What to do in Paris with children during

It’s fall vacation! But how do you occupy the smallest? Que Faire à Paris has selected the best plans of the moment for you: music, workshops, cinema, sports or walking, your children will not be bored!

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My first festival

The Mon Premier Festival, intended for young audiences of 18 months, returns during the fall break. Cult movies, previews, concerts and cinematic shows will punctuate 18e Edition, whose godmother will be actress Anna Girardot. See you from October 26 to October 1Verse November in 12 Parisian cinemas, at the Forum des Images and at the Gaité Lyrique for family shows, at 4 euros.


Monument, children’s game

On October 22 and 23, children and parents are expected at 51 network memorial sites across France. Palaces, castles, archaeological sites and monasteries will be discovered under a new look among learning and wonder. New and fun forms of archeology capture: treasure hunts, surveys, plastic arts, music, dance, acrobatic workshops, storytelling or even multi-sensory courses await children aged 5 to 12 and their families!

Kidexpo, 100% family offer

For 4 days, Kidexpo opens its doors to make you live unforgettable experiences. Meetings, Activities, Shows… Come and participate in the many activities and share special moments with your family. Kidexpo is the perfect place to learn, discover, enjoy, be amazed…in short, share happiness.

Parisscience Festival

Parisscience, the International Science Film Festival, is organizing its 18th editione It was published by the National Museum of Natural History and the Institute of Physical Fitness in the World in Paris. For the occasion, about thirty films are shown and followed by debates between scholars, film crews and the audience. With family, friends or alone, boost your curiosity by discovering Pariscience!

Paris Game Week

Paris Game Week is the largest video game show in France. From cool retro classics to the technological innovations that will make the games of tomorrow, Paris Games Week is the unifying event for fans of video game culture, taking place from November 2-6.

The most important exhibitions that can be seen with the family

Illuminate current exhibitions to see with your young children. Between street art, lego, ancient egypt, science, music and experimentation, they must find what they are looking for!

Thrill with Halloween

October 31 is warming day! Paris celebrates Halloween and in many places offers spooky and fun events to discover with the family. Discover our selection below!

nature and walking

Holidays on the farm

La Ferme de Paris is open for the fall break! Which is pumpkin harvest time… From Tuesday 25 October to Friday 4 November (except Monday 31 October and Tuesday 1 November) from 2 pm to 4:30 pm, you will enjoy An animated platform dedicated to discovering cucurbits from the farm.

Harvest in Ile-de-France

Are you in a rustic mood? That’s good, we invite you to play the role of a budding farmer by picking your own fruits and vegetables in the best places in Ile-de-France. To your baskets and straw hats!

Harvesting potatoes on the farm

cells here

The Institute of Islamic Cultures and the Dardard Children’s Association provide an introduction to beekeeping in an urban setting and the fascinating world of bees. From the age of 6, the ICI hives entertaining and educational sessions are designed: tasting and discovering the hive, the life of bees and learning the vocabulary and gestures of the beekeeping profession. During the holidays, gather on Saturday 5 November for an ICI honey tasting and tasting session.

Farm guard for one day

La Ferme de Paris welcomes you during an activity dedicated to animal welfare at Urban Farm in Suzanne Lenglen Park at 15e. During this activity, you will discover what the tasks of a farmer are, by participating in daily activities: taking out the animals, observing their behaviour, feeding them and cleaning their bowls…

The best Parisian stadiums

Tilted structures, climbing walls, adventure trails, perched huts or skate parks for teens… Your kids are demanding, and they’re right. Only here for them (and a little for you) the most authentic and fun stadiums in the capital.

The stadium at Parc Chapelle Charbon 18

movie theater

Travelers, Travelers, Youth Audience Film Festival

What is a journey if not an epic, fascinating adventure made up of encounters, discoveries, extraordinary places and colorful characters? Come to the cinema at the Musée du Quai Branly from October 22-30, 2022 to watch a program of films from around the world, from the age of 3 on the theme of travel.

