WWE RAW results for October 17, 2022

This new episode of WWE RAW starts on Monday, October 17, 2022 live from Paycom Center in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. Bobby Lashley is already in the ring, doing promotional work. He asserts that he does not want to waste time: Brock Lesnar has a problem with him and asks him to come to the ring immediately to settle the matter.

Brock Lesnar’s topic rings and “The Beast” goes to the ring, but Lashley comes out and accuses him. The two men fight and Lesnar benefits, but Lashley quickly takes over by taking on F5 and then landing with a bayonet to send Lesnar over the time barrier.

Officials arrived to separate the two men, but fighting broke out again. Lashley managed to get rid of those responsible and pushed Lesnar through the comment table. Superstars from the roster arrive as reinforcements, and together they manage to propel Lashley back on the stage. Lesnar is still on the floor while the ad is running.

After the break, the evening’s program is presented: OC (Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson) (w/AJ Styles) vs. Alpha Academy; Miz vs. Dexter Loomis (if Loomis wins, he signs RAW); Bray Wyatt will be returning to Smackdown; Seth “Friken” Rollins vs. Matt Riddle for the United States Championship.

tag team match
The O.C. (Luke Gallows & Karl Anderson) (w/AJ Styles) fight Alpha Academy (Chad Gable and Otis)
by autumn

Outside, Gallows crashes into a charge of Otis and Otis crashes into the stairs. In the ring, Gable goes to the moon but Anderson resists by raising his leg. Gable also counters with ankle lock. Anderson gets rid of it with a thrust followed by a spinal strike. Tag Anderson for Magic Killer followed by the final fall by the Gallows for victory.

After the match, Judgment Day enters the stage. Microphone in hand, “So sweet,” Balor quipped, saying he’s always the same. He is the originator of this “stupid little club” that he remembers. Balor says they are here to challenge them. Not tonight, but for Crown Jewel: Judgment vs. OC.

AJ doesn’t understand why they wouldn’t like to face them now, because they’re right here on RAW. Unless they need RIA’s permission first. Dominic threatens AJ and claims that they will destroy him as they destroyed his father. AJ replied that Dominic is just a whore, that he betrayed his father and that he is worthless without Judgment Day.

Challenge him to a match. Rhea motivates Dominic and accepts the latter, but she refuses to fight now. It will be ready in about an hour. Dominik threatened AJ saying he would destroy him, but AJ opposite and said he would do what his father had to do with him and it would be “so sweet”.

New United States Champion Seth “Freakin” Rollins enters the ring. Microphone in hand, he greets fans at “Monday Night Rollins” and then introduces himself as usual, not forgetting to add that he’s the new US Champion. He addresses everyone who has always doubted him, saying that they can kiss his ass. Then he addresses those who have always supported him and who sing his music. The audience sings their theme.

Seth remembers that he will defend his title for the first time tonight against Matt Riddle. He’ll smash his face into that ring to keep his belt. Public chants “I wrote.” Seth admits he hit strict rules but says it was strategic. He tapped them, for fans, because it allowed him to conserve his energy to defeat Bobby Lashley and win the United States Championship on RAW.

Interrupted the topic of Mustafa Ali Seth. Ali walks to the ring and addresses Rollins. He remembers challenging Bobby Lashley for the United States title and penultimately. But things changed and a new champion was crowned. However, the challenge remains and he wants a shot at the US Championship. Rollins laughs and refuses, saying he’s not Bobby Lashley and will have to wait like the others.

Ali pulls Rollins’ glasses and throws them over his shoulder. He warned him and said it might be Seth “Freakin” Rollins, but whoever’s watching him is now his “next weird problem”. Rollins takes it seriously and says he respects him a lot, he is one of the best workers in this episode. What fans may not know is that he’s a good guy too. He helps young people, he is a good person and a good father. It’s also… Seth hasn’t finished his sentence and hits Ali. He hits him and then throws him over the ropes. Seth exits the ring and puts his title on his shoulder, but Ali attacks him from behind. The two fight but Seth regains the advantage by throwing Ali wildly against the center of the ring. Seth regains his title and joins the stage to wrap up the part.

In the plaza’s parking lot, a JBL limousine is pulled and an advertisement begins.

Tag Team Match (no titles)
CTRL DAMAGE (IYO SKY & Dakota Kai) (with Bayley) fight Candice Larry and Bianca Belair
by autumn

In ringside, Bayley holds Kendo but Belair prevents her from interfering. Bayley tries to hit her with the shotgun but the RAW Women’s Champion rushes towards her. The two pass over the comment table. In the ring, SKY and Kai take advantage of their numerical superiority to achieve a team double followed by the final fall to victory.

Behind the scenes, Matt Riddle tells Mustafa Ali that he will give him a chance at the US Championship if he wins it tonight. They expect a ‘Oh my knees’ cry. This is The Miz, who is on the floor and claims to have slipped and won’t be able to fight tonight.

Behind the scenes, Dominic discusses and encourages Dominic. They were boycotted by NXT Superstar Cora Jade. Everyone leaves except for Rhea. Jade recalls that Roxanne Perez chose Raquel Rodriguez as her opponent for tomorrow’s Pick Your Poison match at NXT. Good offer on Ria to be Perez’s discount. Accept.

