WWE NXT results for October 18, 2022

WWE NXT, Orlando, Florida

The commentators are Joseph Vic and Booker T.

Tonight is WWE NXT. The show starts with our commentators welcoming us and Judgment Day comes to the ring.

Singles match

Rhea Ripley accompanied on the Day of Resurrection against Roxanne Perez

At the end of the fight, Dominic Perez is distracted when she hits the cables. Ripley takes the opportunity to make his Riptide move on Perez for the count of three.

Winner: Rhea Ripley

– Behind the scenes, OC with Cameron Grimes. Anderson says they’re entering a big game tonight. Grimes says Gacy’s clan has been causing him some problems lately. The gallows says everything will be very nice. Why do the Grimes think they accepted the offer? Grimes withdraws his money. Anderson agrees and says they want to go to the moon, too.

– Tony D’Angelo comes into the ring with the Stacks and says it’s a great night. He sees that Stacks is ready. Before introducing him to his opponent, Stacks must remember that a match is about showing who he is and showing respect. D’Angelo asks if everyone is ready to spot the opponent? The crowd agreed, but D’Angelo says he’ll have to wait until after the break.

– Again after the break, backstage, Mackenzie with Grayson Waller for his comments before his match against Apollo Crews. Waller says despite visions and the like, he overwhelmed the crew. He promised to take Crews out of NXT and is the only one who can. Waller is cut by Chucky on the TV behind him. Chucky says his match against Crews will be Under the condition that you decide Spin The Wheel. Waller leaves in fear.

At the ring, Nakamura has arrived!

Singles match

Channing Stax Lorenzo With Tony D’Angelo vs Shinsuke Nakamura

At the end of the fight, Nakamura charges Lorenzo with a corner kick and land him with a series of kicks. Nakamura suplexes him and covers him, but resists two. Next, Nakamura signals D’Angelo to pay him. Nakmaura continues with Kinshasa to count three.

Winner: Shinsuke Nakamura

– After the fight, D’Angelo congratulates Lorenzo on his match and says they are family.

Backstage, Axiom and Nathan Fraser discuss the match. Axiom says they brought out the best of Monday, Saturday will support Fraser. The arrival of Robert Stone and von Wagner. It was a great trilogy, says Stone, but no title. Wagner says their winning streak will be worth nothing when he wins the North American title, and nothing can stop him.

The return of the wrestlers.

Singles match

Alba Fire vs Sonya Deville With Gigi Doolin and Jacy Jane

At the end of the fight, Fyre climbs into the corner for his end, but Dolin and Jayne enter the ring to stop him. Fyre manages to push Dolin and Jayne out of the ring without getting hit and roll Deville for the count of three.

Winner: Alba Fire

– After the fight, Deville and her friends finally got hold of Fire’s music and Mandy Rose’s music started. Rose says Fire made the wrong decision by wanting to confront her. In Halloween Havoc, you will face fire with fire. It will be more harsh. Fyre manages to fend off Deville, Dolin, and Jayne with a baseball bat. Rose decides to stay away.

– Behind the scenes, Wes thanks Lee Oro-Mensah for his help. Mensah says he knew Lee would have done the same. Carmelo Hayes and Trek Williams come from behind to attack them! The confrontation takes place beside the ring and in the ring.

Back, the game has already started.

tag team match

Wes Lee and Oro Mensah vs. Carmelo Hayes and Trek Williams

At the end of the fight, Lee hit the corner, but Williams pushed him to the ground. Mansah pushes Williams down the ring and shoots him in the face. Hayes seizes the opportunity to make a Code Breaker for Lee and continues Leg Drop for three counts.

Winners: Carmelo Hayes and Trek Williams

– After the fight, Hayes and Williams decide to attack the losers to have a little fun. Von Wagner and Nathan Frazer join the fray.

Behind the scenes, we find Joe Gacy. Gacy says Grimes wanted to avoid him for months, but within days Grimes falls into the arms of the club. Hypocrisy reigns in NXT and is represented by Grimes. Nothing could stop them from bringing down the Grimes.

– Behind the scenes, Mackenzie with Bron Bricker. Breakker says if McDonagh wants to do it again, he’ll make it another spear. Facing great gladiators, he has to get past him. Mackenzie asks what he expects from the KO Show. Breakker says he’s been watching KO Show since the first show, and has always had something great about KO Show and tonight will be no different.

Six-man team match

Cameron Grimes, Luke Gallows, and Karl Anderson vs. Joe Gacy, Rip Fowler, and Jagger Reed

At the end of the fight, Anderson cut Gacy’s neck. Anderson catches Fowler, but Fowler stops him and Red takes the tag in the back to hit him. Grimes surprises Reed with a cave out of nowhere and kicks Gacy out of the ring. Anderson continues with a Spinebuster on Reid and Gallows and Anderson makes a Magic Killer for the count of three.

Winners: Cameron Grimes, Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson

After the fight, Anderson and Gallows look for their money.