Cinemas in Luxor

Luxor resume cinematic concerts! The program includes 6 movie parties from 6-7 years old. Film parties are held in Youssef Chahine’s room with a show on the historical screen. Silent films were shot with an aspect ratio of 1:33, the exact proportions of a “historic” screen. For the holidays, look for mechanic general by Buster Keaton and Sunday men by Robert Siodmak.

Cinékids will scare you

A movie, debate or animation and a snack, for all budding movie lovers from 18 months to 9 years old, every Wednesday and Sunday afternoon at the Forum des Images! In October, the CinéKids continue to scare us (a little)… with Spirited Away by Hayao Miyazaki, as well as performances as part of the Mon Premier Festival.

My little movie library

Throughout the year in the rooms of the Cinémathèque Française, film screenings are presented for children to discover great cinema classics from around the world and from all ages. Sessions will also be offered during the holidays. So we booked!

Presentation and discussion on Holocaust remembrance

During the Halloween holidays, Shoah Memorial offers various workshops for your children, from age 10. Thursday 27 October Meeting at 2:30 pm to show the film marble bag by Christian Duguay. In occupied France, Maurice and Joseph, two young Jewish brothers left to fend for themselves, show an incredible dose of malice and the courage to find their families. The presentation will be followed by a discussion led by Pauline Liedest, screenwriter and professor of film history.

Shows and music

Circus in Paris

The circus is on its way to making a comeback at the end of the year. Jugglers, clowns, tightrope walkers, or acrobats perform shows that are as amazing as they are magical. A world in complete transformation, without a number of wild animals! We guide you with a selection of the best circus shows to see with your family.

Children’s theater: plays not to be missed

There is no age that moves and vibrates thanks to the theater. So forget the TV and go to the theater to watch a program for young audiences! To help you find your way, we’ve handpicked pieces not to be missed.

Out of control, baby boom

Hors Control, Baby Boom, is the monthly event that invites young and old to come to the dance floor. Also bring your old toys to discover Le Tricycle, which is launching its platform to buy and resell used toys! And starting at 4pm we’re turning up the volume with the horseshoe joystick! We move our body for the planet!

The Monte Lou Son Festival is back in bookstores

The Monte Le Son Festival returns to bookstores about jazz. Attend concerts, shows and meetings about jazz with your family! Iconic artists meet new talents to party in unusual places. Programming is free.

Sunday fuss

Gather every Sunday afternoon to immerse yourself in the legendary musical universe on the banks of the Mississippi River! In the heart of the museum garden, tradition The second line of brass funk music New Orleans transports you with fanfare every Sunday afternoon. Over the weeks, discover the musical eclecticism of a unique region, the cradle of jazz: the second line of funk and style. New OrleansStandards from the 1920s and 1930s…a musical immersion in the heart of Louisiana!

Activities and Workshops

Skip school with Dubreuil School

Do your kids love to put their hands on the floor, handle the hoe, and wear pretty shoes? Are they interested in anything growing? Make them want to learn gardening! It’s time to think about fall settles, to listen to nature or to learn more about biodiversity. During the holidays, the Dubreuil School offers gardening workshops that allow your children to learn or even improve their skills in gardening in all its forms.

Plenty of Activities at The Vuitton Foundation

Storytelling trails, workshops, family events, fun digital apps or small activities you can do at home… Discover the show and tools for kids to learn about the Frank Gehry Building and its galleries.

Workshops at the Museum of Plans and Relief

Workshops of trained strategists, fortified castles or mineral maps … Take advantage of the holidays to discover the world’s unique collection of relief maps, in the heart of Paris!

around the dome

In this workshop offered by the Institute of Islamic Cultures, children were inspired by the multiple domes of the National Library of Kosovo, a synthesis of Byzantine and Ottoman styles at the heart of artist Driant Zeneli’s work. Then they make fantasy paper units decorated with domes of different sizes and colors, which once assembled form a fantasy urban ensemble.

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