The WWE Hall of Famer enters the ring. Microphone in hand, he says he’s here to make an announcement that will rock the whole world. Before that, he wants to say something to the whole world. He wants to sincerely apologize… for publicizing this in Oklahoma. What a shame to do that here with the great neighboring state of Texas.

After all, he still has to announce this even if he’s in Oklahoma, a state he despises and hates. JBL remembers that Rey Mysterio signed Smackdown, thanks to the great job of his son Dominik understanding who Rey Mysterio really is. To replace him, he introduces the new addition to the RAW roster: Baron Corbin.

The latter enters with new music, new dress – but with his hat – and with a titantron showing the banknotes. JBL talks again and asks fans to watch Corbin. He says he’s bigger than Rey Mysterio. He requested an opponent at the height of his power and the management gave him Dolph Ziggler. JBL says Ziegler would not have had success in the Attitude Era, unlike Corbyn who is “a hero in any generation”. Corbin is the future of “God Wrestling” claims JBL. Ziggler theme is launched, as well as advertising.

one match
Baron Corbin (w/JBL) beats Dolf zigler
by autumn

Corbin was able to achieve his ultimate goal, End of Days, to rivet Ziggler’s shoulders to a count of three and snatch victory.

At the doctor’s office, Miz is still in pain. Baron Saxton interviewed him and claimed that witnesses saw him flood the floor with water before sitting down. He became shocked by the accusations and said he did not pretend to hurt himself. A voice shouts “Oh my God, it’s Dexter Loomis.” Miz believes in him and suddenly gets up. It was about Johnny Gargano, who laughs and jokes that he confused Loomis with Saxton. The latter tells the Miz that he finally looks fit to fight tonight. Miz makes up for it as best he can, saying it heals faster than average; Unfortunately for Dexter Loomis.

Summary of Bray Wyatt’s return to Smackdown and his promo.

Behind the scenes, NXT Superstar Cameron Grimes meets with AJ Styles and OC to introduce Gallows and Anderson to team up with him to face The Schism tomorrow on NXT. OC accepted.

one match
Dominic Mysterio (with Judgment Day) beats AJ Styles (with OC)
by autumn

AJ Styles is distracted by the tension between the OC and Judgment Day and then by Rhea Ripley holding his foot. Dominic takes advantage of this and rolls up his opponent for a count of three and victory.

Behind the scenes, Johnny Gargano mocks The Miz before his match against Dexter Loomis. Gargano says he knows why he’s doing all this against Dexter Loomis. Rather, he should tell him the truth, not attack him and lie to him. The Miz claims that he will eliminate Loomis and then do the same to Gargano once that is done.

Dexter Lumis enters the ring, but is attacked in the back by The Miz, who hits him several times with the chair. Miz performs the Skull Crushing Finale, where he crushes Lumis’s skull on a chair.

Bianca Belair vs. Bayley will be announced for RAW next week.

Behind the scenes, Johnny Gargano tells The Miz that his strategy is wrong because he won’t stop. Instead, he should tell her the truth. The Miz says Lumis won’t have a contract anytime soon. Gargano taunts that Miz will soon have to live on the streets after the consequences he will suffer.

Elias in the ring for his return. He says he is happy to be back. Elias says his younger brother Ezekiel’s career ended earlier than expected but is now back. He wants to compose a very special song for the people of Oklahoma, because he’s happy to be back here. Interrupted by Matt Riddle.

The latter enters the ring, and in his hands is a bongo. Riddle wants to play with Elias and a friendly comic exchange occurs between the two. Riddle offers Elias to play bongo but Elias doesn’t know how to play it. He offers to listen to him sing his song that will delight the audience. Riddle asks Elias if they can play together someday. Elias gladly accepts him, but offers to sit down and listen to him for now.

Elias begins playing the piano but is interrupted by the theme of US Champion Seth “Freakin” Rollins when he’s about to sing. The announcement begins and the championship match will be played immediately afterwards.

US Championship game
Seth “Freakin” Rollins (c) beats Matt Riddle (with Elias)
by autumn

Outside, Rollins asks Elias to punch him to cause disqualification and ensure he retains his title but Elias refuses. In response, Rollins punched him with a piercing kick.

Rollins returns to the ring but Riddell regains the advantage. He implanted a DDT inside of him and rushed for a RKO, a tackle by Rollins who pushed him away. At the same time, Elias enters the ring and deliberately collides with Riddle. Rollins took the opportunity to perform his beats followed by the last fall that allowed him to retain the United States Championship.

A few seconds later, Rollins hit Elias and then wanted to plant another one on Riddle, this time with the belt under his head, but was intercepted by a spear from Mustafa Ali. The latter, coming out of nowhere, attacks Rollins fiercely. The hero comes out of the ring and throws himself on him with a suicide dive. Rollins escapes through the crowd and confronts Ali from a distance, raising his title to the sky as a reminder of who he is. Ali yells at Rollins “I’m your problem” and RAW goes live.

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