Worship Under the Midnight Sun: Light and Shadow

The prospect of a new album by The Cult, a master stallion of graceful maturity in the dark rock category, is making yourselves hotter and sweatier than a paddling pool in the midst of a heat wave. However, as our forecast by flying high is likely to be lowered, we are heading cautiously towards this midnight sun.

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They are hardly a handful, on sets that have forty years of running around the clock, to be able to claim to have delivered some of their best albums of the past decade. Worship He is one of those, ever since Weapon selectionreleased ten years ago this year, is among its record highs, and undeniably the highest since then sonic temple (I will fight ferociously and with nails to defend what I consider to be a simple truth.) hidden city She followed suit in 2016, satisfying, strong in riffs (dark energyAnd the pagansfull of beautiful momentsheavens’ BirdsAnd the in the bloodAnd the deeply arranged chaos), but less balanced than its predecessor, the (simple) error of a mix of votes slapped so hard the results of an eclectic career were necessarily difficult to summarize coherently.

Because Worship He has always been distinguished by his mastery of contradictions and extremes. Its solid core: cooperation between Ian Astbury And the Billy Duffy. Ian, a volcanic mystic, followers of pulsing literature, Buddhist philosophy, and psychedelics. A man who knew how to be credible by singing to doorSorry. Billythe military wing of Manchester, who was born a stone’s throw from the Midlands after witnessing the germination of organs Spiders from Mars Based on black sabbath. The man of the voice and the Reeves, distinguished for life before funnyAnd the thin lizzythey pistolsthey dolls And the The man who sold the world. Yin and Yang, Mind and Heart, Black and White, Sign and Talk, Ball and Bill and Co. The truth is probably less inclined, but it’s fun to see things that way. And my career path analysis work for a group that has tracked its path with variable public success, but never made an album of shame (I dare you to find one without showing ill will). And even more so, who entered the new millennium in a category that only very few of his contemporaries could claim. Although the shaman singer/guitar duo has preferred some clichés, it is clear that the studio catalog religious sect Aged well. even with electricitywhich is their least daring achievement, the challenge of bringing together door And the AC DC That would leave the average Metal Heads crouched in the Sunset Strip speechless. Success is not the least, even if sonic temple It embraces a wider horizon that represents the group. 1994 album titled Myself and His Successor Beyond good and evil Less significant in light of what came before (and after) it, but listening again is enough to reveal two perfectly decent recordings. even born in thisit was registered well quickly in 2007 under the auspices of youthsis still demonically effective.

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How are the sixties in 2022? Very true, thank you very much. Ian We can thank the mercy of the weather, whose character is hardly obscured by the eternal wolf-child. Predictable, you might say, because age fits the baritone. get excited when Leonard Cohen And the Johnny Cash Roar at the bass Pulling the scrotum swells up over the years, as tenors under helium Jon Bon JoviAnd the Paul Stanley and the others Coverdale It often ages gracefully with milk cream falling behind the refrigerator (Stephen Tyler And the Glenn Hughes being amazing exceptions). However, if the soundIan Well preserved, it is clear that he sings less and less traditionally. Abandoning the bold Morisonian wording that was a symbol of extensions sonic templeAnd the electricity And the ceremonyresume the course that began in 1985 and onwards the love And moments have gone astray Rick Robin. Touching the ground at the dawn of his sixties, spinning and turning his discharge like if red, always with this liveliness at the end of a sentence that only belongs to him. I wanted to hear him burp like him savage hearted son In 1991? miss. It has since stopped… savage hearted son, in 1991, to be exact. You know what didn’t get stuck in 1991, though? Billy Duffy, the illustrious six-stringed stylist, who has followed his singer on this path of transcendental maturity. Because warm He is a monster. Literally. He plays splendidly, gloriously, like a great English beast who would blink amazing. No need to make boxes out of it when you have the Holy Fire on your little finger. One eye on a ghost Mick Ronsonteacher, always threatening, like that Neil Young, to make the lava erupt in two tones torn from a half-cylinder or deformed Les Paul. One can imagine it being just as comfortable in a state of weightlessness Radiohead Just to steal your bloody barb in guns not flowers. Note the scratchers who desire art without wanting to quit: this is how we do it.

