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Our pick of the week What do you see in the cinema for the movies And the their music A native :

Daniel Pemberton He signs to the music of Tom George’s detective comedy, an investigation set in 1950s London behind the scenes of the theatre. The score, more rhythmic than melody, tinged with swinging jazz (sax, percussion, guitar) to represent the era, breathes mystery with the presence of flute and climatic strings, always in a very Moroccan singularity that also calls Jewish lyre, cymbalum and whistle, without depriving itself of explicit lyricism (“..a big explosion”).

(In the cinema on 09-14-2022)

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Rock music from Amiens Usé (Nicholas Belvalet) portrays a character in the new comedy of Sebastien Petbadder, an atypical musician in a northern French town who is (actually) contesting the musical elections and whose image must be featured by a freelance journalist in the local newspaper (Thomas Chimica). It also signs the music, under the influence of François de Roubaix, where the melody is central, in contrast to the simple sound design, which imparts a melancholy to the story while respecting the rhythm of the comedy. We also hear French songs from the Yéyé era (Françoise Hardy, Zuzou, Isabelle Operetta). Moreover, in the palace, the characters dressed in bourgeois costume dance for the title of the English punk group Sleaford Mods.

(In the cinema on 09-14-2022)

Young singer from Kyiv Mariana Klushko He signs to the music of Ukrainian drama Katerina Gornostai with electronic and crystal voices expressing youthful anger and despair, as well as numerous pre-existing titles surrounding the characters, present in the form of Ukrainian DJ Nikita McKinzin. In addition, Klochko presents a cover of “My Girl” (Nirvana) and two other titles from his collection.

(In the cinema on 09-14-2022)

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Christopher Julian Christoph Offenstein meets in this comedy by instilling humor and lightness at the service of disrespectful characters.

(In the cinema on 09-14-2022)

Ibrahim Maalouf Mohamed Hamidi finds after “La Vache” (2016), “Juqu’ici tout va bien” (2019) and “Une Belle Équipe” (2020) with sad piano, warm chords and dynamic horn, all with a generous theme inspired by Italian comedy. (Fellini or Scola films by Nino Rota).

(In the cinema on 09-14-2022)

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Jerome Reporter I met Laurent LaRiver who called Martin Wheeler in “I’m a Soldier” (2015). The score contributes with its intense chords to the romantic and mysterious tone that surrounds Joan Vera (Isabelle Huppert), an independent woman who is hiding from her first love that she had a boy together. It spreads gloom and disharmony, invites sadness as hope. We also hear three techno tracks by Gaspard Robert.

(In the cinema on 09-14-2022)

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Other films:

For this romance (between a single mother – Sandrine Kiberlin – and a married man – Vincent McCain), Emmanuel Moret prefers the words and silence of his characters, they are seductive, without gestures, according to their encounters (ellipse and cardboard between each interview), between tenderness, amazement, and tragedy, and for music summons classical melodies (Handel, Mozart, Poulenc – they attribute to the modern context a dimension of another century, and makes a bridge with his last historical film), and Juliette Greco’s “La javanaise” in opening and closing. “Mozart’s wit is deep,” the director says of Mozart. “I love the fact that these sonnets are emotional without saying much, they’re soft without being anomalies. They impart more subtlety to the characters’ feelings.”

(In the cinema on 09-14-2022)

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Kyle Dixon and Michael Stein (“Stranger Things”) signed the music for the thriller Samuel Gonzalez Jr., Michael Lombardi and Bridget Smith.

(In the cinema on 09-15-2022)

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Lucia Chutkova signs the music for the Ukrainian drama Peter Kereks.

(In the cinema on 09-14-2022)

A documentary by Emilio Belmonte at the heart of the mystery of flamenco music alongside flamenco player Jorge Pardo, father of the fusion of flamenco and jazz, and guitarist Paco de Lucia.

(In the cinema on 09-14-2022)

Nicholas Godin signs the music for Sarah Dusa’s documentary about volcanologist couple Katja and Maurice Kraft.

(In the cinema on 09-14-2022)

Pedro Oneto captures the music of Argentine drama Paula Hernandez with dissonant sounds, whether through a dissonant piano or a sharp crystal bell making a agonizing motion that invites the nightly wanderings that the title evokes.

(In the cinema on 09-14-2022)

Portuguese fado singer Paulo Braganca signs the score for the musical film by Joao Pedro Rodriguez.

