WWE RAW results for October 31, 2022

WWE RAW Dallas, Texas

Commentators are Cory Graves and Kevin Patrick.

– Tonight is WWE RAW, the red show starts with commentators welcoming us and Bianca Belair arrives in the ring.

Singles Match – Untitled

Bianca Belair vs Nikki Kroos

At the end of the fight, Dakota Kai and Io Skye reached the ring to distract the referee. Bayley seizes the opportunity to reach the other side and throw Belair against the post, but Cross pushes her back against the barrier. Cross pushes Kai and Skye out of the ring. Belair takes the opportunity to capture Cross against his KOD for the count of three.

Winner: Bianca Belair

– After the fight, CTRL damage returns to the ring to attack Belair, but Asuka’s music starts. Asuka and Alexa Bliss arrive. CTRL damage is expelled from the ring.

– We present a video of the rivalry between Lesnar and Lashley.

– Back after the break, backstage, Blair, Bliss, and Asuka are talking together. Kathy Kelly arrives and asks if Beller is over with Nikki Cross. It’s over with Nikki, Beller says, but not with Bayley. In Crown Jewel, only one woman will stay awake and out, but that doesn’t mean she’ll go into the game alone. Bliss says they will accompany Belair on Saturday and tonight they will fix the problem as well. They want a tag team match against Sky and Kai.

– We find Bobby Lashley on split screen backstage for an interview, but Brock Lesnar absent. Graves asks Lashley how he feels. Lashley says Lesnar has been avoiding him for 20 years and in the last Royal Rumble match he showed the real Lesnar when he beat him. Nothing would be different at Crown Jewel. It turns out that Lesnar is just a poor imitation. Brock Lesnar music starts and Brock Lesnar enters the ring! The crowd cheers Lesnar’s name. Lesnar says he didn’t come to Texas to sit with Lashley. When Lesnar comes to visit his good Texans, he wants to do what his best Texans will do which is fight. Apparently Lashley didn’t get the memo, so he could come here to kick him out. Lashley leaves his chair and walks. Lesnar goes straight for a downhill and two-stroke trade-off. The arrival of officials and wrestlers to separate everyone. Triple H arrives and asks to stay away or the Crown Jewel match will be cancelled.

The return of the wrestlers. In a behind-the-scenes video, Theory says he ousted Mustafa Ali and hears Rollins say he’s not a threat. He will show the world why he can do this all day long.

Singles Match – Untitled

Austin Theory vs. Seth Rollins

At the end of the fight, Theory beats Rollins and says he’s the king. The theory gets it wrong, but Rollins pushes it away and pushes him to the count of three.

Winner: Seth Rollins

In the parking lot, a car arrived and Roman Reigns got out with Paul Heyman.

– back, Commentators have announced that Bray Wyatt will be at Crown Jewel on SaturdayI.

Roman Reigns and Paul Heyman arrive in the episode. The crowd sings “Ucey”. Reigns asks Dallas residents to identify him. Reigns says Sami Zayn and The Usos are currently working around the world to be a bit more than Ucey. So at Crown Jewel, we risk seeing a new, more powerful man. But to tell the truth, for the past two years he has been teasing his big opponents and being crushed. So think about it and it’s the best ever. He plays a guy who has two games, so there’s no way to promote the game from an outsider like Logan Paul. The chief of the tribe wouldn’t do it, but the representative would.

Paul Heyman says Logan Paul still holds a steel bar in his hand and is still determined to give his luck a fist. Logan Paul is training with Shawn Michaels for this match. Despite it all for Logan Paul, Roman Reigns will crush this Saturday at Crown Jewel Logan Paul. If there’s one thing that’s clear in this world, it’s that Roman Reigns can’t stand guys who aren’t from the middle like Paul. The Miz’s music cuts Heyman and enters the ring! Miz says he recognizes the leader of his tribe. He’s here to help Roman Reigns, he’s the guy who knows Logan Paul best. He was the one who got Logan Paul into the WWE, but he couldn’t teach him anything. Logan Paul’s right hand is real. Logan has a steel bar that can hit guys, we’ve seen that with Jey Uso. He would have liked to tell Reigns before, but he had to negotiate with a stalker. So he can help Reigns neutralize Logan Paul and Reigns can help him hunt him down. Reigns asks if Miz really wants to try and make a deal, but first he has to ask him a question. Miz agrees to say it’s her ring.

Reigns asks why is everyone talking about firing Logan Paul? Reigns punches Superman on The Miz to knock him to the ground! Reigns says people should talk about him as he takes down Logan Paul We will have no other choice but to acknowledge it.

Backstage, Cathy finds Elmes in the doctor’s office and asks him if he knows Johnny Gargano will be interviewing Byron Saxton tonight. Miz says he is more concerned about wanting to cancel his match against Mustafa Ali. Miz says check sources before posting a story. If WWE aired this clip, he would have to file a defamation suit. Mustafa Ali comes there and says its a shame to cancel their match tonight, he really wanted to fight, everything is bigger in Texas as they say except for the Miz balls. Miz gets angry and promises to break his jaw tonight.

Singles match

Damian Priest accompanied on the Day of Resurrection opposite Karl Anderson accompanied by OC

At the end of the fight, the Reverend wants to make his final goal, but Anderson surprises him with a back slip for the count of three.