Under the midnight sun It finds its title in remembrance of the 1986 edition of Provinssirock, where the collection shone under the inflexible sun of a northern summer. Trapped in Rockfield Studio (same place where it was recorded dream time in 1984) and produced by Tom Dalgtywhich includes his biography fairiesAnd the ghost And the royal bloodThe album was delayed due to the pandemic and was finished with a local percussion section (Charlie JonesPrevious Factory and page And the Goldfrap on the bass and Ian Matthews From Kasabian on battery). Listen to the solo give me mercy It was enough to bring the margolite to a boil. This is a false simplified imperative, where the voiceAstbury Riding shoulder to shoulder with Gretsch of warm…that mating of electric and acoustic on verses, spun Post Punk’s thread until the ’80s… cut insideUnveiled over the following weeks, it gives the impression that it surprised the band live, with guitars releasing all fangs in a rhythm section that responds with primal elegance. “Love, love, love…forget what you know”is the choir’s hymn mirrors, Introduction title. We can laugh about taking it second-tier, because if this new album retains an anchor in the past, that’s fine. the lovewhose bleak texture made these lively rocks flourish to be stored among door And the oath of joy. Helpful comparison? I have two news to tell you. One is good and the other is bad. Let’s start with the bad. Did I mention that, my dear? Ian Always a beautiful voice? yes ? really ? Well, it was buried deep in the mix. Not all songs. Just most. yes. We will have to deal with it. or without. This depends on your view of the glass of water.

Fortunately, this is exactly the good news, eight titles Under the midnight sun All very well made. With its dancing rhythm and underlined musical composition, Revenge X Approaching the less solid rocky shores hidden city. The melodies are compact, and retain that feeling of collected strength always ready to explode, minimizing stick effects to maximize the impact of the song. outer sky Going even further, with guitars and strings precipitated by zeppelin-style gallop drums immigrant song. Song Ian Flawless. Too bad you have to listen so hard to find out. A combination of Knife through the heart of the butterfly more severe. The foreground set against the backdrop of keyboards and acoustic guitars is a deceptively reassuring beauty, resulting in a thunderous rumble as guitar and bass mate in fluff, stuck in the pincers between baroque strings and oppressive keyboards. instability It is the album that delivers as close as it gets to 1985, with gothic bass dripping with the chorus. Knowledge stems from stylistic immortality rather than the desire to do something new with something old. It turns out that dark post-punk never went out of fashion (it’s not Jenny Beth And the DC . fountains who will protest). Concluding with the title track, the album carries a cinematic lyricism that we see arrive with plugs the size of an aircraft carrier. At this point in listening, we know what to expect. This does not mean that the slap is less stinging. Astbury sing like Mark Lanigan Under the leaked Bowiennes sequins and guitars from warm It ends up blurring the lines between punk, new wave and hard rock. Intellectuals will remember that his college best friend is a sure thing Johnny Mar. It is also Billy Through a concert by patty smith In 1978, he introduced him to another friend of his named Stephen Morrissey. Continuity, history, offspring, all that.

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Just like the latest Yes Yes YesAnd the Under the midnight sun Commit to eight songs for less than forty minutes of listening. brute force Style, baby. A risky bet on brevity, which is also the bet of a group that trusts the quality of their titles. It is precisely its excellent content that allows this new old-fashioned to make the most of its muscular orchestration, making each song essential to the overall identity of the whole. Nearly forty years after causing a phoenix the loveAnd the Worship It seemed like he used to rise from the ashes whenever he could. The gossip will argue that we are talking about bilateral cooperation rather than a “real” group, which can facilitate creative negotiations. We will answer that it is not allowed yet placebo out of the blackberry. waiting, Astbury And the warm It remains one of the most enchanting guitar/sound pairs on the market, even with four decades in the making. Factory And the page did not last long even if mike And the Keith They continue to deceive by filling the stadiums, they have never deceived the most stubborn among us. The past carries its weight, especially when it is glorious. Perhaps it is no coincidence that Ian Astbury Dedicate this new album to Brian Jones. With good relations.

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Worship – Under the Midnight Sun
Label: Black Hill Chronicles
Release date: October 7, 2022

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