(In the cinema on 09-14-2022)

A musical documentary by Laetitia Muller about young people from a medical-educational institute for autistic youth who embark on rock music and disturbing texts through the creation of the Astereotypie group.

(In the cinema on 09-14-2022)

New movies to watch at home

Thomas Mocked Bloom and Ben Lucas Boysen sign the score to the German drama York-Fabian Rap about the misery suffered by two Ghanaian brothers.

Live on Aarti (14-09-2022)

Julia Tagliavia signs the music for the Tamara Erdi documentary inside the walls of the Old City of Jerusalem.

Live on France 2 (14-09-2022)

Este Haim and Amanda Yamate sign music for the Jennifer Kaytin Robinson comedy.

Exclusively on Netflix (09-16-2022)

Umitaru Abe meets director Hiroyasu Ishida in this Japanese animation after The Mystery of the Penguins (2019).

Exclusively on Netflix (09-16-2022)

Alex Weston signs the music for the horror film Matt Sobel.

Exclusively on Amazon Prime Video (09-16-2022)

Jean Musi meets Denis Maleval in this detective TV movie after “Brother and Sister” (2013).

Live on France 3 (2022-09-2022)

New series or seasons

Chiara Costanza signs music for the Australian series Hannah Carol Chapman and Ben Gannon and Michael Jenkins, a reboot of the teen series from the ’90s.

8 episodes on Netflix (09-14-2022)

McQuayle finds Ryan Murphy in this judicial series after “American Horror Stories” (2021), “Mr. Robot” (2019) …

Season 3 on Disney+ (Dated 09-14-2022)

Adam Taylor signs the music for this Bruce Miller series.

Season 5 on OCS (15-09-2022)

Danny Pence and Sander Gorians sign the music for this detective series by Destin Daniel Creighton and Michael Mann.

8 episodes on OCS (Dated 09-15-2022)

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Joel Assaizky signs music for the South African series Akin Omotosu.

On Netflix (on 16-09-2022)

Anticipate the music for the six episodes of the hit series by Brian Young and Eugenio Strafi, by Anne Nikitin.

Season 2 on Netflix (09-16-2022)

Rogerio da Costa Jr., Pedro Geddes, Fabiano Krieger, and Lucas Mercier sign the music of Carlos Lopez’s Spanish Action Series.

8 episodes on Netflix (dated 09-16-2022)

Vanessa Garde signs music for the Spanish detective series written by Teresa Fernandez Valdes, Ramon Campos, Gemma R. Nera.

8 episodes on Amazon Prime Video (09-16-2022)

David Reyes signs the music for this France 2 series, a new adaptation of the novel by Jean-Christophe Grange.

Fourth season in France 2 (19-09-2022)

François Litot finds Alexandre Laurent in a new historical series for TF1 with Audrey Fleurot, Julie de Bona and Camille Lew after “Le Bazar de la charité” (2019).

8 episodes on TF1 (dated 09-19-2022)

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Marco Prince signs the music for Cecil Ducroque and Benjamin Adam on 35-year-old ballerina (Ariane Lapid) with an impressive career.

Season Two on OCS (09-202222)

Laurent Juillet finds Lionel Baillieu in this thriller series after “Fair Play” (2006), “Denis” (2013), “Soupçons” (2019), “Lies” (2021).

8 episodes on M6 / Salto (20-09-2022)


Vasili Cirelli signs the music for the first production of Romanian theater director Silvio Borcaret, with whom he works on stage. In this film marked by the influence of Fellini and Prince Kusturica, a gypsy orchestra appears in the background, ready to go into action, for an ongoing sense of celebration. Cymbals and winds (dominated by the saxophone) give rhythm and tone to celebrations and life. This festive music is decomposed into a song from Verdi’s opera (“La Traviata”), the song of a bird, a drop of water dripping from rooftops, or a siren. This band resumes in the “international” scene.

(In the cinema on 09-14-2022)

James S. Levine signs music for Janet Tamaro’s detective series.

7 Seasons / Amazon Prime Video (In the cinema on 09-15-2022)

Josh Cramon signs the music for the Rob Thomas crime series.

4 Seasons / Amazon Prime Video (In the cinema on 09-15-2022)

Julia Holter (“Never Rarely Sometimes”) signed music for Kirstie Swain’s British series.

6 episodes on Arte.tv (In the cinema on 09-16-2022)

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