Who are the 13 students of the tenth season? (photo)

After weeks and months of waiting, Season 10 of star Academy It was finally launched in TF1 on Saturday 15 October 2022. Thirteen students were chosen to join the emblematic castle of Dammarie-les-Lys. These young artists between the ages of 18 and 28 have only one wish, and that is to win this extraordinary edition of the tele-hook that has allowed Jennifer, Elodie Friger, Noluene Leroy and others to know themselves. Now find out who the new lucky thirteen are.

Leah, 24 years old, Paris

Leah”he do not know star Academy only name“Before recording. She is 24 years old and lives in Paris. She is an optometrist by profession, and has had a great passion for music for many years:”It has always been in my blood. I was born with the desire to sing, dance and go on stage.” Thank himfighter character“Based on”warrior“She’s hoping to win this season from the TF1 TV hook.”it’s my dream“, she recognizes in her profile the person who promises to be”Diva 2.0“Conspiracy.

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Stanislas, 24, Van

Stanislas is 24 years old and hails from Vannes, Brittany. His dream is to be a full-fledged artist.Singer, dancer, actorAt 17, he joined Musical theater school In Paris. Three years later, he made dance school. But his career didn’t take off, he started doing it”strange jobsTo make money. Then, who we call stan He puts his career on hold for a while to take care of his grandfather who had a stroke. “Family at home is important, captured. But his touching journey will allow him to overcome.”difficult momentsWho will meet him in star Academy :It will give me more courage to move forward.”

Louis, 20, Bodie de Beaugard

Louis is 20 years old, studies psychology and hails from the small village of Lot-et-Garonne. For him, the star Academy was like “Evidence“From the moment he memorized the lyrics to Season 4’s anthem, he was heavily criticized during his adolescence, causing him to lack the self-confidence, which he still struggles with today.”I’m so complicated, I’m not sure myself‘, I confess to France Bleu through his participation in star Academywants to prove his ability and also wants to show that even from a small village it is possible to have dreams: I now see it as a challenge, and a great opportunity to learn and get out of my comfort zone, and out of my pregnancy, that will make me grow. Very sensitive during the first reward, his affection beat all the other students in this promotion.

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Paula, 23 years old, Angers

Paula is 23 years old and hails from Angers. Since she was young, the young woman dreamed of making a living from music. “Music, Take me to courage. I have a great need to create and produce things. The artistic field in which I thrived the most is really piano sound creation“, captivated in her image the girl who went to music school at the age of eight. Her anxiety in life is to wake up aimlessly and to be”without excitement“.

Amis, 20 years old, Serge Pontoise

amis from Serge Pontoise, in Val d’Oise. She was a fan of musicals for a long time, but as she grew up she wanted to be”More musically free“.So I started playing the piano in the train stations.”This is where I learned to sing and face the crowdAnd the to play the pianoespecially because she was in the stations where there was a piano, and she developed my divorce“, confided to the microphone of France Bleu. She is wishing today.”excel, more than others” Thus, arriving at the final:I have to winsays the singer, who admitted that she missed playing the piano during her premiere.

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Carla, 23 years old, Antibes

Carla is 23 years old and from Cote d’Azur. If most of her companions live only to sing, then she shines as a dancer. She loves to give a show and watch it since she was young. “I learned to walk, and then I danced live‘, she admits to someone who started dance lessons at the age of four. As a young teen, she won a dance competition on the Disney Channel. Carla was also the replacement for one of the dancers in the play Producers by Alexis Michalikwhich won two Molière Awards 2022.

Chris, 28, Aix-en-Provence

Chris was a music lover from a young age but has experienced many failures in his life: I’ve been trying to fulfill my dream of becoming a singer for years. In 2016, he achievedThe last stage of pre-selection x factor in EnglandAnd recently, he’s in a group Don’t touch my TV It was seen. The young man performed a title there live with the band Hope’A and on the group C8 in 2019. He joined star Academy is his”A dream come true.

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Tiana, 18 years old, Mo

It was Nikos Aliagas who personally announced that Tiana would be joining the cast star Academy. Hardly a major, this soccer player is the youngest on the show. Close to her family, this is the first time she has truly left them. But her loved ones will be proud of her regardless of her background.I’ve always loved singing. And thanks to listening to singers, it made me want to be a singerShe says in her picture. It’s a competition to the core, you wish.”to win“This amazing adventure. On stage, she was overcome by tension and she forgot the words, but the teachers still congratulated her on this wonderful performance.

Anisha, 22 years old, Snuis

This young woman from Madagascar did not have an easy childhood. But Anisha was able to rely on music to help her.”Rebuilding“.I had a shortage of love and consideration. I had to defend myself a littleShe says in her picture. That is why she left her country. “Music is a weapon as if you were a warrior“, captivates those who are afraid to go up on stage. But once in front of their audience,”The tension goes awayAnisha received a warm welcome after her wonderful performance. Serge Lama, amazed at her cover showing I’m sick, even gave her a little surprise.

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Senzo, 22 years old, Bordeaux

Senzo is originally from Tahiti, arrived in France at the age of nineteen to study. He dreams of dancing and singing at the same time, like Justin Bieber. He takes dance lessons until he reaches the capital. Once he arrived in Bordeaux, he asked his parents to buy itA small speaker with a small microphone for street singing and enjoyment“. On stage, Yannis Marshall said,great potential‘, but for Laure Ballon, the coordination between singing and dancing has to be worked on. And that’s exactly why Cenzo is such a good student!

Ahcène, 20 years old, Charleville-Mezier

This young man will be one of the sunshine of the season. star Academy. Always with a smile, Ahcène discovered music by incorporating a small piece of music created in her elementary school. Then it quickly becameLittle genius of lyric singing. From now on, he switched to contemporary music, while remaining close to the piano. This passion is not well understood by his family who want him to complete his studies. However, his parentsgoosebumps“When they hear him and they will be his first fans! I will not disappoint them, I will fight for themThe young man adds.

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Enola, 22 years old, Bordeaux

This isn’t the first time Enola has faced Nikos Aliagas. In September, while she was in the audience dance with the starsHe came to personally tell her that she would be joining the Star Academy crew. A follower of TikTok, you have been a huge hit on the platform and meet huge success. “The theater for me is a dream since the first day I was able to climb on itEnola sings since she was very young and at the age of 17 she joined Cours Florent, then the Paris Conservatoire:There, I really had my placedeclares the person who felt itThe link is too much“When she was young. Enola seeks perfection in her core, and will be relentless with herself and others:”I really want to win, it would be a crazy dream.

Julian, 20 years old, Toulon

For Julian, music is a family affair. From a young age, he immersed himself in this environment thanks to his parents and brother. It was the last until the final rising star In 2014, a music competition was broadcast on M6. this is “lazyWhoever dreams of becoming an artist does not take himself seriously at all:In life, I don’t do anything now. I’m not gonna lie to you“He swung as he chose. However, as soon as the young man got up on stage, he threw it so much that the exercise seemed easy to him.”He’s very talented, and he shouldn’t doubt it‘,” notes Michael Goldman, director of this promotion.

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