– Behind the scenes, Mackenzie with Veer Mahaan to find out what he said to Sanga to make him leave ringside. Mahaan says MacKenzie and the whole world will not have an answer. What he said was exclusive to his brother Sanja. Sangha comes there and says he is ready. The two leave.

– We present a video of the heroes with the tag who will face Leon and Starks. Behind the scenes, the two teams sign the contract for their match. Starks says they will prove to them that they are a real team. Carter says it’s not yet time for them. We’ll see what happens when they lose.

Back, commentators in interviews with Julius Creed and Damon Kemp. Julius says the pressure is at its peak because his brother’s career is on the line, and he will use that pressure to crush the clown. Kemp says Julius has two sides with his athletic appearance, but also this big loser that he’s jealous of. Julius says Kemp has been here for five months and has no proof. Kemp says it’s not wrestling or MMA, it’s an ambulance match. Julius says that in one month he won more matches than Kemp. Even in his family, Kemp is not the best athlete. Kemp says it will show he is still the best in the diamond mine. Julius’ brother will be absent from work on Saturday.

– Alicia announces thatThe host of Havoc on Halloween on Saturday will be Schutze. Schotze reaches the ring on his tank. Schutze says that if there’s ever a WWE Superstar representing Halloween, it’s him. She was the host in 2020 and it was the most wonderful day of her life. So you will go further on Saturday. Friday will win tag team titles with Raquel and Saturday will be the most extravagant show in history. Xyon Quinn arrives and says he can co-host it if she wants a good audience. Quincy Elliot enters and says he’s a huge Schutzi fan. He would like to see a Queen in a Halloween costume, but Schutzi needs a queen, she needs the super singer. Schutzi says she has a good idea, since the two will face off, she will become the co-host.

Singles match

The winner will be the co-host of Halloween Havoc.

Zion Queen vs. Quincy Elliott

At the end of the fight, Elliot wants to cheat, but Hank Waller prevents him from taking something. Elliott takes the opportunity to take advantage of the advantage and makes his sitting splash for a count of three on Quinn.

Winner: Quincy Elliott

– After the fight, Elliot and Schutze celebrated together.

– We present a video about Andre Chase University. Thea is sad about her loss to Keanna James. Buddy motivates her by saying Chase can take her back for a second match. Chase begins their training on the history of Halloween Havoc shows. Homework is to watch the show on Saturday.

– Raquel enters the ring for her match.

Back, Pretty Deadly signs the contract with Blade and Enofe next week for the tag team title match.

Singles match

Raquel Rodriguez vs Cora Jade

At the end of the fight, Jade wants to cheat with her stick, but Rodriguez blocks the blow with her stick. Rodriguez takes the stick away from her and hits Jade! The referee stops the match for disqualification.

Winner: Korra Good by disqualification

– After the fight, Jade left the ring to avoid attacking her afterwards, but Roxanne Perez arrived to attack her.

– Commentators present the Halloween Havoc card that will take place on Saturday.

Backstage, Brooks Jensen and Josh Briggs celebrate.

Kevin Owens enters the ring on KO Show The gladiators arrive. Owens welcomes us to the KO Show. Owens says Shawn Michaels asked him to come to his main show on Saturday, so he couldn’t refuse. His role is to keep the peace tonight, but he doesn’t like the atmosphere. There is already a man who has provoked others talking about JD McDonaghGoogleWhat. McDonagh says Owens can call him whatever he wants, but he will be the NXT Champion this weekend. He wasn’t the one who fired Dragunov, so Dragunov and Bricker can play to see who’s stronger, but he’s fighting for the title. Dragunov says hitting Breaker wasn’t a mistake. He saw Bricker running out of air and realized he was a human. It’s possible to beat Breakker and on Saturday Breakker will feel that way again. At Halloween Havoc he will regain his rightful title.

Breakker says he understands it’s sad that Dragunov had to give up his title. Unfortunately, as long as he breathes the title he will stay with him. Owens says he appreciates the sharpness, but sees what happens. McDonagh wants to get to the point where Breakker and Dragunov go to war and McDonagh takes the chance to win the title. Nobody wants to see McDonagh as a hero, so they have to stop him. Even McDonagh’s mom doesn’t want to see this. McDonagh says he doesn’t need anyone’s approval, he just needs a demon from within. Dragunov has rated well in NXT UK and can beat him, Dragunov will never recover from losing his title. Dragunov says McDonagh will never be a hero. Breaker says he could put it in the same category. Dragunov says Breakker is talking loudly about someone losing the Triple Threat Match.

The wrestlers defend the showdown, and Owens apologizes to Shawn Michaels and leaves the ring. Dragunov and Breaker begin to exchange blows. The security guards want to arrest them, but Bricker pushes them away. Dragunov does Torpedo Moscow on Breakker and another on McDonagh. Dragunov Celebrates NXT Title, But Austin Theory Music Begins And He’s Coming! The theory shows his bag and the show ends like this.

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