smooth and acrobatic, conveys emotion, while choreographing the dancers and circus artist meticulously a moment of life, a challenge to be overcome.

s 6 years. November 13, 4 pm, Théâtre de Saint-Maur-des-Fossés, 20, rue de la Liberté, 94 Saint-Maur-des-Fossés, 01 48 89 99 10. (8-20 euros).


In search of her mother, the girl Mina gets lost in the woods. Upon seeing the castle, take refuge there. This is Count Dracula. The latter serves him dinner and hospitality when midnight arrives…inspired by many adaptations of the famous vampire legend, this first creation for a youth audience by the National Jazz Orchestra is based on a beautiful score where classical jazz intersects with current jazz, where contemporary music is tinged with rhythms rock music. The original story takes the form of a musical tale, performed by two actresses, two singers and nine musicians, who play the roles of car servants turned animals. Between magic and humor, mystery and love, death and eternal life, this show is fun for the whole family.

s November 15, 7 p.m., La Seine Musicale, Hall, El Seguin, 92 Boulogne-Billancourt, laseinemusicale.com. (10-35 euros).

“Susan with the birds”

An old lady goes to a park every week to feed the birds. In well-organized weather, you perform the same gestures, the same way, you sit on the same seat, you talk to the birds, until the day you find a young man lying on his favorite seat… Adapted from a youth album, this creation of an actress (Emma Lloyd, also author of the play adaptation ), my voice and two portable dolls delicately reveal the full range of emotions that the encounter of two units gives. On the rotating stage, the characters and elements of the scenography (lamp pole, tree, benches and flower bed) are transformed to evoke memories, the present or the passage of time. Very beautiful visual effects for a theater that knows how to combine nuances with a palette of humor and sensitivity.

s 7 years. Inspired by Mary Tippi and Selena Jenny and directed by Emma Lloyd. Duration: 50 minutes. From November 9, 3 pm (Wednesday), 5 pm (Saturday, Sunday), Mouffetard-Théâtre des Arts de la marionnette, 73, Rue Mouffetard, 5, 01 84 79 44 44. (8-16 euros).

“eyes pious”

Two orphans live in the igloo of an evil old woman. Pious, blind, opposes, refuses to obey Grandma’s orders, while his sister tries to come to terms with him. One night, a white bear appears to him… In a scene charting the Far North, this adaptation of an Inuit legend tells of the initial trials of a child in an atmosphere between dreams and reality: a moon floating over islands of ice, ice and an igloo that turns into a mountain. Three realistic dolls, manipulated on sight, represent humans, others evoke an animal animal (bear, dog, bird, fish) or child’s visions. A tale served by an animated scenography of great beauty (light effects, shadows, paper and atmospheric textures), on a composition that blends traditional singing and electric sound.

s 6 years. Written by Frederic Chevaux, and directed by Cedric Revolone. Duration: 45 minutes. 3 p.m. (Wednesday), Espace Culturel, 56bis, c. Sadi Carnot 94 Villeneuve-le-Roi, 01 49 61 92 40. (4-7 euros).



Large seaweeds, plants essential to biodiversity, are the subject of a beautiful exhibition in a tropical aquarium. The journey begins in the rooms of the apartment, where algae is a part of our daily life, from the gelling agent to medicines, passing through cosmetics or fertilizers. In the laboratory he continues by studying the three main classes of algae (green, red and brown). Despite different evolutionary dates and marked differences, they are all involved in the production of oxygen through the process of photosynthesis. The units allow you to observe them with a magnifying glass, touch them, smell them, play with their shapes, colors and distribution areas, and test your knowledge of the dangers that threaten them. To learn, to know, is already in order to protect them.

s 8 years. Until January 8th. 2023, 10am-5:30pm (except Monday), 10am-7pm (Saturday, Sunday), Tropical Aquarium – La Porte Doré, 293, c. Daumesnil, 12, 01 53 59 58 60. (5-8 euros).


Repair, test, inspect… The temporary exhibition at the Exploradôme is designed like a large workshop, or a paradise for budding engineers. Thematic modules allow you to take on challenges, discover the relationship of chain, materials, mechanics, robotics, engineering professions… Also learn how to assemble gear, build a bridge or object in scale, steer a robot, design a design object… In short, understand how it works from during exploration and representation. It is the entire scientific process, from hypothesis to perception, that children and parents can experience. We soon get caught up in this manufacturing game.

q 6 years. 10am-6pm (Wednesday), 10am-noon, 1.30pm-5pm (Thursday, Fri, Tue), 10:30am-6pm (Saturday), 1pm-6pm (Sunday), Exploradom, 18 , av. Henri-Barbusse 94 Vitry-sur-Seine 01 43 91 16 20. (5-7 euros).

Family Visit Workshop: An Extraordinary Garden

To discover Sam Szafran is to discover the unique outlook of the self-made painter who developed a work that is part of a renewal of photography using ancient techniques: charcoal, pastel and watercolor. It also tracks it “Obsession”, his repetitive and low-key decorations: the workshop (which reflects his emotions and state of mind), the staircase (vision distortions) and finally the vegetation (diffusion). This latter form forms the theme of the workshop: creating an abundant garden in the interior space of the museum. Depending on the mood, we choose pastels, coloring and collage, or a magical photographic technique cyanotype (a sky blue print look). A captivating activity of unusual plant creations.

s 6 years. November 9, 2:30 pm, Musée de l’Orangerie, Jardin des Tuileries, 1, 01 44 50 43 00. (€7-17 by reservation).


Family Storytelling Tour of the Clooney Museum

Here’s a very simple activity, consisting of spending an hour listening to the stories while discovering the works in the rooms of the Cluny Museum. According to the sessions, tales drawn from the repertoire of the Middle Ages differ: chivalric tales that tell the adventures or adventures of a hero belonging to a wonderful world. legends dedicated to the character of a mysterious unicorn, a mythical and fantastic animal; fabliaux (d’un registre plus comique) où l’on se moque, par exemple, des déboires d’un pauvre paysan ou d’un aubergiste… Œuvres, tapisseries et autres objets du musée forment un décor parfaitement approvivre faire legends.

q 6 years. November 9, 2:30 pm, November 12, 3.45 pm, National Museum of the Middle Ages, 26-28, Rue du Sommerard, 5, 01 53 73 78 16. (4-14 euros).

A family visit to the exhibition “Forest Anthem”

Bushes, birdsong, twigs, spiders…every work in this gallery seems to be part of the ecosystem of a reinvented forest. Therefore, children, like parents, are invited to use their imagination to “dig with shovels” and see the invisible roots of trees, “to fly with their wings” And she thinks of the canopy, before going to search, in the enchanted forest of tales, for the house of the witch Hansel and Gretel, the magical gloves and claws, or the blue child who frees the earth … Depending on the age of the young children, the speaker knows how to adapt her proposals (travel and watch business, acting games silent, riddles, etc.) and her questions, so that the visit always remains alive and enriching.

q November 12, 2:30 pm, Maif Social Club, 37, rue de Turenne, 3rd, 01 44 92 50 90. Free upon reservation.

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