Winner: Karl Anderson

– After the fight, the fight between the two clans broke out in the arena. Doomsday takes over and lands Balor with his final blow on Anderson. Dominik does a Frog Splash on AJ and celebrates Judgment Day in the ring.

Behind the scenes we find Omos and MVP. MVP says Braun Strowman said there is no giant he can defeat. MVP says Strowman can smash any car doors he wants, but Strowman can never compete with giant Omos. On Saturday, Strowman will find out for good, or maybe sooner because they go to SmackDown on Friday and have a little surprise.

JBL enters the ring. Back home, JBL says he’s happy to be in Texas. JBL says Texas is defined by its legends. JBL lists celebrities from Texas. All was well before the next generation turned Texas into a humiliation. It’s Halloween right now and we’re teaching our little ones to beg at the doors for food. This generation of cowards doesn’t need that. Nobody here has the right to call themselves Texas. JBL introduces Baron Corbin and comes to the ring. Corbin says we’re right in thinking he has what it takes to be a modern wrestling god. He’s here to say thank you to people for spending their last dollar to come see him tonight. It shows how much we really love him, but maybe the truth is hard to accept. R-Truth starts and he enters the ring dressed as a cowboy. JBL asks what the truth is doing, it’s ridiculous. R-Truth says he wanted to wish Dallas a happy Halloween. He also wanted to say that he really loves JBL and Corbin’s Halloween costumes. JBL says the truth is an idiot, it’s not a costume. The truth is, JBL is dressed as a frustrated old man. And Corbin is the eldest… Corbin wants to hit the truth, but the truth avoids him and hits him. JBL throws his hat at the truth to distract him and Corbin takes the opportunity to punch him and give him the end of days.

Backstage, we see Damage CTRL talking to Nikki Cross.

– Alpha Academy is coming. Gabel says he’d like to make a philosophical joke, but no one here would understand that. Gable presents a Halloween costume.

Trick or street fight

Otis Accompanied by Chad Gabel vs Matt Riddle accompanied by Elias

At the end of the fight, Riddle pushes Otis back against a skeleton and hits Otis with a kendo stick. Riddle prepares for RKO, but Gable hits him. Elias pushes Gabel back through a table below the ring. Otis criticizes Riddle for blocking RKO. Otis rides the second rope and takes off in a splash, but Riddle avoids him. Elias pushes the pumpkin into Otis’ head and Riddle RKOs him for the three count.

Winner: Matt Riddle

– Behind the scenes we find the damage CTRL. Kai says that Asuka and Bliss don’t deserve this match, but they are wrestlers fighting. Sky says they will insult them. Bayley tells them to keep quiet, and they will humiliate them like her with Beller on Saturday. Take control of the division on Saturday and together they will be the last women standing.

– The Miz enters the ring.

Singles match

The Miz vs. Mustafa Ali

At the end of the fight, The Miz fights with Ali at the bottom of the ring, but Dexter Loomis arrives and grabs him by the neck. Security arrives and chases him behind the scenes. Ali seizes the opportunity in Superkick the Miz. Ali gets into the corner and hits it 450 for a count of three.

Winner: Mustafa Ali

Back, it’s time Unveiling interview on Johnny Gargano. We find Byron Saxton who explains the situation. Saxton says Gargano was a great friend of Dexter Loomis in NXT and now he has new news for us. Saxton asks who is Loomis. Gargano says Loomis wants to live like us, he married his family from NXT so he’s like a son-in-law. But after the wedding, the family separates, and Loomis loses his job and is taken advantage of by The Miz. Gargano explains that Loomis was taking street photos to try to make a living. On his return to Toronto, he overhears Miz and Loomis talking backstage. Gargano reveals an audiotape where Miz Lumis pays for his interventions. Gargano says Miz is paying Loomis to launch these attacks. Saxton asks why would Miz do this. Gargano says the Miz is a celebrity and wants attention to exploit Loomis. Saxton asks why the Miz got into the United States title match then. Gargano says it’s ideal to do his flop because The Miz can’t beat Bobby Lashley on an equal footing. Saxton asks why did Miz attack Loomis with a chair. Gargano says Miz may have stopped pushing Loomis and lost control of the situation.

– Commentators show the map of Crown Jewel 2022 (shown here) which will take place on Saturday.

WWE Women’s Tag Team Championship – Tag Team Match

Alexa Bliss and Asuka Accompanied by Bianca Belair Against Dakota Kai and Io Sky (c) accompanied by Bailey

At the end of the fight, Sky shoots out of the corner, but Asuka blocks her in Code Breaker and covers her, but she resists. Asuka reaches out with her arm on Sky, Sky pushes her shoulders to the ground to catch her in mind. Asuka reached out to Asuka Lock, and Bayley landed on the apron to distract the referee and hide Sky who is clicking. Kai Drop Kicks Asuka to stop serving. Blair attacks Bayley at the bottom of the ring to keep her away. The two face off in the crowd and Bayley gives her belly-to-belly through a technician’s table. In the ring, Kai evades Asuka’s charge and kicks her. Bliss pulls Kai from the ring and pushes her against the steel step. Skye kicks Bliss off the apron. Sky launches Moonsault towards Asuka, but she runs away from him and kicks him. Bliss takes the tag and continues with Twisted Bliss on Sky to count to three!

Winners: Alexa Bliss and Asuka – New Champions

– Show ends with a celebration of the new WWE Tag Team Champions under Pyros.

Image credit: WWE

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